How do I Manage my Emirates Airlines Booking? After you are finished reserving your flight tickets with Emirates Airlines, the next thing that comes or remains a matter of concern is the detail and update of the journey. You might feel clueless about what is happening to the flight or want to make some changes to it. However, all of this can happen, and you just have to make your bookings online. Manage Booking lets you handle and access the reservation, eventually updating you about the journey. How to access Emirates Manage Booking? To access Manage Booking with Emirates, you are just required to click on Manage Booking given on the homepage, add the ticket details, and the flight will be open. Navigate to the Menu and you will be able to make any modification that needs to be made to your journey. What are the advantages of Emirates Manage Booking? There are several benefits of Manage Booking that can be accessed once you have made the flight booking online, and we have mentioned them below: 24/7 updates are available Any modification can be done to the flight Seats can be selected Any claim can be requested by filling out a form Refund request can be made Complaints and Feedback