# Should All Devs be a Working Group? Initial description for All Devs: "The All Aragon Devs meeting is a public meeting of Aragon developers. All developers working on all layers of the Aragon stack are welcome to join if they have an agenda item they'd like to discuss." ## Qs What has All Devs been created for? - created for devs to sync and corrdinate - created to increase transparency and engagement What are its main functions today? - Status updates - Discussing hot topics Is doing more out of scope? - All devs is a status update. We have SDK WG and Product WG for the rest. Or do we think it could/should be more? **Development Working Group**? - Should we get more action items at the end of discussions and owners - Give All Devs some authority over development coordination, update disclosures... - Let All Devs WG reach out to outside developers and get them involved - Merge All devs with SDK WG or another one? ### Some topics discussed on All devs in the past: Storj and IPFS, aragonJS review process, Should Aragon All Devs be turned into a WG (lol), Aragon Client Product Development Pipeline, Flock-common aragonPM registry, Token whitelisting release, Discussion on teams owning Github repositories, aragonPM instances (aragonpm.eth, autark.aragonpm.eth, etc), Developer and user documentation in Aragon, Token manager strategy for "quasi-transferable tokens", Solidity 0.5 upgrade path, PR review process for Aragon repos, Aragon on xDai, IPFS pinning with Pinata, Potential caching solutions, IPFS follow-up, Accessing indexedDB through aragon apps, Forwarding API, Markdown editor in aragonUI, Security request process, Communicating dev tool releases , Planned API refreshes for Aragon 0.8 and what it means for app developers, Aragon Mini lib, TheGraph collaboration for state reducing, Organization Identity, 3box comments API, Forwarding UX improvements