# Hiveeyes Github https://github.com/hiveeyes ## Terkin Datalogger - **Documentation**: https://terkin.org/ - **Source Code**: https://github.com/hiveeyes/terkin-datalogger - **PyPI**: https://pypi.org/project/terkin/ Terkin is a flexible data logger application for MicroPython and CPython environments. It provides a lot of sensor-, networking- and telemetry-connectivity options. Terkin has been conceived for the Bee Observer (BOB) and Hiveeyes projects and was funded by the BMBF. - https://bee-observer.hiveeyes.org/bmbf-verbundprojekt - https://community.hiveeyes.org/c/bee-observer ### Features - Modular firmware framework - Flexible configuration settings subsystem - Compatible with MicroPython and CPython - Concise, readable and modularized code which is easy to follow - Decoupled code domains and data models for sensors vs. telemetry - Based on approved modules from the MicroPython standard library - Convenient development sandbox and test suite for quick iteration cycles ### Example of Datalogger Configuration {%gist sitzer/5dfefee8efc3022af2c75739dc934e60%}