# Erectile Dysfunction Causes: How To Find The Right Treatment For You Erectile dysfunction is a problem that most men will experience at least once in their lives and the factors that lead to an inability to become erect or stay erect are numerous. From anxiousness to guilt, from diabetes to damaged blood vessels, your problems with sexual performance can be caused by many very personal conditions. The end result, though, is the same – that men who are unable to enjoy a healthy sex life may develop issues with self confidence, feel emasculated or inferior and, in some instances, their anxiousness can lead to depression. Don’t let erectile dysfunction rule your life – whichever of the erectile dysfunction causes are at work, there is a solution that can work for you. What are common Erectile Dysfunction Causes? One of the erectile dysfunction causes that people imagine is most common is an underlying psychological cause. If the brain is distracted or preoccupied, it is harder for the body to communicate the tiny messages that transmit sexual arousal and cause an erection. Psychological causes include fatigue, stress and depression, all of which can benefit from a suitable treatment such as counselling if they persist. However these causes may well be transient. In addition, relationship problems increase stress levels and anxiety. The most difficult aspect of treating psychological erectile dysfunction causes is the cyclical nature of the problem. Men may experience erectile dysfunction as a result of relationship stress, but their inability to perform sexually with their partner only acerbates the problem. To that end, it is important to put aside the feelings of guilt or embarrassment surrounding erectile dysfunction, to talk openly and candidly to your partner, and to understand that, above all else, they want to help you get back to your old self. There are also some factors in your lifestyle that may lead to erectile dysfunction. Most commonly, these are smoking, alcoholism and other forms of substance abuse, all of which are proven to have an adverse affect on the body’s ability to communicate messages effectively or to supply adequate blood flow. Ultimately, the solution for this is to stop smoking, stop drinking, or stop using other recreational substances. Speak to your doctor to get the help you need. Alternatively, there may be physical causes at work that are reducing blood flow or limiting your ability to get an erection. This could be a deficiency of testosterone in the body, diabetes that is not correctly managed, heart disease, high blood pressure, or narrowing of the arteries. In addition, there may be some completely unrelated health conditions that are being well treated, but using medication that includes erectile dysfunction as a side effect. Treatments for high blood pressure are a common cause. Whilst each of these elements can cause erectile dysfunction alone, it is much more common that men will be experiencing a combination of psychological and physical conditions that lead to their inability to perform sexually. Often, physical and psychological ailments are closely intertwined – using obesity as an example, patients may be feeling depression or anxiety, as well as suffering the physical concerns of the illness such as diabetes. Whichever combination of the specific erectile dysfunction causes is at work within your body, you should begin the process of finding help by understanding that solutions are out there that can work. Combine a range of treatments to combat both the underlying issues and the symptoms of erectile dysfunction, such as lifestyle change to stop smoking and a tablet like [Cialis](https://betbubbles.gitbook.io/workspace/buy-cialis-online) to empower you to achieve an erection immediately. There is no single cause that has led you to encounter erectile dysfunction, but you can be confident that with the right course of treatment, you can combat erectile dysfunction causes and symptoms alike.