How to Submit `How to Teach at CodePath Guide` in the Course Portal == As of May 2022 ## Course Portal 1. Open [Course Portal]( 2. Toggle Courses tab to check How to Teach at CodePath. ![]( 3. If you are a participant to more than 1 cohort, toggle Cohort tab and select specific cohort to view modules. ![]( 4. Select the specific Unit that you want to work on and click on the Assignment tab for the assignment of that unit. ![]( 5. Click on the How to Teach at CodePath Guide and make a Copy of that Guide. *This is important since you will be submitting this copy with your answers to the reflections and assignments on Unit 8. The reflection questions can also be found in this guide.* ![]( ![]( 6. Once you complete all reflection and assignments in your copy of th Guide, go to the Assignment Tab of Unit 8 in the course portal to submit the file. ![](