# [ENGLISH] DABANKING ![](https://i.imgur.com/IRTqaA9.png) **Language:** * [KOREAN](https://hackmd.io/s/SyabCSraV) * [CHINESE](https://hackmd.io/s/SJv8RSSTN) * [RUSSIAN](https://hackmd.io/s/H1wzRSHaE) * [JAPANESE](https://hackmd.io/s/B1kxRHrT4) * [INDONESIA](https://hackmd.io/@dabanking/SyZFLVhxS) **Jump to:** [TOC] *** ## I. Market Insight ### 1. Overview In the year of 2008, Bitcoin was introduced as a cryptocurrency, invented by Satoshi Nakamoto in the form of an open source software, with a mission of changing the way we make payments and trade goods through a completely new currency. Bitcoin offers outstanding transaction advantages such as freedom, security, high level of control for the users themselves and a completely transparent platform. All of these Bitcoin benefits are enabled by Blockchain technology. The blockchain technology is an invention that creates a decentralized network based on peer-to-peer protocol networks, which allows every computer in that network to become a server, making a huge difference to the conventional centralized network. The year 2013 marked a significant milestone for the breakthrough development of the blockchain technology: the birth of the Ethereum platform (ETH) invented by Vitalik Buterin - a Russian developer. He has succeeded in bringing the Blockchain technology to a new level when integrating Smart Contract into the current Blockchain protocol, which is now known as Blockchain 2.0 or Utility Blockchain. At the end of 2017, the Blockchain technology really resonated, not only with software developers but also with intimate attention from the government, major banking organizations, financial funds, investors and almost all social classes, attracting hundreds of billions of dollars, creating a fertile financial market and promoting many successive Blockchain projects. Some quite successful Utility Blockchain projects such as Tron, EOS, STEEM, etc. are gradually approaching their completions, opening the Decentralized Applications (Dapps) Era. Dapps are decentralized applications running on peer-to-peer Utility Blockchain networks, allowing developers to expand Dapps in various areas: entertainment, finance, gaming, real estate, healthcare, insurance,... Following those successes, 2019 is a year of strong growth for Dapps as the number of Dapps projects is growing more and more in parallel with the investment in quality, time and finance to build up a huge user community with great values from Dapps. ### 2. Dapp's Potential In 2019, decentralized applications (Dapps) are becoming more and more popular due to their superior advantages over traditional applications, especially based on existing Blockchain platforms with crowded users. Additional, dApp has the ability to run on peer-to-peer networks, not just from a traditional server; therefore, information from users is not subject to the control from anyone or any corporate entity. Dapps provides maximum privileges for users because of the advantages of unprecedented applications through transparency, stability and high security when being used. Catching that trend, DABANKING Project was born with a noble mission to become the pioneering Utility Blockchain platform in creating an environment to build Dapps with decentralized entertainment services with transparency, fairness and optimal user experience. ### 3. The Potential of the Blockchain Gaming Market In recent years we are still witnessing a strong rise and rapid growth of the gaming industry. According to the report in 10/2017, 2.3 billion users using this industry's services, generating a huge revenue of $105 billion every year. A common problem in game development today is the inability to prove the existence and ownership of assets in the game, thereby leading to many frauds. Smart contract allows users to be confident that they will receive authenticated assets/items when they are bound by the blockchain. Exchanging in-game items is now a lucrative industry estimated at $50 billion US dollar and is expected to increase rapidly. The "unique" non-fungible tokens are one of the most important contributions that blockchain brings to the gaming industry. Each token has a unique identity that represents a virtual asset type. These virtual assets can be purchased and sold at any decentralized trading platform, eliminating unnecessary costs and risks from third parties. These digital items can be anything from game skins to virtual cards with high levels of scarcity. Games developed with Blockchain Technology can bring valuable features such as: * Track and authenticate the ownership of digital asset types. * Reduce costs for third parties. * Secure payment system based on blockchain. * Integrate blockchain into your game increases competitiveness against the traditional