# Fundamentals ![](https://i.imgur.com/be28pST.png) <!-- Editing this document (READ THIS FIRST!!!) --> ## Pills Universe Fundamentals *Back to basics.* This document has been created to provide a central location for all of the **fundamental lore** that forms the foundations of the **pills universe**. This is the lore that must remain consistent between each *collaboration* and *contribution* to the pills lore and cannot be changed by the lorecrafters (although they can help develop it through the lorecrafter meetings) — this lore is moderated by the Lore Master(s). This is done to create a compatible fictional universe between the different lore contributions with a foundation to build lorecrafter ideas off so that all pieces of lore can fit together easily. - - - ### Matter ``` "What is mind? No matter. What is matter? Nevermind." - Homer Simpson ``` Matter is the stuff that the universe is made out of. Figuring out what matter is and how it works can be extremely insightful into the kinds of stories that will and won't work in the universe. #### CURRENT WORKING THEORY ``` The universe is a physical space (organic) with digital habits. This means that creatures are flesh and blood mostly but with digital souls, and the universe itself has an underlying code that can be manipulated as in a traditional digital space (like the Matrix or Ready Player One). Creatures and entities can access the code to create what would be more commonly referred to as 'magic'. This means that anything could exist in the universe but it's underlying foundation must be based on code and have some interaction with the digital. Real creatures have digital souls, magic exists by manipulating code, in-universe parallels are based on/inspired by crypto culture. Unlike 'Ready Player One' or 'The Matrix' there are no 'real world' players (as in people that are aware this universe is fabricated and thus, can be manipulated). All people within the universe are native to the pills universe. In simple terms: Anything can exist in this universe, like the multi-world setting of 'Ready Player One', except that instead of pop culture references, the pills universe utilises science-fiction genres. Different planets and places can be based on a single (or multiple) genres of sci-fi. Magic also exists in the pills universe as a result of entities manipulating the source code of the universe. ``` - - - ### Genre ``` "I don't know half of you half as well as I should like... and I like less than half of you half as well as you deserve." — Bilbo Baggings (probably a quote on genre) ``` Genre can be limiting in a way, but also very freeing when it comes to creating new ideas and contributions. It's a very quick way of telling people what the universe is in three words or less and helps create an instant picture, and the clearer a picture is, the easier it is to create for. #### WORKING THEORY ``` The pills universe is a open-space genre, which means it has no one specific genre to guide it and instead utilises many genres (but mostly science fiction). It is a soft sci-fi setting, which means that things don't have to be based on our reality and can rely more on pseudoscience and 'magic'. This means that the pills universe doesn't rely on real-world physics. ``` ### Time ``` "Great Scott" — Doc Brown ``` When talking about **time** we're talking about the function of time in the universe. How is time measured and what effect does it have on the universe's passage through time. For instance, we know in the pills universe that time is measured in **blocks** but what does that mean? How many blocks would it take me to travel 1000 miles? How many blocks could an average human live for? etc. If blocks are transferrable to years for instance, are there other measures of time that could dictate months or seconds? Each culture will most likely have its own way of keeping time, but is there a universal way of keeping time so that all species and groups can understand one another easily? #### WORKING THEORY ``` The universe is measured in blocks and when it comes to time these blocks represent dates; they act as a calendar for the natives of the Chainspace. Events are documented on certain blocks in much the same way we mark important events on certain dates and the natives use this to help keep track of time. While individual cultures have their own ways of keeping time, there is an accepted universal time (UTS) that has become accepted by the space faring species of the cosmos. This time is based on the rotation around the centre of the universe (the remains of the Genesis Cube) and was most likely invented by the Pepel as one of the first space-farers since the precursor societies. As for more concrete methods of time keeping, the universe works on days, hours, and minutes like with our universe. The idea being that a block would define a concrete method of time for date keeping for space farers, while granular time is kept on a more local position, relying on generic rotation of the planets around their centres in a given solar system. Because of this the lifetime of a block can mean different things to different cultures, but it's accepted that a block would be akin to a year for UTS. The UTS also has minutes, hours, days, and months, but these are based on the Pepel local time of Pepolis. ``` *There's also a discussion that needs to be had about the **timeline** itself and when things occurred. For example, we know that there were precursor civilisations to the ones that exist in the current period of the narrative's focus, but how long were they around for and how long has it been since their demise? Other questions always arise in the timeline as well, like when did the first species after the precursor species discover space travel, how long has that been around for, at which points were certain resources discovered?