# AssetMantle Advantage Slide Ideation ## For Builder * Legacy System Integration Friendly * Instant Transaction Finality: process tranasction in real time * Zero Gas Fees: no need to manage tokens to pay for transactions * High TPS: ideal for low value high volume real world usecases * Zero Code Asset Class Deployment * Zero Coding Knowledge Required: pick and choose from a wide range of assetization rule engines to build custom assets * Open Source Client Facing Infrasctructure: authentication, authorisation, asset building, transfer and exhchange applications available as whitelablable solutions * Assetization Consulting: consulation services avaiable to help with RWA assetization solutioning --- ## For User * Globally Resolvable Assets & Identites * Zero Blockchain Context: Clients and Servers can resolve Assets & Identities via universal DID resolvers from across the web * Strict Class Based Assets & Identities Schema: no ambiguity is metadata resolution * InterNFT Standard: industy leading standard for RWA assetization * Blockchain Agnostic * Progressive Decentralization:felixibility to granularly choose from a spectrum of privacy, decentralisation, execution environment sharing and hosting based on regulatory and compliance requirement of the use case * Asset Interoperability: assets permissionlessly transferrable across almost any blockchain ecosystem * DeFi ready: asset ownership represented as simple tokens allowing easy integration into almost any defi application --- ## For Businesses * Enhanced User Experience for Real World Use Cases * Multiple Rotatable Keys: each account can have multiple verification methods allowing for more sophisticated account security and recovery models * Team Access Control: ACL method to enable and disable access to funcationality to the team on a requirement basis * Account Grants: allow permission for specific transctions for one account to be performed to another account allowing assets managers to securly manage thier clients assets * Off The Shelf Assetization Rule Engines * Asset Schema: a wide array of asset document schemas to pick from for industy specific use cases * Asset Capabilities: a library of use case specific asset capabilitis which can be combined to achieve desired asset behaviours * Exchange Regulations: customizable rule set to define and enable an asset exchange