games. * Easily exchange digital assets with high liquidity... Thereby, it can be seen that Blockchain Technology will bring Entertainment Industry to a new level. Especially the blockchain game market is still very promising with numerous challenges and opportunities, grasping that trend, DABANKING team will focus on building a game ecosystem on Dapp, exploiting effectively entertainment market and provide the best service to the community. ## II. Conditions to join DABANKING ![](https://i.imgur.com/1NijC4f.jpg) To use the DABANKING platform, you need to have: * Metamask Wallet installs on your computer or TrustWallet on your phone; * Having Ethereum (ETH) available in Metamask or Trust wallet; * Visit the Dabanking.io website to start experiencing our great services. ## III. DAB token Mining ### 1. DAB Mining Strategy ![](https://i.imgur.com/MHgFjNs.png) In the first phase, DABANKING will use Ethereum Blockchain to build users community by distributing DAB token based on the theory of POC algorithm (Proof Of Contribution). This is a mining token algorithm by "Dedication Proof" when locking ETH into "value reserve fund" for DAB token. ### 2. DAB Token DAB is the token platform for DABANKING's community development and will be swapped to DABANKING own blockchain when DABANKING Blockchain is officially announced. The maximum total supply of DAB token in Smart Contract is 200,000,000 DAB and the only way to obtain DAB Token is to use "Mining Wallet". DABANKING Developer cannot have any other method to obtain DAB Token besides exploiting as normal users through ‘'Mining Wallet'. ### 3. DAB Token Mining ![](https://i.imgur.com/pYCgFeO.png) * To mining, DAB Token users need to buy "Treasury Package" with a minimum amount of ETH of $ 200 (Price based on Coinmarketcap.com) and the maximum package is allowed by the developer at different times (The maximum time "Treasury Package" is up to $ 10,000) * The developer will have a function in Dapp to set the maximum value of the package that can be purchased at different times Note: The "Treasury Package" value is calculated at the time of depositing ETH and confirmed on the blockchain. Price at the time Deposit is only used for reference price, during the time from Deposit to the time the transaction is confirmed if the ETH price increases, the value of the package will increase, but if the price of ETH decreases, the value of the package will decrease. And reduce by no more than 3%, If the price fluctuation exceeds 3%, the Deposit order will fail, ETH will be returned, the user needs to re-operate. There are 3 energy wallets that need to be concerned to be able to exploit the DAB token: * Gold Wallet * Green Wallet * Mining Wallet When you activate "Treasury Package" then "Gold Wallet" will add 800% of the value of the package you have purchased. "Green Wallet" will add 200% of the package value at the first purchase and add 100% of the value of the package at the 2nd purchase onwards. For example: If you buy Treasury Package for the first time with the value of $1000, you will have $8000 in “Gold Wallet” and $2000 in “Green Wallet” for the first purchase. Every day "Mining Wallet" will receive 0.5% the value of "Green Wallet" and "Green Wallet" will decrease each day after deducting the amount flowing through the "Mining Wallet" of the previous day. When "Mining Wallet" receives a total value of 100% the package you buy, the rate will decrease from 0.5% per day to 0.4% per day. When "Mining Wallet" receives a total value of 400% the package you buy, the rate will decrease from 0.4% to 0.3%. For example: You buy a $1000 package and your "Green Wallet" has $2000. 1st day: 0.5% of $2000 is $10 will flow through "Mining Wallet" and "Green Wallet" remaining $1990 2nd day: 0.5% of $1990 is $9.95 will flow through "Mining Wallet" and "Green Wallet" remaining $1980.05 3rd day: 0.5% of $1980.05 is $9,90025 will flow through "Mining Wallet" and "Green Wallet" remaining $1970,14975 Just like that every day until “Green Wallet” turns 0. * The larger the “Green Wallet” you have, the more energy flows into the “Mining wallet” every day and your “Mining Wallet” may get up to 10 times (1000%) the value of the purchased package. * After having energy at "Mining Wallet" you can use it to exploit the DAB token in R1 ratio, the R1 ratio is updated automatically at different times thanks to DABANKING's AI Bot analysis system with complex mathematical formulas based on price factors of ETH at present, the total number of DAB Token is circulating in the market, the value of the reserve fund and the number of developing users in the community. DAB Token mining process will increase the difficulty over time based on the minimum or maximum value of “Mining Wallet” to be able to perform a DAB Token Mining or DAB