Source-Insight-4.0-for-edk2 === Download settings from **[GitHub](** Introduction === To read EDK2 easily with Source Insight 4.0. Language Need List === | Language | Extension Name |Reference Spec. | |----------|----------------|----------------| |ASL |asl, asi |[ACPI Specification Version 6.1](| |C |c, h, aslc, act, uni, idf, dxs |[Multi-String UNI Unicode File Specification V1.3](| |DEC |dec |[EDK II DEC File Spec v1.25](| |DSC |dsc, env, template |[EDK II DSC File Spec v1.26](| |FDF |fdf |[EDK II FDF File Spec v1.27 DRAFT](| |INF |inf |[EDK II INF File Spec V1.25](| |VFR |vfr, vfi, hfr |[VFR Programming Language v 1.9](| |Batch |bat, cmd |[Microsoft Windows XP - Batch files](, [Batch file - Wikipedia](| |ASM |asm, inc, nasm, asm16, nasmb |[edk2 file - build_rule.template](| |GNU ASM |s, s16 |T.B.D.| Supported Macros === - Comment Selected Lines (Alt+C) - Un-Comment Selected Lines (Alt+R) - Set Tracking Label Information (Alt+B) ``` Format: [Username]-Label-Description ``` - Append Tracking Labels (F9) ``` Example for single line: ... //[Username]-Label-Description Example for multi-lines: //[Username]-Label-Description-Start ... ... //[Username]-Label-Description-End ``` - Append Tracking Labels and Comment (F10) ``` Example for single line: //... //[Username]-Label-Description Example for multi-lines: //[Username]-Label-Description-Start //... //... //[Username]-Label-Description-End ``` ###### tags: `edk2` `GitHub` `SourceInsight`