# The Choice (Trans Day Of Visibility 2023) > -Kilo @KiloCheetah Ok, there *is* something I want to make more visible. The narrative is that we've always been trans, and discover sooner or later this maybe-hidden truth of our inner selves. That we realize something immutable about ourselves, and stop fighting it. That's the Ur-trans-story. I've had wishes and dreams of being a girl since long before it would have been shorthand for "woman". I didn't hate my body, didn't hate my life. But I dreamed of life on the flip-side, unseriously, but frequently. Boy-me was cooler than he knew. He did rad things, had awesome friends. (also hella ADHD, get that checked bro) I don't regret him, and I don't erase him. I used to be a boy, and he is part of my history. Sorry if that makes pronouns a little tricky when telling stories about me. :) We'll get used to it. I read a blog once where the (cis but with-it) author muses that "maybe some day people will just transition because they want to, and not just out of dysphoria." Hi, I *am* that future. We're here. Maybe they'll call us "third-wave trans" or something. But I don't care what people call us, as long as the right people find out about us, and are offered this new truth: "You can just... be a girl" Was I trans? I didn't match the stories I heard. I don't think life's about finding *the one* answer, *the one* truth, it's about finding answers and truths that work well *for you*. There are many ways to untangle the same knot, many solutions to the same set of constraints. Stop looking for the perfect answer. If you throw out all the traditional stories, and just ask, "do I want it?", what's your choice? I am the canvas and the brush and the artist who paints her. I *chose* transition. I bet on this new adventure. I could, it turns out, just choose, so I did. My artpiece is me, and I'm painting my life now like never before. :heart: