# Beta AssetMantle web app release > Note: define new term call common flow 4 flows: * Signup, for both creators and collectors(remains the same) * Creator view, with lazy minting * Collectors signup and creator follow * Creator whitelisting collectors ## Username password flow: * Choose username * Api checks if username avaliable * If yes, then enter password * WithUserName user created, link in key creation and backup flow ## Key creation and backup flow: * 4 words associated with the seed * Ask user to note the key and quiz * Ask user to backup the full key or skip for now * Do quiz, and ask password again to confirm that the key is backed up, if succesful link the key and show address * Link in to login flow ## Forgot password flow: * Enter username * Show linked key and ask the 4 word password recovery phrase * If the 4 words plus 20 words stored in the db result in the linked key then ask to set new password * After password reset, link to login flow ## Private key signing: * On signup and key linking, use the seed phrase to generate private key and use the password to encrypt and store the private key. * On evey transaction ask the password. * Use the password to decrypt the private key and sign and send transaction. > Note: figure out scala side signing using private key and protobuf