# Top-Page Quotes for Pills.FM ## The Planet Durn Quote: *"I've visited Durn perhaps once or twice, and I couldn't say that I really care for it. I mean, after all, it is a scrap heap. There's something though that brings me back. Not the vast selection of oddities, nor the friendly locals that love to barter, or even the good deals a person can usually find there. There's just something so....it's hard to put into words, but I find myself mesmerised by the scrap heaps and broken ships. It's a broken world, but a beautiful one."* ## The Wen Quote: *"I've heard of the Wen. Everyone here has. Though, I doubt many people have ever met one before, or if they they're lying. I don't know many that survive the encounter the same. I've heard they're a disease of some kind that keeps spreading, just real slow. I've also heard they're pretty harmless when you catch one on its own, but the problem with that is, they're never alone. I hope beyond hope I never find out if the rumours are true. I don't much fancy traversing the cosmos in search of hopeless dreams."* ## The Pepel Quote: "*...They freely give their gifts, to what end? The Pepel have seemingly become the most technologically advance race in known Chainspace, but to what end? How many races must admit they are inferior before their mission is complete? We stand against such egostistical, theologically driven means. We bow to no one! We pledge our loyalty to the advancement of OUR peoples! If you do not question your masters, they WILL do as they wish....*" - Anonymous, excerpt from "The Protocols of The Progenitors" ## Krolos Quote: "*I actually come from Krolos. Believe me, it's misunderstood. Most don't like the idea of an artificial intelligence raising children, but I've found nothing better. You miss the caring and nurturing, sure, but you do get stuff in return. For cold shoulders, you get a great education. For stern indifference, you get genetic enhancement. And for emotional distance you get...well, okay, maybe there's something to what they say about Krolos.*" ## Axxallaxxa Quote: "*I was a young man when it caught me. Question I get asked most is what did I see? What did I see when I stared into the eyes of the dreaded axxallaxxa. I didn't see much in honesty, didn't feel it draining the life from me neither. I was old in the blink of an eye, but that's the same for everybody ain't it?*" ## Rescued by Bears Quote: "*I survived the crash… somehow. But I broke my good arm and lost half the cargo in the process. Now, here’s the thing, turns out I didn’t exactly survive the landing, I was rescued. I know you won’t believe what i’m gonna tell you, and yeah, i also thought i was high as a kite on SYN vapors, but… I got rescued by bears(…)” - Fragment from a Blue Basilisk transmission*" ## Callisto Post Quote: "*Rumor has it everything is for sale at Callisto Post. If you have seen it somewhere, someone is selling it, has sold it, or will sell it at Callisto.*" ## Stolen Pepel Quote: “*There are whispers that someone or something has been kidnapping Marines while on patrol. Pepolis has been trying to keep it under wraps, though it has clearly become an open secret now…*” - Ambassador Dor-o’ma ## Ennjinni Quote: “*Ennjinni are native to dry and arid places where the heat conjures up wonderous mirages of what cannot be and the dusty sands swirl in the wind in impossible patterns. Many a traveller has met their end at the jaws of the desert foxes*” ## Hopium Quote: "*Hey! you! yes, come here! interested in some Hopium?... Oh Come on! hey, come here! don't go! no, no I promise this is the good stuff!! Directly to your brain. One hit. boom! you go straight to the Moon*" ## Thoughts on the Oracle Quote: "*... This is precisely why we must push forward, regardless of the narratives crafted around our intent. We have fought for generations to reach the age of relative peace we find ourselves in. Call upon your neighbor and as you would your own flesh, we are all from the Source. The Oracle has given us the power of autonomy through the gifts so gracious bestowed to us. We shall not waste them.*" — Ariuelik Jueliaus, Mouth of the Oracle (Excerpt from sermon given during Day of Remembrance ceremony for Sirgwei Nazarothia (Current location unknown) ## Thoughts on the Pepel *"Yeah, I got this patch from Pepolis after a SYN run. It's one of their old gods, I thought it looked sick. Those frogs are something else... Some folks seem to have a problem with them but I just don't see it, man. I guess some people just always want to find a problem with someone trying to do the right thing, you know?"* - Devok "Chemtrail" Skidds, Member of the RATS, self described traveling artist and "like totally the best" Grav-Boarding enthusiast