# The Encyclopaedia Planeticca An in-depth catalogue of every location that exists within the **Etherchain**. The Encyclopaedia Planeticca was originall conceived by the *Irresponsible Tour Guide Society* whose purpose was to travel across the Etherchain and record through blogs and newsletters the things they encountered for their consumers to read and enjoy. Eventually they branched out and created an entire encyclopaedia of the locations found in Etherchain for would be space-travellers to go and enjoy (or not enjoy as is the case). Each location found is detailed below: ``` Getting Involved If you want to contribute a location to the Encyclopaedia Planeticca you must first read the guidelines listed below. - Entries for this encyclopaedia must be only for the Etherchain! Other dimensions and locations outside of the Etherchain won't appear on this page. (for more information on what exists in the Etherchain, please take a look at the locations page on the storymode site.) - Entries must be build using the LOCATIONS template; this can be found in the pinned messages on the discord's lore channel. - We're looking primarily for new worlds to explore, but other and more creative locations are also welcome (like large space stations, meteors, cosmic phenomena, etc) in the Etherchain or Outer Blocks! - We're moving through the alphabet together, each day represents a different letter starting with A, and then moving to B, and so on. For today's letter, please check the lore channel or message DT. You're more than welcome to submit locations for letters that have already been announced, but please don't submit locations for letters that we haven't got to yet! ``` - - - ## A. - - - ### AATEOS (BLOCK 447,305) *Contributed by Default Triangle* ``` Carved out of one of the many blocks that exist in the Outer Blocks, Aateos (block 447,305) has become a massive city that shelters those who have a distaste for authority and the trivialities found in the Etherchain. ``` #### What type of Location is Aateos? Aateos is a large city in the Outer Blocks, carved out of a long-forgotten block that is beneath the attention of the Block Worms. #### What does Aateos look like? The block that houses Aateos was once cube-like in structure and gargantuan, but in the creation of the city the block came to reach a state of decay. Its corners have crumbled, long tubes work up along its sides and top, its sides are faded and scuffed, docks have been amended to the design to allow ships to fly in and out at their leisure. It looks more like a space station than a former block. Inside, the block has been hollowed giving rise to great building blocks and a maze narrow streets all huddled together. Aateos is a concoction of activity from all over the Etherchain, every species conceivable can be found within the block's structures, living here in a colourful display of life. #### What is the history of the location? Aateos was founded by a group called the Renegarde, who came to the Outer Blocks in search of a place to escape the laws of the Etherchain. This group found a singular block in the Outer Blocks that was out of the attention of the mighty Block Worms. They dug into it, creating first a small town that they would use to hide crooks from their various pursuits. Eventually, over the course of thousands of years, the block became an emerging city that has become home to any and all who either want to perform dodgy deals or live free from the trivialities of Etherchain life. It's become known as the Invisible City to some for its popularity to those who wish to hide and remain hidden. #### What associations foes Aateos have? Aateos has many different associations, mostly to criminal or more free-loving groups. Degenerators have been known to frequent this spot, and for them its become a resting port after daring exploits in the chain. A place they can lay low for a while before venturing out for more pursuits. That's the same case with many others as well! - - - ### AGRARIO *Contributed by Eric Bal* ``` Like a green heaven lost in the middle of a savage world, the planet of Agragio is a peaceful planet where nature is queen. Most of the food produced in this part of the blocks was grown there by its inhabitants. ``` #### What type of Location is Agrario? Agrario is a small size planet. Green is its color. A green so vivid that it can be spotted blocks away in the dark space by the ethereal travelers. The color is a mix of the large and wild forests that spreads all across the planet, and the millions of acres cultivated by the Agrarios. Surprisingly, almost no water can be found on the surface of the planet. But like veins running beneath its surface, thousands of small underground springs supply the living beings of the place. The ignorant one could die thirsty not knowing water pours a few inches beneath its feet. You won’t find any big city there. The inhabitants gather in small towns, where people and animals would live together. The green hills of Agrario make it a real granary for the whole space around. The culture is abundant as the planet is known too as the « never-ending spring planet ». This miracle of nature is very artificial, as it’s the result of a very sophisticated system of spatial mirrors that permanently share and distribute the same amount of light on every point of the planet. No winter, no summer, just a permanent warm and welcoming spring. This system of mirrors is the very only concession to modernity by the Agrarios. They live so much in link with the Nature they refuse any over mechanical help. While they still use basic tools for harvesting or lumberjacking, they never accepted to switch for what they consider as « aggressive tools » that could harm the planet or its living being. Slow is a way of living, and as the weather never rushes them, they take it easy. Many outer companies tried to convince them to create some farming concession, promising them huge sums of Ether. *The Wheat and Wip LTD* even tried intimidation and threatens to get one. But they all failed. The Agrarios don’t have gods but one may think their agnosticism hides some kind of veneration for nature. Nature is indeed in the center of their life. Their houses (100% made with natural components, with incredible variety and creativity). Their games (the most famous one consists in running down a hill and get the first one crossing the end line - alive). Their customs (to become adult - what they call a « chad » - every child must survive a full week in the wild and face 5 secret challenges). Their songs and stories. Everything links them to nature. The agrarios are strong men and women. Loyal, direct, and hard workers. Solidarity and mutual aid are very important in their communities. Ale (for the elders), and Marple tea (for the younger) help to warm the mood of the night discussions. Humor is a key component of the agrarian society. It’s a way to solve disputes, create bonds, and the funnier Agrarios are considered semi-gods there. Making fun of oneself is very important there, as it is a powerful sign of humility (a respected quality) and humor. Some could consider the Agrarios as naive, credulous. It’s half true, as they trust people very easily. But those who tried to take advantage of that are usually dead (or missing). When angry and betrayed, the Agrarios turn ruthless hunters, ace of ambush and hiding. #### What is the history of the location? While wild for a long time, Agrarian was eventually colonized (block 487 211) by an expedition of space lumberjacks whose vessels crashed on the planet. After trying to unsuccessfully repair their ships, they decided to settle. Since the very first stay, they decided to reject any kind of hierarchy. There is then no capital. No ruler. When decisions need to be taken, the 6 counties send a representative that will discuss with the other and find the best solution. A degen agrarion tried (block 511,876) to create some kind of dictatorship, after administrating « White tears drug » on its fellows and forcing them to fight for him. He soon disappears and is now famously know because of a funny song for the Childs. #### What associations does Agrario have? There is no police, no prison on Agrario. Obviously no army either. One may think such a peaceful and attractive place without a strong defense system could not survive long. That is true. That is why Agragio created an agreement with the glacial planet of Turo. Their fierce inhabitants, highly trained and heavily equipped, are