# macOS Ventura Setup [TOC] ## Haskell > https://docs.haskellstack.org/en/stable/install_and_upgrade/ https://downloads.haskell.org/ghcup/unofficial-bindists/stack/ `a56d2cd37611eccf00ab8df38c3718923cf5677f3aeacd250394e79b676dcb98` stack-2.9.3-osx-aarch64.tar.gz ```bash wget https://downloads.haskell.org/ghcup/unofficial-bindists/stack/2.9.3/stack-2.9.3-osx-aarch64.tar.gz mv stack /usr/local/bin/stack # Building with Stack on M1 # passing CFLAGS in-line with the command giving rise to the error CFLAGS="-arch arm64 ${CFLAGS:-}" some_command_to_install_stack CFLAGS="-arch arm64 ${CFLAGS:-}" stack [build|install] ``` ## Python Performance Fix ```bash conda create -n np_veclib python=3.9 conda activate np_veclib conda install cython pybind11 conda install numpy "libblas=*=*accelerate" ``` ```console pip install --no-binary :all: --no-use-pep517 numpy ``` ## Keyboard ### Quotes ![](https://d.pr/i/11eARq.jpeg) Change the style of quotes for both single and double quotes ## RTT: SMS Support > Note you need iCloud enabled and an iPhone To change these settings, choose Apple menu > System Settings, click Accessibility in the sidebar, then click RTT on the right. (You may need to scroll down.) ![](https://d.pr/i/IE2OP8.jpeg) These settings are shown only when you have set up your iPhone and Mac for Wi-Fi calling and RTT phone calls are enabled on your iPhone. Wi-Fi calling and RTT are not available in all countries or regions, or supported by all carriers. When RTT phone calls are enabled on your Mac, the RTT button ☎️ is shown in Contacts when you move the pointer over a contact’s phone number to indicate that you can make an RTT call. Depending on your network environment, an RTT call may be downgraded to a TTY call. ``` x-help-action://openPrefPane?bundleId=com.apple.Accessibility-Settings.extension?RTT ``` ## Repair Ordering tools and parts You can learn how to order genuine Apple parts and tools at support.apple.com/self-service-repair. During the purchase process, enter the manual ID `HFXVCU ` ewto indicate that you’ve read this manual in its entirety and agree that you have the knowledge and experience to perform your intended repair.