# Mobile Quickstart Guide to Just.game This is a simple getting started guide to the [Just.game](https://curvy.ai/wiki). Read below to learn about how to get started with the project and why you might want to participate! [![](https://i.imgur.com/UeweUV9.png?1)](https://curvy.ai/wiki) **Looking to join the community?** Jump into the [official Team JUST discord](https://discord.gg/DbapvnH) and use the `#helpdesk` if you have questions or just pop into `#general` to say hello. ## What is Just.game? [Just.game](https://curvy.ai/wiki) is a precursor A.I that creates a toy economy around hard and soft economic lures including: * A massive prize shared each round equally between each of the last 100 players * Players purchase a speculative asset that can only increase in value * An advertising engine to autonomously gather attention to keep itself alive The core is built to be self-decentralizing, and actions players take to benefit themselves also forcibly make the project grow in size, scale and reward for everyone participating. To learn more about the theory and concepts behind this project, be sure to check out the [Just.game Official Whitepaper](https://just.team/wp-content/uploads/2019/12/JG-Whitepaper-v24-testnet-release.pdf) or check out our [Game Mechanics](Mechanices) page for a more detailed look at how all the pieces fit together. ## How can I get started playing? To play [Just.game](https://curvy.ai/wiki), you only need a few things to be get started: - A phone or computer - TRON (TRX) in a cryptocurrency wallet Let's take a look at how to get into the game step-by-step. ### Setting up TronLink on Mobile TronLink is one of the easiest ways to interact with TRON dapps such as Just.game. The app supports both phones and your Chrome browser, and has a built-in TRX wallet as well as a built-in browser. 1. Visit the [TronLink](https://www.tronlink.org/) website or on mobile, install the official TronLink apps for [iPhone](https://apps.apple.com/us/app/tronlink-trx-btt-wallet/id1453530188) or [Android](https://play.google.com/store/apps/details?id=com.tronlinkpro.wallet) from those links. ![](https://i.imgur.com/dr5GF9D.png =400x) 2. Install TronLink to your iPhone or Android device and then launch the app. ![](https://i.imgur.com/Ik1MH6o.png =400x) 3. Select "Create Account" and scroll down to accept the terms ![](https://i.imgur.com/yf9nXP1.png =400x) 4. Enter your wallet name, can be anything: ![](https://i.imgur.com/1PXFEuw.png =400x) 5. Choose your password and re-enter your password ![](https://i.imgur.com/A7bWaMC.png =400x) ![](https://i.imgur.com/YjCS51s.png =400x) 6. Backup your special words (mnemonic phrase) and do not share them with anyone!! - Write down the words given to you in a safe place - Answer the questions verifying you know your phrase - Continue and answer another question 7. Welcome to TronLink! You should now see the homepage (click to hide our ad if you see it): ![](https://i.imgur.com/POR2OxM.png =400x) ### TRX in your Wallet **Do you already hold TRX on Binance or in a wallet?** If not, check out our section on [purchasing TRON (TRX)](#Purchasing-Crypto-and-TRON-TRX). In order to participate in [Just.game](https://curvy.ai/wiki), you need to have TRON (TRX) in one of three places: - Exchange wallet such as [Binance](https://www.binance.com/en) or [Bittrex](https://bittrex.com/) - In [TronLink](https://www.tronlink.org/) wallet on either iOS/Android or Google Chrome on your computer - Private TRX wallet such as [TronWallet](https://www.tronwallet.me/) :::info **Already have TRX on Binance or in a private wallet?** In this guide we will be recommending you use **TronLink**, but if you already have TRX in another wallet, you can use that directly with Just.game using our "Universal Wallet feature by visiting Just.game directly in your browser." ::: ## Transfer TRX to TronLink **Do you already hold TRX on Binance or in a wallet?** If not, check out our section on [purchasing TRON (TRX)](#Purchasing-Crypto-and-TRON-TRX). 