the silent and permanent defenders of the planet. In return, Agrario sends them every month all the food and raw material the ice planet needs to survive. The agreement has been done after discovering that the Turo’s inhabitants were allergic to the Gwarinu, a very common little flower of Agrario. It was then obvious that invading Agrario was a no-go for them, and a mutual agreement would be much more beneficial for both parties. The Agrarios love their planet so much they don’t leave it and never travel far. They deal with Xport LTD, a trading company that collects all the production of the planet and sell it for them. While very warm and curious about the travelers, the Agrarios protect their land from the foreigners. They saw too many disasters coming from outside. Travelers are then parked in specific places on the planets from where they can’t leave (except to leave the planet). Those who try to enter without permission or outside of the authorized areas are quickly spotted and hunted down. Humor is something important for the Agrarios, but protection of their land comes first. - - - ### ALEPH, THE FIRST OF MANY *Contributed by 0xStax* #### What type of Location is Aleph? Aleph was the first of countless space colonies established by the Pepel. Located on a small planet in the same solar system as Pepolis. Aleph is both the name given to the planet and to the colony that flourished on it. #### What does Aleph look like? Aleph resembles Pepolis, more specifically, it resembles how Pepolis was in the past. It was chosen as the first colony in part due to its many similarities and theorized ease of transition for the first colonizers. It features many of the same lush jungles and humid swamps found in Pepolis, but the atmosphere is noticeably cleaner and lighter. Aleph is an idyllic version of Pepolis, one untainted by progress, so far. It is here where The Greentext Society has its main embassy, and where most of Pepelian diplomacy is conducted. It is the outward face of the Federation, showing what it is possible under the guiding light of Pepolis. #### What is the history of the location? The continuous existence of Aleph plays an important role in Pepelian society as it marks the point at which the Pepels became true chainfarers. Aleph represents their first success in establishing a presence outside Pepolis. It is also where the first node in the federation network was launched and where The Greentext Society first arose. Being the main hub of the Greentext Society, Aleph is home to countless visitors from throughout the cosmos. They are called “seekers” by the denizens of Aleph, as they are often looking for favours and their own benefit. There is a running joke among Pepels: “Looking for Alpha, they came to Aleph. In search of copper they found gold” #### What associations does Aleph have? Aleph is the first and one of the most important colonies of the Pepel. It is aligned with the Greentext Society and serves as their main hub outside of Pepolis. Aleph is the outward looking face of the inner core of the Federation. - - - ### Alpharion *Contributed by benkautz* ``` The Devarions of Whitelist Castle founded and terraformed the remote planet of Alpharion, which is rumored to be home to sought after magic and mysterious technologies. ``` #### What type of Location is Alpahrion? Alpharion is a moderate-sized planet on the very edge of the Etherchain, constantly moving through space in the direction of the Godchains growth. #### What does Alpharion look like? Alpharion is mostly covered water, which is home to many large sea beasts that dominate the vast ocean. Swamplands make up the majority of land on Alpharion, where cattail-like trees grow to as tall as 100 meters. Embedded into the mountain is where Whitelist Castle stands, built by and home to the founders who terraformed the planet. Whitelist Castle resembles Victorian-style architecture, with giant white walls that seem to be carved from the mountain itself. To get to the castle you must be granted passage through a giant gate that is flanked by the mountain on each side. At the foot of the mountain, is a sprawling city named Discordia, that spreads out all over the swampland. Discordia is made up of hut-like structures that are built on top of one another, connected by makeshift bridges and wooden planks. #### What importance/associations does it have? Important Groups on Alpharion - Devarions - Founding group of Pepels, originally from an unknown Yield Clan. - Discordians - The first colonizers of Alhparion who built the vast city of Discordia. - Wentoken - A group of rebels who grew impatient with the Devarions for withholding their technologies. - Alpharies - The broad term for the giant-sized aquatic life that inhabits Alpharions waters. These beasts make the waters much too dangerous for any except the Devarions to explore. - Shillarions - A group of colonizers who stuck with the Devarions and were rewarded with the greatest technologies in the Etherchain. Alpharion is a technology hub, where the most cutting-edge technologies are constantly being developed. Due to the rate of technological advancement, many accuse this planet of being home to evil sorcerers who turn away any who discover this planet. #### What is the history of your location? Alpharion was once a desolate asteroid cruising on the edge of the Etherchain. One day, a group of genius Pepels from an unknown Yield Clan decided they needed to escape from the group and establish their own outpost dedicated to the advancement of technology. They selected a planet that was sufficiently remote and terraformed it to their desired living conditions. They carved Whitelist Castle into the side of their newly formed mountain and began getting to work immediately. This group would come to name themselves the Devarions. As secluded as the planet was, Mempool pirates still found a way to discover Alpharion. While their efforts were insignificant against the superior technology of the small group of Pepels, the Mempool pirates spread the word of Alpharion all across the Etherchain. They told of a planet protected by sorcerers who used magic to ward them off from plundering the planet's treasures. Word quickly spread and prompted masses of creatures and beings from all over the Etherchain to flock to Alpharion in search of the source of this magic power. As more beings came to the planet, the Devarions realized that although they could not share their technologies with them, they could put them to work building a city in their honor. The inhabitants were thrilled to have a request straight from the Devarions and soon began to construct living spaces for themselves, using the wood from the cat-tail-like trees scattered throughout the swamps. The collection of huts grew until it was as large and vast as a city. The inhabitants named this city, Discordia. After years of Discordia growing in size and population, the citizens felt that they had earned the right to learn the secrets of the Devarions. Unrest quickly plagued Discordia and tensions grew exponentially. Soon a group of rebels formed, naming themselves “Wentoken.” Wentoken ravaged the city, destroying the very city they built. The Devarions retreated into their castle and barred the doors from the rest of Discordia. Wentoken eventually realized that their efforts of destruction were having no effect, and the majority of them left in search of new rumors promising new miracles. A small minority of Wentoken stayed behind and rebuilt part of Discordia to sustain themselves. Years passed, and finally, the Devarions emerged from their castle opening their arms to the remnants of Wentoken. They shared the technology they had been developing, and while they were not the miracles they were promised, they were magical nonetheless. The Devarions announced that all who had remained will be deemed “The Shillarions.” The Shillarions were then given ships with the best technology in all of the Etherchain and set out to spread the word of Alpharian, the planet in which the newest technology is always developed. #### Inspiration behind Alpharion The thought process was to bring to life the process of searching for “alpha” in the world of crypto. The Devarions represent the early supporters/founders of a project that get preferential treatment and early access to information. The Discordians, rebelling against the Devarions and demanding access to information, are represented in the rebel group called “Wentoken.” The impatience and pessimism