# Drywall Ideas 14 Drywall Ideas That Will Bring the Life Back to a Dull Room ------------------------------------------------------------- When People Are Renovating the Interior of Their House or Tearing It Down to Put on New Ones, One of the Standard Option Is to Go with the Drywall. However, Are There Alternatives to Drywall? Although Drywall Looks Great and Is One of the Most Popular However, It's Not the Most Efficient Building Material to Choose. It Takes Lots of Taping and Sanding Before You're Able to Say That Your Work Is Completed. We Haven't Even Touched on the Dusty Mess That It Leaves Behind. It's a Lengthy Process, and Even More Frustrating Is It'sn't an One-Time Experience. After Putting in Hours of Work to Install Drywall, It Needs to Be Kept in Good Condition. Drywall Is Prone to Deterioration and Isn't Sure to Last for a Long Period of Time. When the Drywall Begins to Get Damaged, It's Evident. a Toddler Who Draws a Line Can Destroy a Whole Room in Just a Few Seconds. Then Why Do People Choose to Use All the Basic Kinds of Wallboard? Are There Alternatives to Home Improvement? There Are! Here Are a Few of the Most Effective Options for Drywall in the Marketplace. Also Read: [Falsework](https://civiljungle.com/types-of-falsework/) [Drywall Alternatives](https://civiljungle.com/drywall-alternatives/) --------------------------------------------------------------------- All I Think About When I Think of the Wall Is Pets and Children Harming It, an Irritable Teenager Who Is Able to Puncture Holes in It and How No Amount of Packing Can Fix the Damaged. It's Always Visible. It Is Prone to Warping Over Time, and Bloat Due to Moisture, and Look Like a Cheap Item Once You've Seen the Alternatives. Let's Examine Them Today. ### 1\. Wood Planks Planks of Wood Are an Old-Fashioned Option for Drywall That Has Endured Through the Ages. the Planks of Wood Can Provide Your Home with a Chic and Rustic Appearance Without the Issues of Maintenance Associated with Traditional Wallboard. After the Plank Is Installed, You Won't Need to Take Care of Anything Else to Keep the Planks, Apart from Making Sure They Are Dry, Particularly in the Event That You Seal Them with the Lacquer's Light Finish So That You Can Clean Even the Marker Clean Effortlessly. It Is a Low-Cost Alternative and Is Ideal for Homes with a Country Style. You Can Also Pick from Various Types of Finishes and Wood, Providing You with a Wide Range of Options. Planks of Wood, However, Don't Work with the Majority of Homes. If You're Creating a Modern-Day Home Maybe Wood Plank Walls Aren't the Most Suitable Choice Unless You Cover Only the Lower Half of the Wall and Put in Safety Rails for Chairs. the Look Was a Trend in the 90's, to Be Honest, and Especially When Paired with Other Kind of Wallpaper or Alternatives. If You Cover the Entire Wall from Floor to Ceiling It Is Possible to Achieve the Look of a Cabin Easily. ### 2\. Veneer Plaster Veneer Plaster Is an Alternative That Is Closest to the Traditional Drywall. But, It's More User-Friendly Than Drywall. It Doesn't Require the Same Tools or Skills as Hanging Drywall. If User-Friendliness Is Important to You Take a Look. It Is, However, the Most Difficult and Time-Consuming Alternative. While Handling Veneer Isn't a Huge Challenge but It Can Take Almost All Time to Get Accomplished. This Is as Mudding All the Space of Your Walls. You Can See This Type of Decoration in Dry States Such as Arizona in Which Deserts Are Plentiful and You Can Still See the Influence of the Mexican-Style Adobe Structures. It's Very Similar to Types of Stucco Are Used on the Facade of the Home but Without Wire Mesh. Also Read: [What Is a Monolithic Slab](https://civiljungle.com/floating-slab-vs-monolithic-slab/) ### 3\. Lath & Plaster Similar to That of Veneer, It Is Possible to Also Combine with Laths Which Are Thin Pieces of Wood That Are Positioned Horizontally Between Ceiling Joists. You Can Then Paint Them with Plaster. It's Like the Medieval Look of the Wattle and Daub. the Style Fell Out of Fashion Due to Advancements in Drywall and Plasterboard, However, It Can Still Look Stunning by Adding Some Texture the Wall. Lath Is Available as Wood, or Use Hand-Split Lumber, or Utilize the More Modern Rock or the Metal Lath. If You Choose to Use a Plaster with Horsehair, It's More Durable and Add More Visual Appearance on the Surface. Another Reason for Using Lath and Plaster Is to Create Non-Flat Walls, Such as an Angled Wall at an Area That Is in the Corners. Through Bending Laths, and Drying Them It Is Possible to Create Wall Designs That Are Impossible Using Other Methods Apart from Stucco. ### 4\. Plywood as Well as Sheet Wood Plywood Is the Least Expensive Alternative to Drywall in This List. It Allows You to Decorate a Space with a Particular Style Without the Cost of Wood Planks, Veneers or Drywall. Combine This with a Specific Kind of Wall Decoration and You'll Be Able to Create a Country Style. Be Careful Otherwise You Could Come Off as Cheap or Unclean to Urban Dwellers Unless You Choose to Make Use of Surfaced Sheet Wood. It Can Look Stunning. the Sheet and Plywood Woods Are Relatively Simple to Use, Not Much More Complicated Than Drywall. If You're Able to Utilize the Screwdriver (Or Better Yet, a Power Drill) Installing Plywood Ought to Be an Easy Task. What's More, You Can Paint the Plywood to the Color You Prefer! the Plywood Will Be Hanging Regardless So with a Bit More Precision When Cutting and Measuring, You Can Avoid a Complete Process. in Comparison to Drywall but Certain Kinds of Plywood Do Not Perform Similarly. It's an Excellent Alternative, but Should You Be Able to Purchase the Drywall Option, You'll Have the Option of Having More Features, Such as Hanging Decorations and Even Moving Them. You Shouldn't Simply Spackle Screw Holes and Nail Holes into Plywood to Conceal Errors. Another Benefit Can Be That the Drywall Itself Is Fireproof. ### 5\. Texture Wall Panels Texture Wall Panels Add an Abundance of Style and Elegance to Your Home, While Giving a Sense of Depth to a Surface That Is Otherwise Flat. for a Long Time, These Walls Were Only Found in Charming Luxurious Hotels and Extravagant Cocktail Lounges. Now, However You Have the Choice of Incorporating This Style to Your Living Space. What Is Amazing Is That They Don't Have to Cost You the Same Amount. Yes, It Is Higher Than the Other Options , but They Offer Something Different and Distinctive in the Marketplace. There Are 3d Texture Panels That Are Easy to Put Up and Can Be Positioned Over Your Existing Walls. They're About 1/4" Up to 1.5" in Thickness and Will Transform the Way Your Room Appears. You Could Think of It as an Kitchen Backsplash. There Are All Sorts of Patterns and Colors. Like Old Bricks, Different Kinds of Marble, or Any Other Artful Design. the Options Are Unlimited, but Only by the Manufacturers' Expectations of What They Will Be Sold in Sufficient Amounts to Justify Manufacturing. Also Read: [Types of Loads](https://civiljungle.com/types-of-loads-on-structures/)