transfer. You can use up to maximum 300% of the value of “Mining Wallet” compared to your own “Treasury Package” to mine the DAB Token The amount of ETH used to purchase "Treasury Package" will be locked by the "Reserve Fund" through Smart Contract to reserve the value for the DAB token, no one can interfere with this ETH amount including the DABANKING's developer. The only way to get the ETH out of the reserve fund is to transfer the DAB token back to Smart Contract and this means it will eliminate the number of tokens currently circulating on the market, making the number of tokens on the market scarce. Large-scale community development will help the fund receive more and more ETH to expand the growth of the actual reserve value of DAB token. ### 4. Community Development You can exploit more DAB Token when you take advantage of the "Gold Wallet" in using 800% of the existing value package by developing the mining community with you: When directly introducing a member to the DAB Token mining community through your registration link (called F1). You will receive 50% of the package value of F1 to move the equivalent value from "Gold Wallet" to your own "Green Wallet". For example: if you introduce a $10,000 Treasury Package buyer, you get 50% of $5000 to move your "Gold Wallet" to your "Green Wallet" and your amount will be transferred until “Gold Wallet” reaches 0. You are rewarded an additional 10% of the value of buying packages from F2 to F10 to move from your own "Gold Wallet" to your "Green Wallet" when meeting two conditions: 1. The total amount purchase of "Treasury Package" from the entire F1 is at least 300% of the value of your package purchased at the first time. 2. You have 2 F1 to buy the package, you are rewarded 10% from F2 You have 3 F1 to buy the package, you are rewarded 10% from F3 You have 4 F1 to buy the package, you are rewarded 10% from F4 You have 5 F1 to buy the package, you are rewarded 10% from F5 You have 6 F1 to buy the package, you are rewarded 10% from F6 You have 7 F1 to buy the package, you are rewarded 10% from F7 You have 8 F1 to buy the package, you are rewarded 10% from F8 You have 9 F1 to buy the package, you are rewarded 10% from F9 You have 10 F1 to buy the package, you are rewarded 10% from F10 You are charged 5% more from F11 to the whole system below you when you meet the 2 conditions: 1. Total volume Treasury Package of the whole system reaches at least $ 200,000. 2. Reach Star3 Rank and above ### 5. Rank Mining Bonus ![](https://i.imgur.com/obtncL7.png) There are total 10 Rankings from Star1 to Star10 equivalent to the volume condition below. Volume calculation of Rank is taken from the total volume of branches of the entire system (excluding individual volumes), subtracting the largest volume of two branches: STAR 1: when volume rank reaches $ 1000 STAR 2: When volume rank reaches $ 3000 STAR 3: when volume rank reaches $ 10,000 STAR 4: when volume rank reaches $40,000 - Bonus $1000 to Mining Wallet STAR 5: when volume rank reaches $100,000 - bonus $2000 to Mining Wallet STAR 6: when volume rank reaches $300,000 - Bonus $6000 to Mining Wallet STAR 7: when volume rank reaches $1,000,000 - Bonus $20,000 to Mining Wallet STAR 8: when volume rank reaches $2,000,000 - Bonus $50,000 to Mining Wallet STAR 9: when volume rank reaches $5,000,000 - Bonus $150,000 to Mining Wallet STAR 10: when volume rank reaches $10,000,000 - Bonus $500,000 in Mining Wallet Adding bonuses to "Mining Wallet" is completely automated thanks to Smart Contract. The system will check automatically once a day to reward bonus for eligible accounts. ### 6. Table of Percentage Growth of Mining Wallet | 100%Days | GreenWallet/Package | 1stMonth | 2ndMonth | 3rdMonth | 4thMonth | 5thMonth | | :--:| :--: | :--: | :--: |:--: |:--: | :--: | |138 Days| 200% | 28% |52%|73%|90%|105%| |81 Days|300%|42%|78%|107%|129%|149%| |58 Days|400%|56%|103%|137%|167%|193%| |45 Days|500%|70%|124%|167%|205%|238%| |37 Days|600%|84%|146%|197%|243%|283%| |31 Days|700%|98%|167%|227%|281%|328%| |27 Days|800%|110%|188%|257%|319%|373%| |24 Days|900%|121%|209%|288%|357%|414%| |21 Days|1000%|132%|230%|317%|395%|448%| This is a table that illustrates the percentage of "Mining Wallet" received compared to the value of the package purchased in the first 5 months when 800% of the “Gold Wallet" package value moves into the “Green Wallet”. “Mining Wallet” will receive daily until “Green Wallet” reaches 0 and minimum receive time is up to more than 2 years. ### 7. Distribution Plan ![](https://i.imgur.com/HlNYaOf.png) 90% DAB Token Reserve Fund 3% Marketing 3% Product development 2% Partner (exchanges, Advisor ....) 