CDT Monthly Call June 9 2021 === :::info - **Location:** [:computer: Zoom Meeting]( ([full details below](#Connection-Details)) - **Date:** June 9, 2021 11:00 AM Eastern Time (US and Canada) ([Calendar/ICS]( - **Agenda** 1. Welcome and sign yourself in [name=Jonah Graham] [name=Torbjörn Svensson] [name=John Dallaway] [name=Jeff Johnston] [name=William Riley] [name=Jantje] [name=Anton Krug] [name=Vinnod Appu] [name=Promod] 3. Actions from last meeting - **DONE** Jonah: Send Torbjörn recent discussion about workspaces on macOS that he saw - See [this conversation]( - not sure how relevant it actually is, but Alex Blewitt on the list [suggests using -data]( and he is an active macOS user, so that implies it works at least sometimes. - **DONE** John: Add comment on [Bug 572880]( that hardware is available to test - William: Ask Renesas GDB experts to comment on GDB mailing list topic of restarted remote targets. Here are the links to the discussion so far: - - initial message - - bugzilla entry - - reply - - reply (on gdb-patches) - **DONE** Vinod: Create gerrits for [global variables]( and [lockup issues]( to solicit feedback. Please add Torbjörn to CC list. - **DONE** Torbjörn: ping Jonah on gerrit about clean 8. Any other business? - **Contact:** <> - **Reference:** [Last month meeting]( ::: ## Connection Details Join Zoom Meeting Meeting ID: 545 364 607 Passcode: 196590 Dial by your location find your local number: ## Actions from last meeting details ## Minutes - [Bug 516371]( - Async GDB communications - Torbjörn reports a regression in a gdbserver that doesn't support Async causing commands to fail instead of being queued. - Workaround is to implement `IGDBBackend` and override `useTargetAsync` to return `false` - **Action:** Torbjörn file a bug / recommend a patch to make target async on/off more visible/changeable by users potentially? - [Bug 219040]( - Global Variables View - Vinod shared his WIP on Global Variables and did a demo - Discuss debug vs. linker symbols - How to handle full path - Need a DMContext for Global Variables - Display of float/double in hex - **Action:** Anton to file a bug on how hex display of float values is wrong - **DONE** [Bug 574110]( filed - Discussion on secure context in some arm chips and how to do it the best way ### Next Meeting [July 14 at 11am (Ottawa, Canada time)](