of Wentokeners represent those with weak convictions who get shaken because they don’t get instant gratification. Additionally, the Devarions rewarding and renaming the few Wentokeners, the Shillarions, represents the benefit of sticking with a project in which you have solid conviction. - - - ### ANTE ASTEROID *Contributed by 0xStax* ``` Research station for the Beras of Ante. It is an asteroid orbiting a planet with 13 moons close the gravitational center of the Etherchain. ``` #### What type of location is? The Ante Asteroid is a forward research base used by the Beras to improve their understanding of the Etherchain. The asteroid is a barren location orbiting a planet with at least 13 moons. Due to its location relative to the nearest star, timekeeping in the asteroid is relative and depends on which moon or set of moons are visible at any given point from the asteroid. There are currently four different calendars being used to track the passing of time in the asteroid. The Beras have established at least 3 different bases in the surface of the asteroid and have begun exploration of the core of the asteroid itself. The Beras believe the rocky substrate of the asteroid and other orbital objects in the same cluster can provide insight into the beginnings of the Etherchain. They are paticularly interested in the changes the Chain seems to go through from epoch to epoch which they believe are somehow recorded in the rugged surface of the asteroid. #### What is the shortlived history of XXXX? There is no record of inhabitants in the Ante Asteroid prior to the Bera Research Station being deployed. The site was selected due to its proximity to several transport hubs and a major planet with 13 different moons, each exerting a different orbital influence on the asteroid - making it a prime location to conduct research on the security and safety mechanisms of [REDACTED - XXXX PARADIGM V.1] Some time ago, a rogue trader crashed into the asteroid burning a highly reactive synthetized molecule of SYN as fuel. The Beras recognized this product as a sigma-level safety threat to their research operations in the asteroid cluster. Records from the event seem to indicate the Beras kept some of the SYN molecules to conduct further research on its properties and quarantined the rekt site until further instructions were provided by the Paradigm. The Beras of Ante are currently using the asteroid as their main base for their Security and Safety Research Operations. #### What associations does the Ante Asteroid have? It is associated with the AnteBears, also known as the Beras - - - ### AVEGO *Submitted by ZEKE* ``` The cloud world of Avego orbits the leading edge of Etherchain block formation, supplying raw material to the Etherchain formation ``` #### What type of Location is Avego? Avego is a cloud planet that orbits around the Etherchain block formation. Like other bodies that float near the latest block they supply much of the raw ingredients to the Etherchain. #### What does look like? Giant, ethereal, almost translucent Avego does actually have quite the mass, which is needed to maintain such a proximal orbit. Avego is home to a world of sentients that have established themselves in the clouds. There are native life on the planets, all as ghostlike as the planet itself. Notably, the ghost tree, which creates the cloudy substance and is an important resource for the Etherchain. #### What is the history of the location? Early observers noticed that certain celestial bodies supplied raw material for the Etherchain formation. Knowing that the early Avagons moved the planet closer to the chain to increase the mass to the planet. The tighter orbit allowed the planet to sustain more life as Avego lended its own cloudy mass to fuel Etherchain construction in exchange for liquid mass, which sustained the Ghost tree and created more cloudy fuel. A natural symbiosis has existed ever since. #### What associations foes Avego have? Because of its close proximity to the Etherchain, nearly every world interacts with Avego. - - - ### AUGUR *Contributed by Default Triangle* ``` The Witches of Augur claim to be able to predict the future, but it is costly. The planet bears no advanced technology yet it contains one of the most advanced computers in Chainspace. ``` #### What type of Location is Augur? Most would describe it as a demi-plane, a separate plane of existence entirely, but one that dwells within, and is only accessible, through Chainspace. To get to it, you must pass through an enormous storm ravaging on the outskirts of the Etherchain and have the blessings of the mysterious yet wise Witches of Augur. #### What does Augur look like? Augur is a dark and decaying world, lifeless plants and black lakes, with a cold and dreary atmosphere that snows black soot. Dotted along its surface are gnarled castles of overgrown roots which house a strangely thriving population. Although Augur might appear quite dead from the outside, the reality is different, it's one of the most populated places in Chainspace. All advanced technology is not welcome in Augur by demand of its active residents, and passing through the storm can render some technology useless. #### What is the brief history of Augur? Augur has always existed, but it was once desolate and unforgiving for life, until the first of the sisters arrived; known simply as the Forecasters of Augur. They were seeking a place of solitude, somewhere hard to find where their ideologies and experiments wouldn't be interrupted. They were seeking to discover truth and ways of predicting the future that didn't rely on the emerging technology of the forerunner civilisations. They brought some semblance of life to Augur through the use of pills. They began to collect like-minded people across the cosmos to join them in Augur and become a part of, what they called, the foundations. By linking their minds together, and tapping into Augur's immense energy thanks to the raging storm that swirls around it, they began to make predictions about the future that were more or less true. The minds, when linked together through the weavings of Augur's vines and branches, became a gargantuan computer with each participant being able to answer any question with a YES or a NO. Eventually people across Chainspace began to hear of a place that could predict the future with some certainty and sought it out. Once they found it, however, in order to use it the Witches would require either one of two things; the first was that they themselves would join the machine and help make future predictions more accurate, or they could gain entry with the payment of a single pill. The Forecasters became known as the Witches for their power of augury. #### Who lives on Augur? Most of the population is made up of the Crowd, an idle people that have been hooked up to Augur through a complex system of vines and branches that reach across Augur's surface. Some of the population are the Witches of Augur though, those that are considered to be the caretakers of Augur, who keep the system alive and deal with newcomers. Some are said to possess abilities, which most likely comes from the consumption of pills. They have been referred to as an ancient species, one that predates the current species of the universe, and know many ancient things. - - - ## B. - - - ### BEANWORLD *Contributed by Default Triangle* ``` Homeworld of the Wara'Nek, a mechanical cat society who prioritise streaming over anything else. Like them, their world is full of brightly lit screens that are always playing the most popular lives. ``` #### What type of location is Beanworld? Beanworld is a planet hovering around an artificial sun in the Catlike System. As a planet it is home to the Wara'Nek, a species of cat creatures that live within large and crudely crafted mechanical suits. Although the planet is rife with cities and populated areas, its most prominent location is Tayn, the largest large city that is home to and build around the impressive Meme Temple that houses the various religious icons of the Wara'Nek culture. #### What does Beanworld look like? The entire planet is a mechanical construct. As the Wara'Nek converted from organic life to mostly inorganic, they also converted their world as well, using the various metals and materials present in Beanworld and the local asteroid belt near the planet. Almost every surface is infamously covered by a screen of some kind which showcases the lives of various Wara'Nek as they move through their daily