# Are Luxury Tempo Travellers Less Expensive For Events & Parties? It can be difficult to plan or find the ideal transportation service for weddings, corporate events, or parties. Travel options can be limited when there is heavy traffic and limited parking space. Extend your travel options by selecting a mode of transportation that is best suited to covering the entire tour, from picking up people to dropping them off at the venue on time. We're discussing luxury tempo travellers. ![](https://i.imgur.com/oBzwyDh.jpg) Regardless of the event, hire a luxury temporary traveller No one wants to be concerned about how guests will arrive at the event location on time and safely, whether it is a corporate party, wedding day, seminar, award night, college event, family get-together, or college reunion. [Hire Tempo Traveller Udaipur](https://udaipurtoursandtaxi.com/) to not only alleviate your anxiety but also to help you stay within your budget. It Provides Several Amenities Aside from time and safety, a tempo traveller provides a variety of amenities. They have an air conditioner, overhead and rear storage, a flat-screen TV, wi-fi, and other amenities. There are also large plush leather seats that are spacious and comfortable, with enough room for you and your guest to move down the aisles. Tempo travellers are also suitable for long distances due to their various convenience options. Temporary Transportation or Party Minibus? A rented luxury tempo traveller can also function as a closed-private venue and can be converted into a party bus. You can play your own video or music. You can play games or have a pre-party on the wheels with some drinks.The [10-seater tempo traveller in Udaipur](https://udaipurtoursandtaxi.com/our-fleet/) is ideal for bar crawls and bar hopping before or after a party or event. How Many People Can It Hold? Tempo travellers are suitable for both small and large groups. It is equally appropriate for a sports team of eleven or a party of fifteen. You can choose from 12, 15, or 10 seater tempo travellers based on your needs. So, now that you know both the mode of transportation and the company from which you should rent it, what are you waiting for? Contact our sales representative right away to reserve the [luxury tempo traveller in Udaipur](https://udaipurtoursandtaxi.com/tempo-traveller-for-local-sightseeing/)!