# How to run Hive with Lodestar Get repo and build it (requires Go lang) ``` git clone https://github.com/ethereum/hive go build . ``` Checkout branch depending on current progress. For capella Mario's working on `eth2-withdrawals-interop`. Check with Mario Vega on current branch if working on new forks. `master` should reflect configurations that are somewhat stable. To run a test do: ``` ./hive --client go-ethereum,lodestar-bn,lodestar-vc --sim eth2/withdrawals --sim.limit "/test-capella-fork" --sim.loglevel 5 ``` - `client`: flag sets which combo to run. For the example above, if you don't provide EL, CL and VC the test breaks: `client go-ethereum,lodestar-bn,lodestar-vc`. To test an interaction between Lodestar and Teku, do: `client go-ethereum,lodestar-bn,lodestar-vc,teku-bn,teku-vc`. - `--sim eth2/withdrawals`: runs the entire suit of tests under `eth2/withdrawals` - `--sim.limit "/test-capella-fork"` regex on specific test name. Find the full list of tests `names of tests: ./hive/simulators/eth2/withdrawals/main.go` - `--sim.loglevel 5` to enable debug logging. Logs can be found at `workspace/logs`, for example `workspace/logs/lodestar-vc/client-9740bcdf5ddfc43dd3f14c40bb7b616e559dde0edd33bc2099f8a3c829879811.log`