# Chronos ## Immunefi Bug Bounty Impacts in scope look reasonable. Pays out $100k - $30k for critical findings, $15k for high, and $5k for medium. Payout are in their native token and vesting: > All the rewards given will have a vesting schedule of 2 months, managed by a smart contract. This seems pretty annoying for whitehats and benefit to the protocol is unclear to me. ## Multisig There is a 5/8 multisig consisting of 4 team members and 4 people from the ecosystem (Byte Masons, Sphere Finance, Deus DAO, Equalizer). It appears that the entire team and 3 of 4 ecosystem members are anon. I could only find information about Blake Hooper, founder of Equalizer. Contract upgrades are supposed to be behind a 24h timelock. ## Audit Chronos is a fork of Thena, which is a fork of Velodrome, which is a fork of Solidly. All four have been audited, I looked at the reports for Chronos and Thena. Both audits didn't find anything too crazy. Thena has been resolved completely. Most from the Chronos one have been addressed as well; the ones that haven't appear to be misunderstandings by the auditors, optimizations or best practice type of stuff. Protocol token has been moved from the deployer as mentioned in the resolution of one the findings.