# Protocol Maintenance :: Q2 Focus ## June Output Post ## Overview Here is an ipdate from the protocol maintenance 'team' about May/June work. ### Output - Creation of App and SDK SOPs and [documentation pages](https://docs.daohaus.club/contributing/apps) - V2 subgraph [documentation added](https://docs.daohaus.club/subgraphs#looking-for-daohaus-v2-subgraph-endpoints) - Factory contract upgraded - Started contract maintenance docs for a [future SOP](https://hackmd.io/@Dekan/Hk4H93KHR) - SDK v0.5.2 Release and deployment - Emergency goerli deprecation and deployment to solve admin app critical bug - New info channel to start contributor outreach - General Monthly SOP Activity for [SDK](https://docs.daohaus.club/contributing/apps) and [subgraphs](https://docs.daohaus.club/contributing/subgraphs) ### Retro Reward Distro We only distributed .63 eth of the .75 budget this month dues to the level of activity. Dekan, Santiago and I all got distributions for the activity above. There was an additonal .13 eth distributed to cover the remainder of some infrastructure expenense incurred from Sep2023-Jun2024 [TX](https://optimistic.etherscan.io/tx/0x0c95fd58e8be00a03bc55bdbab5e9b54acfa419e3cf52dec852ba2be2b8adce3) ### Next Month Focus - Backlog grooming - Cleanup existing issues and add create new from reports in bug/support channels - Adding size/effort labels to issues - Get the contract maintenance SOP written and added - Define more process around monthly rewards - ie.) Document unwrapping streamed tokens - Critical bug fixing and support --- - expenses - https://hackmd.io/W43eQcXtRDm7NcdeJOyQIQ#Warcamp-Expense-Report---7062024 - Total: 1891.93 - requesting 1487.38 from old infra safe - https://app.daohaus.club/dao/0x64/0xef3d8c4fbb1860fceab16595db7e650cd5ad51c1/proposals/383 - reqesting remaining 404.55 from this budget - .75 unwrapped - xx distributed ## April ### Subgraph Migration Hosted service will be rate limited on June 21st. There are a few housekeeping items we need to define and then we can migrate and update the deployment guides. - [x] Determine if we can use the mainnet safe for arbitrum studio graphs - WE CANNOT - [x] If not, set up an arbitrum safe and bridge tokens in mainnet safe to it arb1:0x08678A8d65D8d81bD13db617211F1E9CE176B2fB https://app.safe.global/home?safe=arb1:0x08678A8d65D8d81bD13db617211F1E9CE176B2fB - [x] Migrate subgraphs - [x] Migrate funds - [x] Update endpoints in SDKs and make a breaking SDK version bump - [x] Update starter app repo and docs --- - How do we get current subgraphs on the mainnet network onto arbitrum - and can grt be moved there for query fees? https://thegraph.com/docs/en/arbitrum/l2-transfer-tools-guide/ https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=MLqJdVCom5k #### Paths 1. Migrate current studio subgraphs to abritrum network/studio - [x] will have a new arbitrum safe as owner of the studio account - [x] current signal should move with the subgraphs - [x] new endpoints and api keys will be created - we then have 48 hours to update these in SDK/production apps - [x] transfer billing balance to the new arbitrum account - [x] redeploy base to arbitrum? SUBGRAPHS - [x] mainnet v2 - [x] mainnet v3 - [x] gnosis chain v3 2. Migrate current hosted service subgraphs - [x] Use the tool in the hosted service - [x] Transfer to the abritrum safe account - [x] Need to update these in the SDK/production apps SUBGRAPHS - [x] polygon, gnosis, arbitrum, optimism, sepolia v2 - [x] polygon, arbitrum, optimism, sepolia v3 APP updates - [x] mono sdk publish - [x] v2 app - [x] v2 api - [x] yeeter v1 - [x] yeeter - [x] yeeter frame post sdk - [x] starter repo api keys - [x] dev spending limit other - [x] deprecate old v2 https://thegraph.com/hosted-service/subgraph/odyssy-automaton/daohaus ### SOP Development - [x] Subgraph deployment process ### Other Output - [x] Update the safe that owns our studio subgraphs - Add rowdy and remove jord and spencer - jord: 0x756ee8b8e898d497043c2320d9909f1dd5a7077f - spencer: 0x15c6ac4cf1b5e49c44332fb0a1043ccab19db80a - rowdy: 0xa8cadc2268b01395f8573682fb9dd00bd582e8a0 - santiago: 0x224aba5d489675a7bd3ce07786fada466b46fa0f - Update to 2 of 5 for quicker deployment - [ ] populate issues and clean up issue backlog ## May/June ### SOP Development - [x] SDK PR/Testing/Release Process (if time allows, other wise this moves to may) - [x] Issue Triage Process - watching for bug reports - documenting and curating issues - [x] Review and update code contribution guides - [x] SDK PR/Testing/Release Process - [x] Update issue triage forms - [x] Add status.thegraph to the subgraph SOP - [ ] Populate new ssues and clean up issue backlog - [ ] new discord channel with important links / steps to contribute / notes on monthly rewards - [ ] Factory contract development/upgrade process ### Other Output - [x] New pages in docs.daohaus.club for each SOP - [ ] Discord accouncements/pinned messages for people to find these SOPs - [x] Assess subgraph query/deployment budget to see if we need to buy more GRT - NO #### Considerations - There is no contribution details or deployment instructions for contract updates - need to work with @dekanbro on this. - Maybe some thoughts on how projects funded by PH (yeeter, din/duce, ect..), should be encouraged to contribute code back to protocol #### maintenance tickets for the future - node upgrade + package updates/fix warnings - remove usd fetch from token fetch --- ## ref/notes transactions https://etherscan.io/tx/0xfb61d21b7fad9efa0d4d8a0265ed344b598f81f2f756c035ac5ddb2f85773664 https://etherscan.io/tx/0xa72166da8bc71961b35af71c95ffccd4d92a60bcdee96befaef06b8982be366b fund safe with some arb eth https://arbiscan.io/tx/0xfb0d2e149642c48800bae654add93206bc24dd0b985ebcebe6d098250be8bca8 transfer funds to new safe https://etherscan.io/tx/0xa8009a6147793e94ad916e6b589bd937c2ec04d2702257fe70c8f9900f1f19df https://etherscan.io/tx/0x542f8cf210f6b0b8507a7fff0374626c4fb0c8a4700b51400a370b75399948a2 https://etherscan.io/tx/0x4111eda55860e2c4beaab6aa09ba6d283b87f27c3f8e0ff7474976f941f7f8e5 https://etherscan.io/tx/0x51bebb13332bcd3e28b876a11117ae6b31c90706ffec829f5bb53743ad04d485 https://etherscan.io/tx/0x14426ecb9ba0ee1851a822cf0da9567e1a009cf2e69a6217b05daca4aed8b549 https://etherscan.io/tx/0xd13177c8627ba2f5fe9ef9e71f92bbb645a7223fafd5605a68b62a3d99a16ec5 + .01 eth to safe https://etherscan.io/tx/0x84a3f875d6ad6431c5f30c53c40bc6f2dca02ab89951f0c6f25b56ed5f1704d0 https://etherscan.io/tx/0x0b49a389bc8b7d6b24f25c93b1fbeb98d4b0e2ad7207b9f87d00898b17b43229 endpoints v2 mainnet https://gateway-arbitrum.network.thegraph.com/api/[api-key]/subgraphs/id/B4YHqrAJuQ1yD2U2tqgGXWGWJVeBrD25WRus3o9jLLBJ https://thegraph.com/explorer/subgraphs/B4YHqrAJuQ1yD2U2tqgGXWGWJVeBrD25WRus3o9jLLBJ?view=Overview&chain=arbitrum-one ## Info Channel HELP KEEP OUR HAUS CLEAN 🧹 Who maintains the DAOhaus protocol? You and me! Here you'll find links to information for how you can contribute to maintance of our foundational elements: - Contracts - Subgraphs - SDK - Admin and Summoner applications - Infrastructure The maintenance workstream is currently stewared by the wearer of the protocol steward HAT. The steward ensures smooth operation and manages a small monthly budget to support general maintenance tasks. Introduce yourself https://discord.com/channels/709210493549674598/1082764707141795960 Developer docs https://docs.daohaus.club/ Code repositories https://github.com/hausDao Contribution guide https://docs.daohaus.club/contributing Open issue backlog https://github.com/HausDAO/monorepo/issues