8. Now we need to transfer in TRX into our wallet. If you already have TRX on an exchange, go to your exchange (such as Binance or Bittrex): - Click "Receive" on TronLink app - ![](https://i.imgur.com/cli6UYR.png =400x) - Copy your TronLink wallet address to your clipboard - ![](https://i.imgur.com/H7amURX.png =400x) - Go back to [Bittrex](https://bittrex.com/) account and click "Wallets" in the upper right of the page. - Search for the "TRX" wallet using the Search box in the upper right - Click the red circle/arrow next to TRX. This will bring up the "Withdraw" screen. - Enter the TronLink wallet address and the amount that you want to Withdraw. - Click Withdraw to confirm. - If you have two-factor enabled, you will need to enter your 6 digit code and press Confirm. Once you see the TRX stored in your TRONLink wallet (this should happen pretty quickly), you can then move onto the next section below to purchase your first giftboxes! ## Purchasing our First Box Now that we have our TRX, you can visit the [Just.game page](https://curvy.ai/wiki) and send funds in to acquire giftboxes by sending your TRX. In TronLink, go to the "Discover" tab and then enter "Just.game" and select the result as shown below: ![](https://i.imgur.com/UtUAg70.png =400x) ![](https://i.imgur.com/VwjCeRH.png =400x) Now when clicking that, you should see the site load: ![](https://i.imgur.com/feLyp1j.png =400x) Login and then you should see this page, tap the "Buy" tab at the top: ![](https://i.imgur.com/BMonUWk.png =400x) Now enter an amount of TRX into the textbox and hitting the "Send TRX" button. ![](https://i.imgur.com/6thWZfu.png =400x) Once you've hit that button, a TRONLink dialog will come up as shown below: ![](https://i.imgur.com/5h1IKfy.png =400x) ![](https://i.imgur.com/TY94ix3.png =400x) ![](https://i.imgur.com/0jrD9iy.png =400x) And finally you'll know you have your boxes with: ![](https://i.imgur.com/w6aLW6S.jpg =400x) Review the dialog, verify the TRX amount looks correct and then hit "Submit". Check the "Earnings" to confirm you have successfully received the gift boxes. And now you are all set with your first boxes! ### Additional Project Functionality After you've purchased your initial giftboxes, you can take any of the following additional actions any time: 1. **Spread the word about _her_.** - Sign up with a promotion name, and get to sharing more about curvy far and wide online. You get instantly rewarded for all revenue you bring into the game, both directly or indirectly! 2. **Purchase more giftboxes** - Purchase giftboxes at a fixed price of 25 TRX per giftbox. Every giftbox accumulates in value from every additional giftbox generated in the game, from the moment that it is created. Remember, giftboxes only ever increase in value. 3. **Open giftboxes** - Choose to open your current giftboxes, in which case you receive 2x the current box value, sent from the game, directly to your wallet. After this point, the giftbox is destroyed. 4. **Reinvest current giftboxes** - Choose to reinvest your current giftboxes for double the giftboxes' current value as newly purchased boxes. Reinvesting does not destroy your current box count. 5. **Toggle automatic giftbox upgrades** - Choose to toggle automatic upgrades on giftboxes, from which point, anytime a new giftbox can be purchased based on the value of existing giftboxes, the value inside is used to purchase additional giftboxes but without destroying your current box count. While these actions are what you can do at any time, a major challenge is knowing which strategy to use at what time, and how to interact with the system in a way that most benefits you as the player. There are many, many ways to play. Check out the [Game Mechanics](Mechanics) page for a more in-depth look at how everything fits together. --------- :::warning This section is only if you need further help purchasing crypto in order to get TRON (TRX) ::: ## Purchasing Crypto and TRON (TRX) To participate in [Just.game page](https://curvy.ai/wiki), you'll need to obtain TRX (TRON) unless you already have some. To