# Interview questions for comm postdoc *Please briefly answer some or all the questions below via e-mail; bullet points are completely ok. We'll talk about them more during the interview. It's more important that you think about them than that you address them thoroughly, this is just to give you a warmup/introduction to the challenges we're tackling!* ## Questions ---- How would *you* join a new scientific subcommunity? What are strategies and approaches to getting involved, in your experience? In your opinion, how expert in the specifics (technical, scientific) does someone need to be to become a member of a subcommunity? What are the tradeoffs of being more or less expert? ---- What are some ways of extracting information for e.g. a social media post from researchers who don’t blog themselves? And what use is this? ---- What kind of things should be in onboarding docs? What are some barriers to researcher (biologist) engagement with new technical projects? ---- What basic strategy do you use / would you use in your approach to building an online presence and social media impact? What etiquette tips would you suggest for social media interaction? ---- Have you ever herded cats (== senior scientists) successfully? Describe! (https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=Pk7yqlTMvp8) ---- What are your current short-term and long-term career goals? ----