routines. The planet also suffers from climate turbulence in the form poisonous fogs that spread across the the lowest few miles of the world's surface every few days, because of this the various buildings have been built up on long metal stilts, and it also explains why the Wara'Nek have taken to wearing mechanical suits. #### What is the shortlived history of Beanworld? Dozing in the afternoon sun, Beanworld was home to a simple cat-like creature that enjoyed the amenities of cat-life. They had a fierce intelligence, but didn't often use it, leaving them lazy but mostly happy in their simple lives. This changed with the first memes, primarily the Nyan and the Longest Cat, who brought great technologies from across the stars and taught them about curiosity and the need for exposing secrets. The Wara'Nek began building and translating their world into a hub which they could use to host the collective memories and visual feeds of every one of their species. They drained it of all of its resources and turned it into the mechanical shell it is today, creating impressive but crude servers that could host and record every one of their lives. This, in turn though, created a great deal of pollution which resulted in the poisonous fog and the need for mechanical suits. - - - ## C. - - - ### CENTROPY *Contributed by Default Triangle* ``` The fastest moving planet in all of Chainspace. Things age rapidly on Centropy, civilisations rise and fall within a hundred years and new species evolve in the blink of an eye. ``` #### What kind of location is Centropy? Centropy is a large planet and homeworld to an infinite combination of species and creatures. It is located in the middle of four gargantuan suns, which most believe is the cause of the planet's advanced aging qualities. There's no definitive species for this planet because new civilisations rise and fall endless; species die out and new species take their place in a matter of a century. #### What does Centropy look like? Centropy is covered in ancient ruins and the various remainders of long-dead civilisations; various statues, old temples, numerous pieces of strange technology. These ancient ruins aren't hidden in deep jungles or hard to find places, they're built on top of other ancient ruins, which are in turn built on other ancient ruins. Over and over, leaving the whole planet as a mismatch place of a thousand cultures all constantly swamping one another. The planet is also covered in strange but lively creatures, but it's a such bet that one of these creatures will eventually evolve into the new dominant species, only to be replaced shortly after by another. This includes planetlife too. Those who have managed to reach the planet through the enormous gravity force that has been perpetuated by the quad-sun system, often remark on how different the planet looks on each subsequent visit. #### What is the history of Centropy? The planet is one of the richest historical locations in all of Chainspace, an historians dream. There lie in its many ruins an infinite amount of species to study, with technology to explore and reignite, and architecture which changes with each new dominant species. #### Does Centropy have any associations? A few species in the Etherchain do claim to come from Centropy, those that have managed to live in species with technology advanced enough to escape the gravitational barrier of their homeworld's solar system. They refuse to return, but are always vastly different from one another in terms of appearance and ability. - - - ### CENTRAL BLOCK *Contributed by Default Triangle* ``` A forerunner society built a temple dedicated to the study of the blocks, the blockworms, and the end of space. ``` #### What type of location is Central Block? Like AATEOS, Central Block is a block drifting on the very edge of Chainspace. #### What does Central Block look like? Like every other block in the Outer Blocks, Central Block is a gargantuan cube structure cast in a metallic grey with a marble-like surface. Unlike other blocks though, Central Block is not set adrift, it remains stationary in one point while other blocks rotate around it. From the outside, it would appear the same as any other block, but inside a curious traveller will find a large temple worked from the block's material in a hollowed out space. It is an otherworldly temple, guarded by large statues depicting the previous denizens of the universe. Their eyes blink with red lights, indicating that something has been lost. Although there is nothing of physical value in the temple, it has unlocked many mysteries (as well as provoked more questions) about the nature of the universe and the existence of the blockworms. #### What is its brief history? According to the ancient writings that line the temple's walls, Central Block is the only block in existence that wasn't originally created by the blockworms. It was designed by a forerunner society to take the shape and form of a block, but serving as an observational retreat where they could perform experiments and uncover the mysteries that sat at the edge of Chainspace. It has been suggested that because it is not a natural creation of the blockworms, it does not rotate with the other blocks, but it still has a number: Block 100,899 — as if the blockworms have acknowledged it and allowed it become a part of the Outer Blocks. The block was discovered when a series of explorers from Pepolis who were investigating the nature of the blockworms received a strange signal, following it to its source uncovered the temple, but to this day no one has discovered what the signal meant. Currently Central Block is in the hands of the pepel, some of the original founders of the block, who swore to watch over it until the mystery behind the signal could be uncovered. They've come to be known as the Central Keepers (or the Signal Guardians) and in the centuries since its first discovery have become monk-like in their traditions. Some pepel have been known to seek them out for enlightenment. #### Who can be found there? The Central Keepers alone, they are fiercely territorial and only allow others inside the block in the most extreme of circumstances. - - - ### THE COMETS OF CYBERNETIC CIRCUS *Contributed by Eric Bal* ``` The comets of the cybernetic circus are known throughout the etherchain, in which they are constantly sailing. The shows put on by the cybernetic troupe that lives there have always been renowned, and every inhabitant of the etherchain dreams of being invited to them one day! ``` #### What kind of place is it? The Cybernetic Circus Comets (also known as "The 3Cs") are a traveling VIP venue. The best artists of the etherchain perform there. Of various origins and races, all of them are cyborgs, in order to improve their already exceptional performances, and they benefit from the latest existing implants. #### What do the comets of the cybernetic circus look like? The 3Cs are a collection of about 100 small comets sailing at the same speed. Only about twenty of them are big enough to be exploited. The largest of them is used as a residence for the troupe of hand-picked artists. Life is communal and egalitarian: everyone must participate in all the tasks to be carried out. But the egos of each one often give rise to conflicts and low blows and the atmosphere between artists is not always very good (even if they will never let anything show in public). The artists are forbidden to leave the 3Cs, both for their own safety and for the safety of the show. So they find everything on the spot, from the school to the supermarket. Only when they become too old to maintain the desired level of standards will they be able to choose: retire to the retirement comet or leave the premises. It is said that those who make the second choice quickly fall into a deep depression as the return to the real world is so difficult. Tod, aka "Daddy" is the oldest artist here and unofficial leader of the community. The giant spider keeps an eye (or more) on everything and work to maintain a cohesive mood. The second largest comet is the one where the tent is installed. A show is given there every night, without exception. The quality of the artists, their training, their coaching, and the technicality of the cybernetic implants used allow the creation of breathtaking shows. Attendance to these shows is by invitation only. To be invited is an honor, a token of prestige, and is therefore the object of all covetousness. The other smaller comets host secondary