* - - - ### Travel ``` "Spacemen die if they stay in one place" - Robert A. Heinlein (The Green Hills of Earth and the Menace from Earth) ``` This ties into the universe's physical appearance, but how does travelling about the universe work? If we're in a galaxy of planets, how does one get from one planet to another and what exactly does it cost them? (not in currency, but in resources); while different cultures may have developed different technologies, is there a defining trait this technologies share? Like, for instance, all ships in the Star Wars universe have access to hyperdrive technology, it's what allows their ships to go impossibly far in shorter lengths of time. In Star Trek they have a universal warp drive. In Pathfiner (this may be obscure) they use the rift. #### WORKING THEORY ``` The main method of transport in the pills universe is tradtional space crafts (like spaceships and the like) which utilise a fuel source known as synthetic godblood. Unlike spacecrafts from other fictional universes, synthetic godblood is generated by blockworms after they have injested pure godblood. The whole system is circular in nature; spacecraft create pure godblood by utilising synethtic godblood, which is then fed to blockworms who secrete synthetic godblood which is used by space vehicles. ``` - - - ### Currency ``` The trick is to stop thinking of it as ‘your’ money. — IRS Auditor ``` **WORKING THEORY** ``` Although local currency exists, universal currency is based on synthetic godblood, which is used by spacecraft as fuel. Holding a denomination of this currency entitles you to a certain amount of fuel, which you can trade for services and goods across the universe. ``` We have yet to land on a name for this currency, but some ideas we've had so far are below: * Syn * Synth * S-Blood * S.G.B * Syb * SYNG * SYN-G * SYN-GO - - - ### Physical Appearance What does the universe *actually* look like, or even, how to parts of the universe actually look to a person that is standing in them and observing them. #### Etherchain ``` The Etherchain is one of many god-chains in Chainspace. It is a galaxy full of planets and species that interact with one another in interesting ways. ``` #### Outer Blocks ``` The Outer Blocks is a lawless place with very few hospitable planets, it's akin to the wild west with people getting by on very little and contains a large rate of criminal activity. It is full of physical blocks that has a similar aesthetic to large space structures that are in a state of construction. The Blockworms create these before moving onto the next block. These blocks form a large ring around the universe, and with every new block the universe expands further. ``` #### Shadowchain ``` The Shadowchain is an amalgamation of all of the things that have been burnt there. It is a dark place that has become highly toxic to non-natives with its corrosive atmosphere. The Shadowchain is a place where entropy happens much faster than Chainspace, it is designed for decay. The creatures are the embodiment of entropy, they degrade themselves but their purpose is to break things down and then consume it. ``` #### The Mempool ``` The Mempool appears like an acid trip, a physchedelic fantasy that is toxic to non-natives. Those that aren't born from the Mempool end up dazed and confused in the Mempool, and have the strongest urg to leave as if they are experiencing a bad trip. The Mempool itself is an overwhelming forest of trees and enless rivers coloured in pink, yellow, and purple hues. Things are hard to look at for a person that isn't native of the Mempool, trees are swirling, the river is vexxing, and creatures appear almost blurry. ``` - - - ### Forerunners Most science-fiction unviverses have a 'forerunner' species, that is a species which existed in the distant past whose presence is being felt by all creatures in the present as they try to catch up with their knowledge, technology, and general wisdom of the universe. Is there a forerunner species in the universe? Is there multiple? What happened to them and why? - - - ### Resources What resources exist within the universe that help power it's sci-fi elements. * Quadratic Crystals (used for coordination between elements) * GWEI (fuel for interstellar travel) - - - ### Religion/Deities What, if any, religions are there that would be recognised across the cosmos. Are there Gods that lorecrafters should be aware of, and if so, how interactive are they and what do they do for the universe? - - - - - - - - - ### Matters of Importance These are the features of the universe that transcend its physical nature and has more to do with its social context. These are the groups and histories that absolutely every(ish) citizen in the universe would know about. These are the common elements in the narrative that spread across all of the lore, a background or focus to the stories unfolding in pills. #### Figures/Groups #### Territories #### Governing Bodies #### Events/History - - - ### Collaborative Areas #### The Zoo of Topheilia #### The Main Place #### The Lore Library