# How to contribute articles to Justice Hub - The Process ###### tags: `tutorials` The process is designed to simplify the journey from an idea to an article. The Justice Hub uses [HackMD](https://hackmd.io) as the primary platform to write, edit and publish collaboratively. Follow these steps to start contributing blogs to [Justice Hub](justicehub.in/): * Create an account on [HackMD](hackmd.io/) * Share your HackMD username with the Justice Hub team. This can be done in several ways: * If you're already part of the core team, then share it directly on the [chat platform](https://chat.civicdatalab.in/group/justice-hub) * Write to us at [info@justicehub.in](mailto:info@justicehub.in) * Create an issue on the Github repository [here](github.com/justicehub-in/justice-hub-docs/issues) * Post this step, you're now ready to write and submit your articles to Justice Hub team on our [HackMD](https://hackmd.io/@justice-hub) group The Review and Edit process: * Share the link of your article with the team. * We encourage to schedule a working/writing session with atleast one reviewer. This approach makes reviewing more faster and collaborative * Check the tutorial on how you can [host a live session](https://hackmd.io/c/tutorials/%2Fs%2Flive-hosting) on HackMd * Post the final review, the blog will be pushed to the master repository on [Github](github.com/justicehub-in/justice-hub-docs/) and will go live on the [Justice Hub website](https://justicehub.in/) * This step is controlled by the admin-users of the group just so we restrict publishing half-baked articles on the website.