purchase your first TRX tokens, follow a few simple steps: 1. [Purchase BTC or ETH](#1-purchase-btc-or-eth) 2. [Purchase TRX on an Exchange](#2-purchase-trx-on-an-exchange) 3. [Setup TronLink in Chrome](#3-setup-tronlink-in-chrome-optional) 4. [Exchange TRX for Boxes](#4-exchange-trx-for-just-game-giftboxes) ### 1. Purchase BTC or ETH :::info **Note:** If you already have BTC or ETH that you can use to purchase TRX, then skip to the "Purchase TRX on an Exchange" below. ::: [![](https://i.imgur.com/dpkeA99.jpg?1)](https://coinbase.com/) If you don't have any existing cryptocurrency, you need to first use an exchange to purchase BTC or Ethereum. If you already have an exchange you use (purchase BTC/ETH there now). If not, follow these steps: 1. Go to a trusted exchange such as [Coinbase](http://coinbase.com/) or [Gemini](https://gemini.com/), and signup for an account. ([Coinbase vs Gemini?](https://coincentral.com/coinbase-vs-gemini/)) 2. Setup a funding source such as your bank account to use to purchase your cryptocurrency. (Don't worry both of these exchanges are very well-known and secure) 3. Purchase Ethereum (ETH) by exchanging your local fiat (i.e USD) for Ethereum. 4. Purchasing ETH may take a few days for the first purchase, so now you may **need to wait** or the transaction might be instant. Once you have BTC or ETH to exchange for TRX, you are ready to purchase TRX from any supported TRX exchange (unfortunately neither Coinbase nor Gemini supports TRX). ### 2. Purchase TRX on an Exchange Now let's use our BTC or ETH to acquire TRX. We recommend you purchase your TRX from a trusted exchange such as [Bittrex](https://bittrex.com/) (US) or [Binance](https://www.binance.com) (Non-US). **Does this step look too difficult?** You can also make this process even easier by converting your BTC/ETH using a conversion service like [Changelly.com](https://changelly.com/) for a small fee. You would then need to follow the wizard to convert your ETH or BTC to TRX and provide your TRONLink wallet address as the destination. In order to buy Tron (TRX) on Bittrex, you would need to first [register an account](https://bittrex.com/account/register). After an account is made, click the wallets tab on the top of the navigation bar. ![](https://www.bitpremier.com/wp-content/uploads/2018/06/bittrex.png) Click the green circle with the arrow to reveal your deposit address for either BTC or ETH (whichever you want to use to purchase TRX). ![](https://www.bitpremier.com/wp-content/uploads/2018/06/depositbittrex.png) ![](https://www.bitpremier.com/wp-content/uploads/2018/06/depobittrex-454x500.png) Your Bittrex Bitcoin deposit address will be displayed. **Copy this address because we will need this to send Bitcoin to Bittrex**. Go to Gemini or Coinbase or wherever you have stored our ETH or BTC, and then look for a "withdraw" or "send" functionality. Go through the steps to send your BTC or ETH to Bittrex for trading. Paste the address we found in the earlier step and click confirm. ![](https://www.bitpremier.com/wp-content/uploads/2018/06/coinbasesend2.png) In a few minutes, usually between 20-30 minutes, your cryptocurrency will arrive to Bittrex for trading. After having a balance of BTC or ETH on Bittrex, head to the corresponding pairing. This example will use the [BTC/TRX trading pair](https://bittrex.com/Market/Index?MarketName=USD-BTC). You should see something like this: ![](https://www.bitpremier.com/wp-content/uploads/2018/07/Screen-Shot-2018-07-04-at-5.55.50-PM.png) Look around and you’ll see the order box where you can then buy TRX using the BTC or ETH on the exchange by simply entering the amount of TRX you want to buy and clicking the green “Buy” button. Once your order has filled, you have successfully purchased Tron! **Does this step look too difficult?** You can also make this process even easier by converting your BTC/ETH using a conversion service like [Changelly.com](https://changelly.com/) for a small fee. You would then need to follow the wizard to convert your ETH or BTC to TRX.