# Business Project Template This is the template you can use for creating business project proposals. Just delete this part at the top. # Proposal x - INSERT NAME HERE **Entrepreneur(s):** insert name(s) here ## Overview Insert a brief description of the product being built. Be sure to touch on the following: - Who the target customer is - What problem the product would solve for them - How the product would monetize - What the key metrics would be (e.g., DAUs, MRR, TVL, volume, etc.) Also insert a very brief (1-2 sentence) description of how this project relates to the Meta-DAO's business: - How much value this could create for the Meta-DAO - An estimated budget ## Problem Talk about what problem the target customer is currently facing. You can prove that this is a problem for the customer in a few different ways: - Citing customers complaining (e.g., publicly on Twitter / in DMs) - Showing that customers are using other products to solve this problem (in hopefully a worse way than this product would!) - Being the customer! Demonstrating that you want to solve a problem for yourself ## Design Show how the product would be built. Be sure to include: - A 1-paragraph description of how this product would work and how it would solve the customer's problem - Any images you can use to show what the product would look like, like a Figma or a whiteboard diagram ## Business ### Monetization Insert a single product on how the product would monetize. ### Financial Projections Showcase and walk through a financial model on how much value the proposal would provide to the Meta-DAO. It's generally a good idea to use both comparable valuations (looking at peers, if any) and bottoms-up valuation based on how much cash flows the product could generate. Be careful not to be too pessimistic, since this could lead to the proposal failing, nor too optimistic, since you'll be the one executing on this plan! ## Budget Provide a budget based on what you expect to pay yourself and the cyber-agents you plan to retain. Specify how much would be paid up-front versus after-the-fact. ## Resources An optional section where you can put further reading.