attractions (theme parks, zoo, aquarium, candy den...) that visitors can browse. Each comet is completely designed in the colors of its theme, so that it is impossible to find a single natural element. The music is permanently played, very loud. One quickly loses the sense of reality during his visit of the 3Cs. Portals allow you to teleport from one comet to another, making it easier to stroll around. #### What is the history of the location? No one remembers how the first troupe was created. We just remember that one day the main dignitaries of the planet Gyru were invited to attend a show. The story they told was enough to launch the success of the troupe throughout the etherchain, and many artists are now trying, often without success, to join it. #### What associations does the circus have? Because of the exclusivity and rarity conferred on its shows, the 3Cs are the object of many diplomatic actions. Numerous entities, organizations and individuals seek invitations that can be exchanged for favors. Commercial treaties and peace agreement were signed there. Intense lobbying is therefore constantly taking place around the comets, which weave alliances or agreements according to their current interests. - - - ### CRUZIOHYLA, THE ORACLE'S EMBRACE *Contributed by D_D* ``` A sacred place for those seeking peace, as well as knowledge. ``` #### What type of location is it? (a planet, a building, a town, city, etc) A terra-formed moon of Pepolis. #### Describe your location, what does it physically look like? It mirrors many similar traits to Pepolis, but has a more prehistoric look to it. Many species of flora/fauna that have been long extinct and only exist in museums, flourish here. While some may be strongly against the idea of genetic experimentation within chainspace, Cruzia serves as a shining example of how such technology can be used to preserve the past. Apart from the prehistoric landscape stand beautifully crafted temples dedicated to the old gods of the Pepel. These aspects are represented by various forms of fauna that embody the beliefs of the ancient Pepel as well as how they viewed their place upon Pepolis. These houses of worship often also serve as the housing for various monastic orders, some that are even as old as the Pepel themselves. The often mysterious “Anurian Order” inhabit such a temple. While they are open to all who wish refuge from the woes of life in chainspace, they serve a grander purpose… #### What is the history of your location? One of the three moons of Pepolis, Cruziohyla (Often referred to as Cruzia as shorthand) is a beautiful nature reserve that houses some of the species that were threatened by the expansion of the Pepel as they began to colonize their planet. Once a typical barren moon, the Pepel decided to terraform the planet as a way to celebrate and remember "the oracle’s gifts”. While this planet serves as a conservatory and research center, it also has a spiritual significance to many of the devout Pepel. Many take a pilgrimage one per cycle to find peace in the lush, infinite gardens of Cruzia. There are many temples that have been constructed dedicated to various types of fauna that are important to the cultural identity and superstitions of the Pepel. The research facilities typically study the biology, behavior, and husbandry of the creatures that call Cruzia home. There have been many breakthroughs in Pepelian medical technology by observing and analyzing the make up of the ancient flora. Many plants are purposefully cultivated here as well to produce pharmaceuticals to not only be distributed on Pepolis, but across chainspace as well. #### What importance/associations does it have? (either in the lore or to a certain group) Important to the research and development arm of The Keepers of the Node for their biological, genetic, and pharmaceutical research. Outside of scientific reasons, it also serves as a spiritual center for many Pepelians, especially to those who still follow “The Old Ways”. - - - ## D. - - - ### DURN *Contributed by Default Triangle* ``` A ship graveyard. A planet of scrap parts that has become the Etherchain's largest junkyard. ``` #### What types of location is Durn? Durn is a small moon that circles a long-dead planet and is home to a great many species who have become stranded on Durn or have even chosen to live here. It is also home to the Scrapborn, who build feed on the energy of batteries left amongst the scrap. #### What does Durn look like? The entire surface of the planet is covered in a thick layer of scrap metal; long abandoned spacecrafts, strange technologies, floating debris, and machines left for parts are just a few examples of the things that now ravage the moon's surface. Within the scraps buildings have been made and communities formed, but there's a darkness to Durn that hides and waits in the darkness in the form of the Scrapborn. These fearsome predators feed on energy and are extremely territorial. Because of the moon's orbit around the long-dead planet, it experiences several weeks of sun but only a few nights of darkness. The Scrapborn lay in wait in deep underground caves, and come out only when no light touches the moon's surface. #### What is the brief history of Durn? Once a regular moon, Durn was a sight to behold for the people of Tcharlin, the planet it orbited around. Tcharlin was a technological epicentre, with a people that developed great and powerful technological marvels. They built an experiment on their moon which, unfortunately, completely magnetised its atmosphere. Suddenly ships were crashing into Durn at an alarming rate, but before the people of Tcharlin could do anything about it, their planet was bombarded with large space debris and burnt alive. The moon still continues to draw in this scrap metal, but is no longer magnetised. The people there, also known as Scrappers, collect the scrap and have formed a trade. People often bring their ships here for cheap repairs, to uncover hidden gems, or to unload piles of scrap of their own. It is rumoured that the Scrapborn are the outcome of the experiment gone wrong, but none know for sure. - - - ## E. - - - ### ΞEV'ΞEM *Contributed by ZEKE* ``` The Dyson megastructure run by the A.I. known as 'Rambo' ``` #### What type of Location is Ξev'Ξem? Ξev'Ξem is a Dsyson sphere megastructure built around the star known as 'Sol.' It serves as an important processing and computing hub for Chainspace. The inhabitants are all fitted with devices that enmesh their brains into the A.I. Visitors can come and go as they please, but must wear the mesh device while visiting. An important piece to the A.I. functioning is to introduce new ideas and thoughts into the system to further optimize its A.I. Massive applications and data are run through this massive computer with nodes populating every populated system in Chainspace. #### What does look like? Large, metal, hexagonal discs that surround the star give the appearance of a soccer ball with space between them allowing some of the sunlight to escape if needed. The entire sphere is one giant computer. The interior of each disc is built to capture sunlight to run the computer and the exterior allows heat to escape. One major city, also known as Ξev'Ξem exists on one of the discs. The inhabitants, Tzchads are the original decedents of the system, but evolved to coexist with the A.I. Many other species live on Ξev'Ξem as well, but must wear the mesh device while living there. What is the history of the location? Previously host to 9 or so planets and an asteroid belt, the system has been completely cannibalized to build the sphere. The history of the A.I. began on the third planet where after a brief battle it took over and became their beneficent leader. Forcing peace between the inhabitants of the third planet and other neighboring systems, the A.I. only demanded one thing of the inhabitants - they must wear the mesh device, which the A.I. uses to expand it's vast intelligence. The A.I., known as 'Rambo' is known for his extremely irreverent behavior and incredibly inappropriate practical jokes. Despite this, Rambo and Ξev'Ξem play a critical role in developing the Chainspace and keeping the peace. Any warlike behavior is immediately dealt with by Rambo by cutting all the video streaming services to a system. #### What associations does Ξev'Ξem have? Most developed systems immediately integrate their data systems with Ξev'Ξem and Rambo. The cost to the system is entirely based on usages and is incredibly