2% Reserve DAB token (Swap DAA token...) Each time receiving ETH or DAB Token, Smart Contract of the reserve fund will immediately lock down 90% and extract 10% into the developer fund to implement items. ### 8. DAB Token Mining System Structure You can buy “Treasury Package” from Mining Wallet, ETH wallet or DAB Wallet. “Mining Wallet” can only be transferred to the above or below account in your system. ### 9. Swap DAB Token Into the Reserve Fund When you own DAB Token you can store for a long time, trading on a free trading platform or swap into a Smart Contract containing a reserve fund to collect ETH. When you swap DAB into Smart Contract, that number of tokens is lost from the market and reduces the total number of tokens circulating in the market. The Reserve Fund is used to ensure the total amount of tokens circulating in the market always has the minimum actual reciprocal value. Currently, there are not many tokens with a reciprocal fund like DAB. R2 is the Swap token ratio on Smart Contract to collect ETH The R2 ratio is updated automatically at different times thanks to the complex analysis system from DABANKING AI Bot based on the price factors of ETH at the present time, the total number of Token is circulating in the market, the value of the reserve fund and the number of developing user in the community. The Reserve Fund is used to guarantee the minimum value for the exploited DAB Token as well as the DAB Token which will be mined in the future. Therefore, we will have a maximum 24-hour Swap limit with at least 100 ETH per day and an incremental automatic limit calculated according to the proportion formula with the growth of the fund. This is to ensure, even if the Reserve Fund does not increase, it will still have enough to swap for a very long time. ## IV The DABANKING Ecosystem ### 1. Overview The gaming industry has seen a significant breakthrough when it was built on the Blockchain platform to create the Decentralized Applications. This brings absolute fairness and transparency that have never been done before. Realizing that this is a great opportunity to exploit the market, DABANKING developers decided to focus on building the Game Dapp ecosystem which only uses the DAB Tokens to trade. The entire profit of each game is safely stored in the Smart Contract and the only way to withdraw DAB from the fund is to play the game and win. ### 2.The DAB Token Burning Strategy All of the DABANKING ecosystem games only use the DAB Tokens to trade The DAB Token profits will be stored in the Smart Contract of each game and at the beginning of each month, the system will burn 10% on each commands to make the DAB Token becoming scarce, contributing to the price growth of it. The developer has also created a Smart Contract without withdraw function to lock all burned DAB Tokens of the system permanently. Anyone can check it in a transparent and easy way. ### 3.Product development strategy DABANKING developers will always listen to the feedback of the community to understand the market's demand and create the products with the best quality, providing a great experience for customers as well as million people around the world Developers will constantly update new features and games every month to enrich the ecosystem, helping users have more choices to choose. ## V. Roadmap DABANKING aims at long-term development, bringing entertainment services to the decentralized application platform, giving back power to users. The development team has come up with long-term strategies to make DABANKING a powerful ecosystem that allows millions of customers to experience our services. **Q2/2019** Officially introduce game ecosystem on DApp and start to develop DAB Token mining community **Q3/2019** List DAB Token on exchanges and integrate new games **Q4/2019** Release fomogame ecosystem including 4 new games **Q1 / 2020** - Update 2 more new Games - List DAB Tokens on the new exchange **Q2 / 2020** - Announce cooperation rewards with Gamedapp developers - Update 2 more new games **Q3 / 2020** - Update 3 more new games - Launch DABANKING community development strategy on BinanceChain platform **Q4 / 2020** - Update 3 more new games - List DAB Tokens on Binance **Q1 / 2021** -Reach 3 million Users -Announce the DABANKING Blockchain Testnet version **Q3/2021** -Announce Blockchain DABANKING Mainnet and development plan for the next 3 years. ## VII. Inspiration DABANKING inspired by perpetual motion theory to build strategies for distributing DAB token as well as developing future game applications. We aim to create the best community and focus on project development at all times. Our development team believes at any time there would be a certain attraction from the community to inspire participation even when it is just starting or slowing down. ## VIII. Contact & Support If you have any questions-feedback-suggestions? Please contact us via mail Business@dabanking.io