# Solid Application Interoperability June 8th, 2021 ## Present - Justin B - Hannes R - Juliette C - Jackson M ## Agenda - Announcements - Pull Requests - [npm package exports snippets from the primer](https://github.com/solid/data-interoperability-panel/pull/122) - [Projectron - Access Grant and Receipt](https://github.com/solid/data-interoperability-panel/pull/121) - Issues - Topics - Shape Tree Progress - RDF Tooling - UMA / Authorization Agent ## Minutes ### Shape Trees Update ### SAI.JS Update https://github.com/janeirodigital/sai-js PAVLIK: Focusing first on application use cases (non-trusted agents). Working through decisions on public interface, as well as promises, observables, lazy/eager loading, etc. Would like to hear from people about what kind of interfaces they would expect. PAVLIK: In terms of data structures - application looks up receipts through application registration, data grants, to data registrations / instances. Internals don't really need to be exposed to apps - they are primarily concerned with data registration and data instances, plus who owns the data / their permissions to it. PAVLIK: eager / lazy brainstorming https://hackmd.io/6Iim5v51QgG5DjO_9Dmcmg ### Jackson - I implemented RDFJS Dataset, including subscribing - I'm working on ShEx to TS convereter - Takes ShEx object and exports TS typings (for IDE) and JSON-LD context - Another library takes in JSON-LD context and Dataset - Higher on the stack we get solid involved, give me URL and claim is of given type. It will involve network related aspects. - Also React library, use state -> use data - Shape repo - whenever someone adds shape, it auto builds it and deploys to npm - developers should be able to reuse existing shapes - https://github.com/o-development/o-dataset-pack/ - https://github.com/o-development/shexj-traverser - LDFlex depended on Proxy which has problem of practically braking javascript rules, and makes it hard to use with TypeScript ### Actions - Create issue to: add try links like in https://shex.io/shex-primer/index.html - Create issue to: use shex.js to validate ttl and shex snippets - Create issue to: track down rendered HTML diff used by some by other CG https://github.com/w3c/lds-wg-charter/pull/73