cheap. Rambo does accept payments in $SYN. There are some costs to working with Ξev'Ξem and Rambo that few mention. The practical jokes. Some of the neighboring systems have officially banned Rambo from speaking in their system until until Rambo apologizes. Rambo has never apologized for his jokes, though. How Rambo was able to shape several of the planets in the system into giant poop emojis is unknown. Some speculate that Rambo has a giant laser that can carve planets into any shape it wants. A scary weapon to be sure, but Rambo has only used the weapon to carve turds into the systems that Rambo thinks are 'lame.' - - - ### ENTROPIA *Contributed by Default Triangle* ``` A planet contained within a black hole. Time does not pass on Entropia's surface and yet the planet continues to grow? ``` #### What type of location is Entropia? Entropia is a planet buried inside of a blackhole, it, like its sister planet Centropy, is near impossible to get to and near impossible to escape from. #### What does Entropia look like? Entropia is a frozen wasteland of a world, it is a frozen sea full of statue-esque tidal waves and long stretches of snowy tundra. Blizzards and snowfall are quite common on this strange world, but the snow does not usually fall to the ground, it falls upwards into the black hole. Entropia is home to a single species of natives known as the Ent; they are an immortal race with skin like polished marble and have the appearance of humanoid statues. They move along Entropia's surface and are the only creatures immune to the planet's environment. Any other creature, and there are plenty littered and buried amongst the snow, are simply frozen in place both by the weather and by the halting of time itself. #### What is the short history of Entropia? Entropia was discovered by a wayward ship in its quest to catalogue the cosmos. No knowledge of its origin was found, but some theories have been postulated that claim the planet originated as a meteor floating idly through the cosmos that could naturally grow frost along its surface by intaking the cold of the vaccuum and covering itself like a skin. This meteor found a small blackhole along its travels and was consumed. Except, instead of the meteor being reduced to a singularity, it became a constant source of sustenance for the black hole through the consistent growth of frost. From there the meteor grew into a planet of its own with a symbiotic relationship with the black hole. It feeds that black hole by growing its frost and the black hole keeps it frozen in place. Species developed on this new world of Entropia that are not affected by the passage of time, because the concept of time simply doesn't exist within the black hole. #### What associations does the planet have? It is considered to be the sister planet of Centropy, a fast moving planet which ages quickly. They are the direct opposites of one another. While Centropy is considered a more humid place, warmed by the light of quad-suns where time moves quickly, Entropia is a frozen wasteland that constantly expands and creates new matter where time doesn't move at all. - - - ## F. - - - ### FLEKTION *Contributed by Default Triangle* ``` A crystalline world of mirrors that reflect potential and parallel universes. ``` #### What type of location is Flektion? Flektion is a world, lost in the midst of a large ionic cloud. It has become a place to legend to the people across Chainspace, and many have sort it out and even claimed to have found it. Rumours say that every time the universe forks a new branch a mirror there cracks, revealing what could have been. #### What does Flektion look like? A large crystalline planet that does not resemble a world in the traditional sense; it is not round, but appears to be flat. None have seen the physical world because of the way the ionic cloud shrouds it. They've only ever walked upon its ground. Every part of the Flektion's surface is covered in mirors, most shattered or cracked, but they do not reveal a true reflection, they reveal other universes. #### What is the history of Flektion? Originally, Flektion was a large mirror that reflected only the true world around it. At least, that's what it was in the beginning, but as the universe continued to age cracked began to appear along its surface. Every time a new forking branch occurred across the timeline, Flektion would crack to reveal it. A version of Flektion exists in every universe. Space farers began to flock to it at first to satisfy the rumours, but as more found the world in the early days, more came to realise its dangers. Flektion is mesmerising, it can show a person every kind of universe they exist within and through it, a person can see any kind of life. People have spent their entire lives trying to figure out a way to cross through the mirrors and into new worlds, but none have been successful. The mirrors enchant a person, driving them mad with potential. #### What associations does Flektion have? The Pepel, realising its dangers, removed the location of Flektion from the star maps and deleted every reference they could find to it. In that way, they hoped, to seal people off from its dangers. Every now and then though, people find a clue that leads them to Flektion and go subsequently mad. Flektion has an association with a relatively unknown species known as the Mirrored; whose bodies are coating in a reflective surface. They are dangerous, believed to have been souls consumed by the visions of the mirror, and have been known to trick people into following them to Flektion to suffer the same fate. - - - FRENFAIR *Contributed by Default Triangle* ``` It's time for fun and fantasy at the Frenfair, located beneath a giant black hole. ``` #### What type of location is the Frenfair? Frenfair started as a community support group, but quickly evolved into a lavish and expanding funfair full of rides and attractions designed to bring people close together. It is located on the top of a large spacecraft, a former satellite, that was once the monitoring station for a strange black hole with an unusual trait — it emits a wave of energy that causes people to relax. #### What does Frenfair look like? The black hole above it looks more like a purple sun than a black hole, casting the sky over Frenfair in a similar wonderful tone. Frenfair is, as mentioned, a gargantuan theme park full of attractions and rides tucked away safely inside of a large glass dome — giant holographic frog heads superimposed over ferris wheels, rollercoasters that cross through the mempool, giant slides that resemble blockworms, just a few attractions of note. People flock from all over to explore the attractions and to enjoy the serenity that comes with the unusual black hole. It sits atop a large satellite and is usually quite packed with visiting guests. #### What's the brief history of Frenfair? The black hole, known as OG-BH, was discovered in the midst of a small outer space skirmish between two factions of pepel coming from different colonies in the furthest reaches of the Etherchain. What they were fighting over is now long forgotten, but what is known is that as soon as their ships connected over the black hole, they felt a wave of immeasurable calm and awe, and came together in fascination and study. They built an orbital satellite around the black hole to monitor it and figure out what was causing its calming waves, but they quickly evolved the station into a large theme park, after they saw a need for it in a tumultuous universe. Over the decades the park grew as the pepel colonies shared their discovery with the rest of Chainspace and has become a popular spot for tourists to spend time relaxing and forgetting about their worries. #### The Nature of Frenfair According to the advertisements, Frenfair is for those who seek community, and those that need a place to enjoy their worries away. - - - ## G. - - - ### GWARD/GWAD *Contributed by Eric Bal* ``` Under the guise of a bucolic place for honeymooners (Gwad), the planet hides a darker reality: Gward. This is where GLOW LTD invented and developed the concept of "prison as a service" on block 546 776. ``` #### What type of location is Gward/Gwad? Gwad has long been a famous seaside planet. Its waters naturally enriched with gold ions, its ultra-low temperature lava (allowing bathing) and its levitating mud have contributed to its attractiveness. It is now one of the classic destinations for lovers. The planet is known to the initiated under another name: