# LCCWG 2022-11-28 meeting *Meeting started at 14:XX UTC.* ## 0. Attendance ### Present * Eugene - PH * Maggie - US * Joost - BE * Anisa - IT ### Not Present * Adam - UK * Geoffrey - UG * Arnalie - HOT * Charles - ZM * Besfort - XK * Jonathan - BE * Patrick - CH * Rob - UK * Naveen - IN * Jorge - PT ## 1. Administrative Minutes of previous meeting: https://hackmd.io/GtK6FSypTkK_sGp9HaRjpQ?both ## 2. Main agenda ### 2.1. Support the development of Microcosms [GL#7] No news that the present people know of. ### 2.2. LCC Congress 2022 #### Feedback/improvements - next time: more time for conversation / interaction - complaints about the platform used (Zoom). We could use BBB if registerations are low enough AND if we do not use breakout rooms. We used Zoom because about 75 people signed up, though only 40 showed up. Explore ViStream as an option - people enjoyed doing the introductions - find ways to do more breakouts - connect people to volunteer opportunities? - next year again in November - 3 sign ups for welcome tool afterwards - 2 people signed up to speak from the sign up form - consider two day format, with workshops the next day. #### Follow-up - [ ] extract and publish video's (last year was on Vimeo), let's use YouTube and also share PeerTube links (maggie) - [ ] report on the event (blog + stats about attendance) [Joostt] (here is the one I did in google docs https://docs.google.com/document/d/1kORAv2J2SqplC--hRaA7UKSt0qrbrcJVV3FoCD0s8k4/edit ) - [ ] send thank you e-mail once the links are up (maggie) ### 2.3. Update the OSM website to highlight Local Chapters ([GL#14](https://gitlab.com/osmfoundation/lccwg/-/issues/14)) * Success! At last! * We should write a blog post. Adam can support with answering questions, but not take the lead. * [ ] (Joost) Ask CWG for support: it could be fun in an interview format with a few people. It is in fact the biggest change on osm.org in quite a while (Joost) * input from Adam: It should focus on benefits to the community and we should definitely think about whether we want to embellish that list at all. Like adding social links etc for each local chapter (or whatever is in the osm-community-index data) * Fallback: find lead within LCCWG? (Anisa) ## 3. Any other business? Next meeting changed to December 19 - virtual holiday party ;) and talk about what we want to do next year. *Meeting ended 14:XX UTC.*