# Intro To Epoch Zero & Octant gm regens! We are excited to announce **Epoch Zero**, a special pre-launch event for an upcoming release of our new app, [Octant](https://octant.build). The TL;DR is that we are donating **1M dollars worth of ETH** to some of our favorite public goods projects, and ***YOU*** will decide how these funds are going to be distributed. All that is required is your active participation. Who are we supporting with this event? <details> <summary> Here's a drop down list of the projects you can support! </summary> 1. Clr.fund - https://clr.fund/ 2. DAO Drops - https://daodrops.io/ 3. Drips - https://www.drips.network/ 4. Ethereum Cat Herders - https://www.ethereumcatherders.com 5. ETHStaker - https://ethstaker.cc 6. Giveth - https://giveth.io/ 7. Gitcoin - https://gitcoin.co 8. Kernel - https://www.kernel.community/en/ 9. Protocol Guild - https://protocol-guild.readthedocs.io 10. Supermodular - https://supermodular.xyz/ </details> #### More About Epoch Zero & An Intro To Octant The goal around Epoch Zero is to build a community with individuals who care about funding public goods, or more generally, those who want to explore how crypto can regenerate the world. We think our app Octant can support this idea in a variety of ways. ***Enter Octant:*** It's is a novel testing ground developed by [Golem Foundation](https://golem.foundation) to test various hypotheses around community engagement, participatory funding of public goods, and user-centered governance. *In English please.* We have a lot of ETH, and we want to elevate the ecosystem with a variety of experiments with our ETH holdings. You might remember Golem's [crowdfunding round back in 2016](https://www.financemagnates.com/cryptocurrency/news/golem-raises-8-6-million-29-minutes-fund-airbnb-computers/). We still have a large amount of ether. We're staking up to 100,000 ETH and using the rewards to power Octant. Stage one will explore sustainable models for funding public goods. We then plan add even more interesting experiments while maintaining our goal of funding important and interesting projects. To find out more about Octant, please visit the website: https://octant.build or for a more detailed explanation, our user docs: https://docs.octant.app. Note that this is an experimental project and the rewards are only being allocated on a temporary basis. The allocation may be stopped at any time at the sole discretion of the Golem Foundation. ### How can you participate in Epoch Zero? It's simple, you'll need the Epoch Zero Token (EZT) which grants access to the vote on Snapshot. It’s a POAP, holds no speculative value, and is free to any member who wants to participate and is active in the ecosystem. The Snapshot poll will happen between July 21st and July 28th. We'll be giving these EZTs out to active community members during virtual events with the projects listed above. [Follow us on Twitter](https://twitter.com/OctantApp) for the announcements of these events. We'll also be sharing them at Funding the Commons Paris (15th-16th July) and EthCC Paris (17th-20th July). So stop by if you are at either of these events! This doc is short and sweet, but you might be looking for more. Here is a larger [FAQ guide on Epoch Zero](https://hackmd.io/cwtGu5HcQ52H7CtIrZ-qpg). ### Voting Guidelines Because you can vote on as many of these 10 projects as you wish, we encourage you to get to know all the projects involved in Epoch Zero, not just the ones you're already familiar with. Each project brings unique value to the table, and your understanding of each one will contribute to a more informed and effective voting process. When it comes to voting, we suggest you consider which projects resonate with you the most. Think about the impact they have had, or could have, and the importance of their mission in the context of public goods. Remember, every project in this initiative has made significant strides in their respective areas, and your votes are a powerful way to acknowledge and support that work. Vote wisely and vote with conviction! ###### tags: `community`