# Senior Protocol Engineer ### About NEBRA NEBRA is a research & development organization working to make the zero-knowledge future a reality. We are building technologies, infrastructure, and products to realize a proof centric future on blockchains. NEBRA was founded on August 2023 by a group of upper case researchers, engineers, and product builders. NEBRA has been funded by Nascent, a16z, Bankless and angel investment from many industry leaders, including Nick White from Celestia, Zac Williamson from Aztec, Sandy/Haichen from Scoll, Tim Beiko from Ethereum Foundation. NEBRA released the first product universal proof aggregtion protocol (NEBRA UPA) that scales ZKP verification more than 10x on Ethereum/Ethereum L2s on March 2024. This marked the humble beginning of our journey and there are more exciting product in the brewing. ### About the Role We are looking for a Senior Protocol Engineer. This is an early opportunity to join our world-class research and engineering team to make impact in the blockchain industry. You will work with our research and cryptographic engineering team to develop a new rollup protocol that focus on native interoperability using ZK. This role doesn't require direct ZK engineering experience, however, you will need to understand ZK at a high-level and use it in a gray-box manner. See this DBA Research Day Talk: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=CF-F-jbA630 ### In this role, you will: - Join the process of designing NEBRA OS, the new generation of rollup stack based on ZK - Be involved in the discussion with NEBRA early partners on NEBRA OS design - Quickly prototype to validate design choices and decicisons - Work on the specs and open sourced implementations of NEBRA OS ### What we look for in you: - Demonstrated experience in high-caliber engineering environments with a focus on technical excellence and innovative team leadership. - Professional experience in design and implementation of **L1 or L2 blockchain protocols, or bridging protocols**, i.e. Cosmos, Substrate, Ethereum and more. - Pratical knowledge of **Ethereum consensus, DA, light client, smart contracts**. - Pratical knowledge of **EVM excution**. - Mastered at least one of the following system level programming languages, **C/C++/Golang/Rust**. - Proficient in articulating complex technical ideas and solutions. - Proven track record of effective team collaboration and leadership in technical projects. - Strong track record of designing and building secure and reliable systems. **Nice to haves:** - Proven experience as a core contributor to high-quality open-source projects. - Adaptability and effectiveness in rapidly growing environments. - Background as a startup founder or early-stage engineer in a project.