![](https://raw.githubusercontent.com/misterchalmers/ChalmersSite/master/images/nightSky.JPG) # Chalmers Docs ## How to get a Chalmers Card Come meet us at [Civic Tech Toronto](https://www.meetup.com/Civic-Tech-Toronto/)! We give out Chalmers Cards there every week. ## How to Make a Chalmers Cards If you have access to your own laser and want to get started printing your own, the files for the cards are [on Github](https://github.com/misterchalmers/ChalmersCards). If you don't have access to a laser or are inexperienced, come visit us or send us a message and we can schedule a time to go to a maker space (usually HackLab.TO) to print some cards. Some ways to find us: * Come to [Civic Tech Toronto](http://civictech.ca/) on Tuesdays. One of us will be there. * Send us a message on [Slack](https://civictechto.slack.com/messages) in the #chalmerscards channel or DM us * @Zach * @jtloong * Send [Mister Chalmers](mailto:misterchalmers@protonmail.com) an email...😶 ## How to give out a Chalmers Card So you got your first Chalmers Card! **That's great!** Here's our guide on how to give it away! 😶 Before you begin, make sure to familiarize yourself with the card. Get to know what resources are documented on it. Some key resources to note: * ID Safe * Legal Aid * 211 -- Free food, clothes, Government I.D., and a general reference for much more. ### How to give a Chalmers Card to a stranger 1. Get on to their level -- If they're sitting down, sit down with them (or kneel near them; don't make anyone uncomfortable). 2. Present the Chalmers Card! (Ideally have it strapped to you backpack) 3. Ask them if they've seen a card like this before -- We've found this to be an effective ice breaker; Plus it's an interesting glimpse into how well known Chalmers Cards are. 4. Explain what a Chalmers Card is. Here is what we usually say: > We're experimenting with ways to collect and distribute information on how to access all of Toronto's public services. Like free anonymous 24hr medical advice, public food banks, and free legal advice. + Feel free to add your own spin on it. [Let us know](mailto:misterchalmers@protonmail.com) if you find neat way to describe it! 5. Explain what a Chalmers Card is not: + Chalmers Cards is not religious + Chalmers Cards is not recruiting for something + Chalmers Cards do not cost money (Chalmers Cards are always given away for free!) + Chalmers Cards is not affiliated with any government + Chalmers Cards is not affiliated with any charity + **Chalmers Cards is just trying to help** 6. Explain whats neat about the Chalmers Card + The I.D. safe + Legal aid + 211 general referal + ^^ Free food and clothes referral from 211 + The cards smell nice + The cards snap onto your backpack! 7. Explain what the card can do for them specifically. You can ask them if there's anything they need. Pending the need, refer them to a resource on the card that might help them find what they're looking for. If there isn't a resource on the card for what they're looking, you can [let us know](mailto:misterchalmers@protonmail.com) what it was they were looking for! :D ### **Important** note One of the most important things we've learned distributing Chalmers Cards is __how much a friendly conversation can be appreciated__. Especially for folks who've been sitting on the sidewalk panhandling. It can get awful lonely watching people walk by while you ask for help. With that in mind, please use the above guide as *a guide only*. Saying "Hey, how's it going; How's your day been?" can go a long way when folks have been looking at you with pity or disgust. ## Where to give out a Chalmers Card If you don't already have someone in mind to give your Chalmers Card to, below are a few suggestions of where you might go. 1. [City of Toronto Neighborhood Improvement Areas](https://www.toronto.ca/city-government/data-research-maps/neighbourhoods-communities/nia-profiles/) These are locations flagged by the City of Toronto as "Neighborhood Improvement Areas" 2. [A Toronto Shelter](https://www.toronto.ca/community-people/housing-shelter/homeless-help/) This website is a directory of resources targeted at folks experiencing homelessness 3. Union Station 4. Queen St. -- Anywhere from Sherbourne to Dufferin 5. Bloor St. -- Anywhere from Sherborne to Dufferin ## How to give feedback If you've got notes on the Chalmers Card, or the interaction you had giving out the Chalmers Card was a memorable on, feel free to send the Chalmers team some feedback! We'd especially like to hear if a particular resources was useful, or if something is missing from the card! * Come to [Civic Tech Toronto](http://civictech.ca/) on Tuesdays. One of us will be there. * Send us a message on [Slack](https://civictechto.slack.com/messages) in the #chalmerscards channel or DM us * @Zach * @jtloong * Send [Mister Chalmers](mailto:misterchalmers@protonmail.com) an email...😶 ![](https://raw.githubusercontent.com/zacharydonsky/personalSite/master/assets/ChalmersCardsBatch.jpg)