# Pimax Silicone Protective Cover: Installation and Removal > *I couldn't find anything when searching for a how-to for removing the silicone cover, which came pre-attached on my ebay purchase, so here's me giving back!* Tools: * (tiny) #3 or 5/64" flathead screwdriver * Even thinner pin/pusher, like a paperclip or #1 1/32" screwdriver The silicone cover attaches by looping over the hinges where the hard plastic "head strap" attaches to the HMD display. That means that install and removal both need to detach the head strap from the display. On the Pimax 8KX, these hinges are ~3cm (~1 inch) long, and the pivot pin is what we're unscrewing and pushing out to detach. Unscrew each pin and push them free with the paperclip or tinier screwdriver to detach the display from the strap.