# Roles [Platform and Roles Feedback](https://hackmd.io/MqIw9NAcTZa10Ka-GR0uig) ## Community Camp Discussion on June 10, 2024 - Our narrative is not clear - Lot of scope to the roles - Outside our core competency - This is how we previously blew the budget - Does anybody care about this? - Is this how we should be spending time and money - What are the benefits of doing these roles? - What is the minimum we can do to maintain the "platform"? - Why should we do it? --- What are the roles required to run the DAOhaus platform? - Customer Support Representative - Community Manager - Operations Manager - Treasury Manager - Social Media Manager - Data Analyst - Digital Marketing Specialist - SEO Specialist - Technical Support Specialist --- ## Customer Support Representative **Responsibilities**: Assist users with inquiries, problems, and complaints; provide information about products and services; troubleshoot problems and offer solutions; follow up on customer interactions. **Skills Required**: Strong communication skills, patience, problem-solving skills, and familiarity with help desk software. ## Social Media Manager **Responsibilities**: Develop and implement social media strategies to increase engagement and brand awareness; manage company social media profiles; create and schedule posts; monitor social media trends and analytics; engage with followers; and manage social media advertising campaigns. **Skills Required**: Excellent writing and creative content skills, understanding of social media metrics, strategic planning abilities, and knowledge of social media management tools. ## Content Moderator **Responsibilities**: Review user-generated content (UGC) for compliance with platform policies; handle reports of inappropriate content; escalate issues when necessary; and work to maintain a safe and respectful community environment. **Skills Required**: Strong ethical judgment, attention to detail, resilience, and good communication skills. ## Community Manager **Responsibilities**: Build and maintain a healthy community atmosphere; engage with users on the platform and through external forums and social media; organize and support community events or contests; gather user feedback and provide insights to the development teams. **Skills Required**: Excellent interpersonal skills, community engagement experience, and a proactive approach to problem-solving. ## Technical Support Specialist **Responsibilities**: Provide technical support and troubleshooting services to users facing hardware or software issues; assist with installation, operation, and maintenance of software products; ensure systems are updated and running smoothly. **Skills Required**: Technical expertise relevant to the platform, problem-solving skills, and customer service aptitude. ## SEO Specialist **Responsibilities**: Optimize website content for search engines to increase organic traffic; conduct keyword research; analyze website analytics; implement content recommendations for organic SEO success. **Skills Required**: Knowledge of SEO practices, analytical skills, and familiarity with SEO tools. ## Digital Marketing Specialist **Responsibilities**: Develop digital marketing campaigns; manage pay-per-click (PPC) and retargeting campaigns; analyze campaign performance and adjust strategies accordingly; manage email marketing efforts and online promotions. **Skills Required**: Strong analytical skills, knowledge of digital marketing tools and platforms, and creative marketing abilities. ## Data Analyst **Responsibilities**: Analyze large datasets to derive actionable insights; prepare reports on user behavior, platform performance, and business metrics; support data-driven decision-making processes. **Skills Required**: Proficiency in data analysis tools and methods, strong quantitative skills, and attention to detail.