In a survey held by Oricon Japan last month, some 500 Japanese females aged 10 to 50-plus chose the face of the Japanese female celebrity that they want to have the most. Topping the ranking is actress Keiko Kitagawa, who was also the first in last year’s ranking. Here are the top 10 Japanese celebrities whose beauty is most envied among women in Japan. This consecutive win not only marks Kitagawa’s sixth No. 1 place in this ranking that has been running for the 14th time, it is also the first time since 2009 when an actress who is also a mum topped the ranking. That winner 11 years ago was none other than Nanako Matsushima, who is known for starring in the 1998 horror film Ring. Although Kitagawa had just given birth to a girl last September, her beauty remains dazzling as she attended a movie promotion event earlier this month, after her maternity leave. The survey participants have described her looks as “perfect” and “gorgeous”, and even wanted to “live a day with this face”.