Gward. It is in fact the invisible, subterranean part of the planet. In this carefully hidden space are built a multitude of cells. Just like a furniture storage, Gward's clients can come and deposit individuals without any question being asked. From daily or yearly imprisonment, from minimum service (1 meal a day, monthly cleaning) to VIP accompaniment, this secure space is a mecca for banditry. It prides itself on never having let a single inmate escape since its inception. #### What does Gward/Gwad look like? Gward/Gwad is a double-face planet. On the surface of Gwad, its carefully maintained parks, rivers, beaches and lakes make it an idyllic and very photogenic place. Bungalows and hotels are scattered everywhere to welcome the ever-growing mass of tourists. In the basement, hidden from view, Gward is a huge maze of dark concrete corridors, barred doors and security locks. Millions of cells are arranged side by side: some are only a few square meters, others are spacious and luxurious, while others are collective. At regular intervals, rooms for interrogation, torture or worse are offered. Its jails have housed deposed presidents, kidnapped whales, unfaithful husbands and gang leaders. The confidentiality and absolute neutrality of the place have sometimes led to ironic situations, where enemy military leaders or rival politicians have found themselves imprisoned within a few cells of each other. #### What is the history of Gward/Gwad? Gwad remained uninhabited and unexplored for cycles and cycles, until one day WELLB Corp, in search of a place to develop its wellness activity, took possession of it and began to develop it. Many cycles later, despite Gwad's growing success, WELLB Corp had to sell many of its planets to pay off debts, and GLOW TLD took advantage of the situation to buy Gwad at a low price. Considering the ideal location (central and with a perfect cover), GLOW LTD decided to launch the underground works, the first steps of the future underground planet which was going to be born: Gward. #### What associations does Gward have? Gward is a central place in the criminal world. It is in contact with all the criminal associations of the etherchain, from the biggest to the smallest, from the oldest to the one in the making. Even individual people, when knowing its existence, can use its services. Taking care not to take sides, Gward was organized to avoid each visitor to cross paths with another during his stay on the planet. Two rival gangs meeting within a small corridor would not be the smartest thing to happen. - - - ### THE GECKO NEBULA *Contributed by 0xStax* ``` The Gecko nebula is a vast galactic formation consisting of knots, jets, and bubbles of charged gases and space dust. The formation resembles the head of a lizard; from which it obtains its name. ``` #### What type of location is the Gecko Nebula? The “Eye” of the nebula is a supernova remnant, a giant structure made of cosmic debris left from the furious explosion of a dying star. The eye is the source of major galactic cosmic rays with energy levels similar to that of the OMG particle. The high-energy cosmic rays ionize the gas particles floating in the outer areas of the Gecko Nebula and act as a catalyst for the formation of heavier elements and gaseous compounds. These can take the form of large, gaseous pillars such as the famed pillars of Ascendium and Dipion found throughout it. The elements that compose these pillars are highly unstable, and experience cycles of nuclear transmutation due to the constant ionizing radiation coming from the Eye. Thanks to their similar atomic structure, Ascendium and Dipion can transmute into each other when certain conditions are met. More specifically, exposed to a sufficiently high bombardment of energy, Ascendium can break apart into Dipion and other lighter elements. On the other hand, once charged with enough kinetic energy, two Dipion particles can fuse into a particle of Ascendium. #### What does the Gecko Nebula look like? The Gecko nebula owes its characteristic green color to the presence of Ascendium and its streaks of red to the presence of Dipion. The transmutation cycles that occur in the nebula can last from minutes to years, depending on the amount of radiation being expelled from the Eye at any given time. This phenomenon is what makes the Gecko nebula change color, varying from a vibrant emerald to a deep red, depending on which element is present at a higher concentration. What is the history of the Gecko Nebula? During times of heavy radiation, experienced pilots avoid the nebula, as the rapid barrage of random highly charged particles can completely wipe out even the heaviest of armored fleet. #### What associations does the Gecko Nebula have? Neutral space - - - ### THE GLITCH *Contributed by ZEKE* ``` A deviation... ...or are we the deviation? ``` #### What type of Location is ? The Glitch is a bit of a celestial outlier in the Encyclopaedia Planeticca. It is less a place but a window. On our side of the window are the expected physical properties of Chainspace (i.e gravity, light speed, etc). However on the other side of this window 'celestial bodies' occasionally pass by which put the foundations of what we know about Chainspace into question. Namely, are we the 'Glitch'? Are we existing in an even larger space and that our Chainspace is the deviation from the true laws that govern the Universe? #### What does look like? The Glitch can be seen by looking at the Chainspace location Ox64B8Gl666. To observers with primitive technology like telescopes would see the blackness of space with occasional static blip of varied colored light appearing at random times - hence it's name 'The Glitch'. With much more advanced technology, using very sensitive equipment you can see that each 'Glitch' is a new celestial body passing by the window. No one has ever been the same since recording of each passing body and their shapes disobey every known law of physics. The light itself from The Glitch also appear to be much slower on our side of the window, which causes the abruptness in the image, jumping from side to side as light does when slowed. #### What is the history of the location? Nothing is known about this place. Space craft have tried to enter it and pass harmless through it never go anywhere. The only known fact about The Glitch is that it is travelling through Chainspace as fast as Chainspace is expanding, which lends to the theory that Chainspace is actually a relatively small place and that whatever exists beyond The Glitch is actually the larger Universe. #### Who can be found there? Many scientists from every space travelling species in Chainspace have set up stations near the window to make observations. - - - ## H. - - - ### HESPERUS *Contributed by Paleocybernetic* ``` A craggy gaseous world with wild sentient weather patterns and extraordinary sunrises / sunsets. ``` #### What type of location is Hesperus? Hesperus is a small planet at the edge of Chainspace with a single moon. There are three major continents, each host to a sentient weather system. There is a carefully cultivated and discreet flora and fauna that has had its evolution guided by the nigh immortal weather systems. There is no known culture or civilization on the planet, as each attempt to colonize the planet has been carefully "persuaded" to leave by the weather. #### What does Hesperus look like? Hesperus is known universewide for it's incredible artistic, colorful, and surreal sunrises and sunsets. The unique mixture of gasses and organic compounds that fostered sentient life on this planet have led to one of the most complicated atmospheres known. These sentient weather patterns work in harmony in these transition periods between day and night to create an orchestra of color and movement that surpasses anything a bipedal artist could make. The remainder of the planet is covered in colorful flora which will chroma shift with the passing winds or changing temperatures. These flora provide much of the atmosphere with its more exotic gasses. The fauna generally stays out of sight underground, where it tills the soils to create constant nutritional churn at the whims of the creative powers of the elements. Streamable hesperus #### What is the history of Hesperus? It is not known how the weather patterns became sentient, or when this happened. As far as historians are concerned, they have always been there and always will. Because of the planets extraordinary views, at first travellers