# Postdoc opportunity in the DIB Lab The [DIB Lab at UC Davis](http://ivory.idyll.org/lab/) is seeking a full-time postdoc for a 1 year period, with potential for up to four years. This postdoc will be focused on writing and communication around the NIH Data Commons Pilot Phase effort (see the [#CommonsPilot blog post](http://ivory.idyll.org/blog/2017-commonspilot-kickoff.html)). The work would include (but not be limited to): * developing engagement strategies for open science infrastructure; * working with the Data Commons Pilot Phase Consortium members to help engage the larger community with their efforts; * writing externally facing blog posts, Tweets, papers, and meeting reports; * communicating and engaging with other Commons-style efforts; * working with the DIB Lab to develop a training and outreach program for the DCPPC; but we really mean "not limited to..." - there is substantial flexibility in the position. There will be scope for research in science communication, social networking, community building, and evaluation. ## Strong requirements PhD in hand at time of appointment. Good written and spoken English. Code of Conduct compatible. ## Other suggested expertise or interest Open source / open science interest and experience welcome. Carpentry Instructor training considered a plus. Some background in biology or data science recommended. Blogging and social media experience suggested. ## Details Salary: NIH base postdoc salary (currently approximately $44,000 for a starting postdoc) + $10k. Please note that UC Davis covers health, dental, and vision with the exception of a small monthly fee and copay. Remote work is OK with some additional travel requirements. Part-time work is also an option. ## Applying! We are looking to fill this position starting April 2nd, 2018, or as soon thereafter as possible. Please send a cover letter briefly describing your experience, interests, and training to Titus Brown, ctbrown@ucdavis.edu. We will begin reviewing applications on Mon, Mar 19. (Please don't send applications after Friday, Mar 30th unless this Web site says there's still an opening!) ## Frequently Asked Questions None yet, but we will update as needed!