# If you liked it then you shoulda put a ring on it - Ring preparation session Lead: MP Fernández Audience: Ring Leaders and interested parties 1. What? This is a session to help ring makers and all interested parties flesh out the ring concept, discussion points, outcomes, and more. 2. How? Tomislav prepared templates for your ring. If you need help to structure your ring, this is the place to ask all questions. We can also help out with the ideas for desirable outcomes. [Check here to find your ring doc](https://docs.google.com/spreadsheets/d/1xD27SWjoCl7zaxSG6TMRS3MyCR4xuM-_xkeYI_Vvjjg/edit#gid=1207435120). If you don't have a doc, just copy from one of these. There is [Ring Maker Toolkit](https://hackmd.io/s/SkamYQ85X) doc where you can find some inspiration. 3. What do we expect from the rings? Nothing or everything. Rings are supposed to be self-organized and we should work consistently and focused because we believe in this. That said, we encourage you to create your own outcomes and outputs. An effective ring should be able to come up with material and conclusions for publication. Ideally, you would **fill out Session outline** for your ring as well as **define and structure Output templates** which will be filled during ring session. 4. Some questions to guide the thought process: - What does this ring mean to you? - Who is the desired audience that will benefit from the actions of this ring? - What can we do to continue these actions after the council? - Desired outputs/outcomes # Ring Jam session outline ### A. General information | | | | -------- | -------- | | Session title | Ring jam | | Facilitator | Ring leaders facilitate their respective ring sessions | | Scribe | vacant | | Time and date | 16:00 - 17:30, 28.10.2018. | | Material requirements | Bring your own pens and paper | | Space requirements | Each ring in their own room | | Number of participants | no req | ### B. Expected outcomes 1. Defined Ring session outcomes 2. Defined Ring session outputs 3. Defined Ring session structure ### C. Expected outputs 1. Ring session outline Each Ring will fill in their Ring session outline document. 2. Ring session outputs Each Ring will define and create the template documents for outputs they plan to produce during the Ring session on the following day. 3. MVP - next thing that we could do ### D. Timeline | Duration | Segment | Description | | -------- | -------- | -------- | | 20min | Introduction | The facilitator will briefly introduce the outline of the session with emphasis on expected outomes and outputs. | | 20min | Purpose | What does this ring mean to you? Who is the desired audience that will benefit from the actions of this ring? | | 20min | Outcomes | What we want to achieve with this ring? What we want to achieve with this session? | | 20min | Outputs | How do we document what we create during the session? |