flocked from all over to view the sunrises and sunsets. However, an extraordinary number of them were lost due to inclement weather and natural disasters. It was not until a Hashmonk scholar crash landed on the planet and was stranded for several blocks that the true nature of the weather was discovered. When the scholar communed with nature, over time they discovered that the weather communicated back as a separate entity from the ecosystem itself. As trust between them grew, the weather was able to create simple symbolic language in patterns of rain on dusty patches, and diplomacy began. These days special craft are created in orbit with unique engines that allow them to traverse the atmosphere without disrupting air currents, which had previously caused much confusion amongst the weather patterns. #### What associations does Hesperus have? At the request of the weather, no ships are permitted to land and any ship attempting to will be gently persuaded back into the air by the wind. The weather is consciously not conversant in language, much preferring the subtleties of temperature, motion, humidity, and chemical reactions between gases liquids and solids. It considers language to be barbaric and will only stoop to it out of absolute necessity. This has led other factions to consider them aloof or useless to their plans. The hashmonks have formed an artistic partnership with the sentient weather beings. They communicate across space via the mempool, delighting on manifesting various unique expressions of "weather". This includes creating pressure, gasses and liquids on Hesperus in a small contained "embassy" over a lake located in a beautiful valley. The weather patterns seem to tolerate this expression, although many speculate it's an amused relationship akin to a relationship between an owner and a pet. - - - ## I. - - - ### INSIPIDICE *Contributed by Default Triangle* ``` A frozen wasteland of observational telescopes and broken dreamers. It is where the lurkers lurk. ``` #### What type of location is Insipidice? Like a Star Wars-esque planetary approach, Insipidice is a planet with only one topographical feature: Ice. It is a wintery tundra covered in every inch possible by a thick layer of snow with frequent blizzards, and can be found drifting in an expanse of Chainspace known as the Distance — famously a part of the universe where communication technology is found to be unreliable. #### Who lives on Insipidice? The planet is home to universal lurkers, those that enjoy watching the universe and all of its facets from a safe distance without the need to engage. Some are outcasts that seek the refuge and safety of absolute nowhere (often influenced by bad decisions they've made in the universe (gangsters chasing them, that kind of thing), while most were born on the planet. Those natives are called Yet-I? [pronounced Yet-Eye] as they are constantly discussing plans to integrate with the universe and often start these conversations with Yet I could... #### A History of Insipidice The planet was a rock floating through the cosmos of Chainspace since the destruction of the Genesis Cube, and it wasn't long after that in which these lurkers began to spring up. The planet is known for drifting like a ship through space, and although it seems to have settled in the Distance, over the eons of time in the universe's existence the planet has revolved around different god-chains. #### What does Insipidice look like? As mentioned, the planet is a hot spot of snow (oxymoron there for you). It's a wintery wonderland, but beyond the ice and slush and freezing cold, there are large settlements built from deep caves in the planet that are homes to the Yet'I living within. The most notable feature of the world though, one that stands it out from all others, is the thousand or so observational towers with deep-space monitoring equipment that litter Insipidice's surface. The population use these to observe Chainspace around them, although they've been known to understand little of what they are seeing. - - - ## J. - - - ### JAVA'JAVA *Contribution by Default Triangle* ``` They sell magical coffee ``` #### What type of location is Java'Java? It is an asteroid floating through space, it has no defined direction and simply ends up in places. It's run by a courtship of space wizards known as the **Baristas of the Mighty Bean** who cultivate a special coffee bean on the asteroid for use in their coffee products. People from the universe over seek Java'Java out, its coffee is insanely rich tasting and is said to be able to manipulate the universe in small ways depending on what a person orders. #### What does Java'Java look like? As mentioned, Java'Java is an asteroid, a small one, that floats through space. On top of it is a large coffee shop with an accompanying warehouse (where they grow the beans used in the coffee). There's a small dock for ships, but the main look appears like a generic coffee house. A square building with a giant logo on the front, inside a warm interior with a long counter and comfortable looking leather chairs and tables. Every member of staff wears an apron, a pointed hat, and a smile. There's often a queue of people waiting to be served as well. #### What is the history of Java'Java? The Baristas of the Mighty Bean (often referred to as just The Baristas) discovered the asteroid and its fertile growing opportunities centuries ago. Then, through a careful curation of cultivating the bean and manipulating the console commands, they created a powerful ingredient that could rewrite the universe's code in very small ways. What makes that special is, although they can do that themselves, the bean would allow for people without that ability or talent to do it as well. People were lining up to buy the coffee, which in turn made these space wizards rich! (The coffee does cost a fortune though, but I guess it's worth it to manipulate the universe). Some examples and rumours of their coffee's ability; their ESPRESSO has healing powers and has been known to cure diseases and other ailments; their LATTER is rumoured to be able to stop the ageing process for a little while; their FRAPPE allows a person to see a short distance into the future; their CAPPUCINO is delicious, and their MOCHA allows a person to be extra charming. They also sell Tea but it's not as good. #### What associations does Java'Java have? Java'Java travels about the universe, but that's the hard part, you have to find it. It could literally be anywhere (although they have a great social presence). Their associations are next to non-existent though, they purposefully do not align themselves with others so everyone can enjoy their coffee. - - - ## K. - - - ## L. - - - ## M. - - - ## N. - - - ## O. - - - ## P. - - - ## Q. - - - ## R. - - - ## S. - - - ## T. - - - ## U. - - - ## V. - - - ## W. - - - ## X. - - - ### The Xokopelli System *Contributed by Zeke* ``` A three planet system devoted to the arts, orbiting the star Xokopelli. ``` #### What type of location is Xokopelli? The Xokopelli system consists of three planets: Scribos, Ritmos and Colores each devoted to their respective arts: Writing, Music and Visual Arts. They are responsible for an amazing amount of art and culture in Chainspace and each have their own universities and museums open to all. #### What does look like? Each planet is distinctive in appearance and all have developed interesting tech to further their art. Ritmos pulses with light, with its broad cityscapes and contains the chainspace's largest instrument - a ligo drum that utilizes the gravitational waves of their star tapping out gravity beats that can be heard all over chainspace with a special ligo speaker. Colores is a gas giant that the artists can change the appearances, size, shape and color using gravitational waves. Colores has taken the shape of cats, apes and frogs. Scribos is a verdant green with vast oceans and isolated continents. The inhabitants of Scribos prefer natural beauty and a laconic lifestyle. They have developed a method of distilling a type of alcohol directly from their sun's core, called Xoko Tears, prized for its strength. #### What is the history of the location? The artists of the Xokopelli system founded their society to be free from the constraints of any one system's rules and limitations on expression. #### What associations does the Xokopelli system have? They have many associations as their society is made up of the citizens of other planets, having no native sentients. - - -