# 🧑‍🌾 Gardens Sprint Planning #34 18/01/2022 ## Agenda - Logistics - Gardens - Quest - Moroon 5 - DeWork - Gnosis GNO - Circles - Delegate voting UI - Board review ## Logistics Move from zenhub to new GitHub project: https://github.com/orgs/1Hive/projects/8 Add hours for Sprint 22: https://docs.google.com/spreadsheets/d/1NxW3enwFaG6-oKCw6SOOrLl_ZzNW4WZtSptZA8ezVDg/edit?usp=sharing ## Gardens Continue with debugg issues and include some feature suggestions from exisiting Gardens. Continue the research and implementation of user profile migration to Ceramic/IDX. ## Quest We can start getting part of the team to help Quest swarm and get involved on the flow of how quests work. To become a valuable product we need to include topics. ## Maroon 5 Not news yet. They are moving slow. Action item: - UI need some modifications. ## DeWork Integrate Celeste with dework workflow in a similar fashion of how quest work. Action item: - Gabi will contact Lonis: - https://1hive.gitbook.io/celeste/developers/documentation/getting-started - https://wiki.1hive.org/projects/quests ## Gnosis GNO A moloch DAO has 100 GNO to use on the Gnosis Chain ecosystem. If we have a good use case we can create a proposal on that DAO. Integrate to the Gnosis Safe UI. Using GNO in a Garden. Action item: - Investigate if doing a Garden deployment custom app on the Gnosis Safe make sense. To promote that Gnosis could be integrated in a Garden. - Will will research offchain conviction voting using Safes across chains. ## Circles They are looking to use a Garden. To allow all circle members to allocate funding. Though they want to allow wrapping multiple token to the same Governance token of a Garden. ## Delegate voting UI Continue the delegate voting work. Mitch already did some sketches and now he would like work from a designer to start working on mocks. Action items: - Gabi to add Mitch to the figma team - Include Fiore o Chamandulu to the loop to help with designs. - Include Will and Daniel to the conversation. ## Board review