# Runthrough for Objects Template This document has been created to outline certain questions that need to be answered regarding new and important objects for the pills lore. Answering these questions can help the lorecrafters and the loremaster gain valuable insights into the inner workings of a specific object, how they fit in with the larger universe, and most importantly, how they can be used in conjunction with new ideas and developments for the lore. When creating an object, try to answer each of the questions listed in this template as fully as you can. Don’t worry about writing too much; these templates have been designed mostly to get as much information about your lore contributions as possible, and they can be condensed later as your ideas develop. Working through these questions as a whole can also help you gain greater perspective on what you’re creating; the chances are, you may encounter questions here that you didn’t think of before, or find answers that open up new possibilities for your object. For brevity, you could just answer the first three questions and come back to the rest of the questions later. The first three questions give the most rounded idea of what your object is, but it’s recommended to answer all of the questions. You’ll also find specific examples along with the questions to help demonstrate the kind of answers being looked for (these sample objects have no connection to the pills lore at the moment). - - - > #### CLARIFICATION — WHAT IS AN OBJECT? > *Just to clarify, when we’re speaking of objects, we’re talking about any inanimate object you’d consider to be important to the lore that you’re building. These objects can take the forms of ancient artifacts, vehicles, specialised equipment, accessories or gear, and anything else you can think of. The type of object is up to you as long as you consider it important to understanding an aspect of the lore.* - - - ### What is the name of your object? What are you calling your object and why? Sometimes a name is just a name, but if you have any background to the formation of your object’s name, this is the perfect place to delve into it and explain it! There’s some quick examples below: * The Mirror of Nepenthe — based on the fictional medicine nepenthe, which is greek in origin, it’s a medicine designed for sorrow that allows a person to forget the past. * The Blind Eye — Nothing particularly special about this name, I just thought it sounded cool. - - - ### Sum your object up in a sentence? Give a very brief description of your object’s purpose and how it might fit in with the lore. The idea here is to give an immediate impression of what the object does and how it might be used by others. Note that not all objects need to be universe-changing entities, like for instance you could create an item that has more of a historical value, an item that seems unimportant to others but is important to a small group, or even an item that’s just worth knowing about for the right context. * The Mirror of Nepenthe allows a person to look at their past tragedies in a new light, seeing them from different perspectives. * The Blind Eye absorbs power and uses that power to bring inanimate matter to life; including planets and even suns. - - - ### What does your object look like? Give your item a physical description, if a person were to hold it or view it what would they see? Of course, there may be instances where an item is indescribable (like a virus or a conceptual object), but in those cases it’s always worth mentioning why an item is indescribable. Feel free to go as in-depth as you like with the answer to this question as a good visualisation always helps in picturing how the object fits in with everything else. Also, don’t be afraid to use words that give an immediate impression of the item (like sword or shield or gun), simplistic descriptions help with understanding and picturing what you’re trying to achieve. * The Mirror of Nepenthe is a six-foot high mirror, it’s reflective surface is a silvery pool that is held in its frame by forces unknown. The frame itself is an ornate piece of woodworking, covered in whittled vines with a roaring alien creature’s head centred at the top. * The Blind Eye looks like a smoothed piece of marble that can be held easily in someone’s palm. Around its side it has glowing red markings written in a strange and alien language, one long lost from the universe but presumably instructions into how it works. - - - ### What does your object do? Or, what is your object for? Most likely, you’ve already touched on this question when summing up your item in a single sentence, which is fine. This answer allows you to go a little more in-depth and explore the specific details of what your object is and what it’s for; this is a great place to mention any significance it might have to a particular race or culture (which can be expanded upon in further questions), as well as exploring its inner workings and how a person may use the item (if it has a function). * For 12 hours a person can meditate before the Mirror of Nepenthe, in doing so they’ll be able to step into the mirror and replay a tragic memory from their past but told from the perspective of someone else that was involved in the memory. It can’t change the past and the user can’t interact with the memory beyond simple observation, but it can act as a conduit for change and insight. * Although the Blind Eye is a tiny object, it can be a powerful force in the universe. A person can use it to bring things to life that would normally be inanimate, all they need to do is collect enough power to do so. The bigger the object, then more power they need to bring it to life. In the instance of bringing a planet to life for example, a person may use the Blind Eye to drain a nearby sun and use that sun’s former energy to power the stone. The Blind Eye can be activated in a number of ways, but mostly by speaking the ancient incantations details on its instructions. If spoken correctly, the newly formed living creature will also obey the directions of the stone’s user. - - - ### What is your object’s history/background? In other words, where did your item come from? This question is especially useful to answer when it comes to figuring out where the object may fit into the lore, and if that can be figured out, it means other lorecrafters can make use of the object’s history in their own lore and narratives. A good answer for this question is to explain where the object came from, perhaps give an indication at why it was created, and go over briefly some of the significance it may have had for the history of the universe. Again, objects don’t need to be universe-changing here, they could have simple histories that can be summed up easily, or complex ones that may take some understanding. * The Mirror of Nepenthe was originally a stream of silver streaking across the virgin universe, until a forerunner race found it and immediately understood its powers. These creatures turned it into its mirror form and used it to end their wars; they would sit leaders of power before the mirror so they could, in turn, see the struggles and trivialities on either side of the conflicts. Unfortunately though, the mirror itself became something of an item of special interest and wars were enacted to take control of it. This led to the forerunner’s destruction and for thousands of years the mirror was simply lost — the remaining forerunners hid it to ensure it couldn’t be used again. It has no known creator, but seems to have been crafted of a natural phenomenon in the universe. * The Blind Eye was found in the heart of a dying star, after it had been put there by one of the Gods of Creation. These ancient deities had used the Blind Eye to seed life across the universe and had hidden it in the star because it can’t be destroyed. A forerunner race found it after tapping into the star as a potential power source and began using it to create living planets in the deeper parts of the cosmos that could ensure their civilisations survival. Unfortunately though, this led to a war between the living planets which almost ended in the utter destruction of everything in the universe. The Blind Eye was hidden away on the last planet to survive this conflict and forgotten about until others discovered it much later. - - - ### What associations does your object have? This is a great chance to explain how your object ties into things happening in the modern-day universe. Is the object currently in possession of a certain group or species? How do they treat the object? Is it something simple, like a communication device that is just popular with a certain culture, or perhaps something more akin to a secret government experiment, perhaps even something of extreme worship. While explaining the history can help give perspective on where the object came from and why it was created, exploring its associations can be really insightful into how the object fits in with the lore currently emerging for further narratives. Perhaps it doesn’t have any associations at all and is simply waiting to be discovered? * The Mirror of Nepenthe doesn’t have any current associations, it sits in an abandoned temple of a forerunner society, protected by sophisticated traps, waiting for someone to come and claim it. * The Blind Eye was rediscovered by an optimistic group known as ‘The Everwonders’ who were formed by their leader, Alalgon Mars, who had originally navigated the universe and found the living planet which hosted the Blind Eye. The Everwonders want to use the Blind Eye to seed new life in the universe, they are a secretive group but the more they use the Blind Eye the more they draw attention to themselves from nefarious others interested in the item’s power. They dwell deep in space, finding uninhabitable rocks that they can transform into luscious landscapes of green. - - - ### Does your object have any real-world mirrors? Is your object based on anything in real life that would be worth knowing in order to understand the context? Sharing this can really help others to understand what you’re trying to achieve with the object and how they may go about aiding with its further development. If you have any links to outside material, this would be a great place to share them! A brief description is always better here, but if you feel you need to go in-depth with your explanation, then feel free to do that as well.