# Radicle Jetbrains IDE Plugin | Milestone 1 Delivery :mailbox: * **Application Document:** [radicle.community post](https://radicle.community/t/application-radicle-jetbrains-ide-plugin-implementation-phase-1/2887). * **Milestone Number:** 1 ## Context The scope of the 1st milestone of the Radicle Grant covered the initial development team onboarding and setup, as well as the following functionality: > 3. Settings → Version Control → Radicle As part of this iteration, it only allows for the path to rad to be defined, just like the Git plugin does in Settings → Version Control → Git. > 4. Git → Radicle → Push menu item Introduces the Git → Radicle sub-menu and adds the first button there. This button invokes rad push. > 5. Radicle → Push toolbar button Introduces a new toolbar section for Radicle actions and adds the first Push button there. The button invokes rad push. > 6. Git → Radicle → Sync menu item Adds a new sub-menu item, under Git → Radicle, which invokes rad sync. > 7. Radicle → Sync toolbar button Adds a new toolbar item, in the Radicle toolbar section, which invokes rad sync. > 8. Activity indication Whenever the “Radicle sync” or “Radicle Push” functionality is invoked, we need to indicate there is background activity happening, using the usual progress bar available in Jetbrains IDEs. > 9. Publish plugin to Jetbrains Marketplace Once this version of the plugin has been completed, it needs to be published to the Jetbrains marketplace. ## Deliverables | Number | Deliverable | Link | Notes | | ------------- | ------------- | ------------- |------------- | | 1. | Radicle Jetbrains Plugin - `v0.1.2-alpha` | [Jetbrains Marketplace Listing](https://plugins.jetbrains.com/plugin/19664-radicle) | See Installation Instructions below | | 2. | Source Code | [Repo](https://github.com/cytechmobile/radicle-jetbrains-plugin/) | | ## Installation Instructions ### Installation from disk Because this is the very first version of the plugin, we have **not** made it available on the **Stable** release channel, so you cannot just search and download it from the marketplace in the IDE. Instead, you can download the plugin and manually install it from disk. Just download it from [this link](https://plugins.jetbrains.com/plugin/19664-radicle) and follow [these instructions](https://www.jetbrains.com/help/idea/managing-plugins.html#install_plugin_from_disk) ## Conclusion & Next Steps We are delighted to share our first `alpha` [version](https://plugins.jetbrains.com/plugin/19664-radicle) with the Jetbrains community!! 🚀 ... but we are just getting started! With everything now in place, we are excited to be looking forward at extending the Radicle functionality made available through the IDE ! Assuming approval of the deliverables, and successful completion of Milestone 1, we are eager to proceed with some first-time user developer experience improvements: * it is currently not possible to clone / initialise Radicle projects from the IDE, so the plugin only works on an already-initialised project, causing some confusion to users who are not already familiar with Radicle. * we want to make it easier for users to explore and clone Radicle projects directly from the IDE - with a similar user experience that they are used to already from the GitHub plugin. Finally, we are excited to work on Issues and Patches in a future iteration, as they are not yet fully ready at the time of writing, as we believe this is an area where the IDE will really shine, in terms of offering an immersive experience for Radicle!