What does airline ticket insurance cover? While planning a trip to the desired destination, the passenger must get ticket insurance when making the reservation with the airline. It is crucial because if the flight gets canceled or delayed, you receive damaged baggage, or other unexpected circumstances happen, then it will protect you from it. This insurance also secures you from any adversities because of the airline's fault. If you still need assistance, What does airline ticket insurance cover? Then, we will provide you with detailed information in the para mentioned below. What does airline insurance cover? There are various things that airline flight insurance covers. Some of the problems that can be covered are given below: If the ticket gets canceled due to bad weather or air traffic, it will help the passenger get a refund. Unexpected Accidents or health issues before the departure of the flight. Flight delays due to which the passenger missed the connecting flight. Damaged or lost luggage due to airlines' fault. Due to a sudden death in a family, you need to cancel the flight. How do I get American Airlines travel insurance? You can add [American airline travel insurance](https://www.faresdairy.com/travel-insurance/is-american-airlines-trip-insurance-worth-it) while booking a flight ticket. To get this service, you need to follow the steps as per given below: Access the official page of American Airlines. Click on the option Book A Flight. Now, enter all the details in the following sections. Once you tap the Payment link, you will get the add insurance option. Click on that. You will get the insurance for the flight ticket.