# COSCUP Code of Conduct Translated from [the Chinese version (v20220430)](https://hackmd.io/@coscup/cococo-zh) ---- > [Be respectful](#Respect) of other people. [Respectfully ask people to stop](#Resolve-Peacefully) if you are bothered, and if you can't resolve an issue, [contact any ally](#Ally) you may know, or [the event staff](#Contact-Staff). If you engage in that behavior (offensive or disruptive), you'll be asked to leave. Not just in COSCUP, we believe that "be respectful" is what you should do to make the world a better place. This code of conduct applies to all COSCUP spaces online and offline, including our events, SNS / Telegram channels, and HackMD documents. ## Respect COSCUP spaces are inclusive. We treat all individuals respectfully, regardless of gender (including transgender status), sexual orientation, age, nationality, ethnicity, religion (or lack thereof), physical appearance, politics, software preferences, etc. Please be respectful of others when doing anything, such as making jokes during the presentation, discussion, tea time, etc. If you’re unsre about the behaviors you do or the words you say offend others, ask someone instead of assuming. ## Resolve Peacefully COSCUP is a conference hosted by the FLOSS community for the FLOSS community. We believe peer-to-peer discussions, feedback, and corrections can help build a stronger, safer, and more welcoming community. Our community members are willing to work together to create a respectful community and are open to criticism. If you feel offended or witness a disrespectful act, we encourage you to make it clear to the other person how you feel and tell them to stop. If you are reminded of your misconduct by someone else, please remember to stop the misconduct and apologize to the person. We all make mistakes, and sometimes we can inadvertently hurt someone even when we don't mean to. We can have a better community by re-examining behavior and avoiding errors next time. ## Ally If you believe that someone is violating the principle of "mutual respect" or is harassing you in any way, your priority is to contact a nearby trusted friend to help first. Anyone in the community should feel empowered to resolve issues and uphold our standards. ## Contact Staff If you feel the issue requires escalation to a community organizer, please contact: - coc@coscup.org The general coordinator, Administrative group leader, and Program group leader will receive your mail. Please leave a description of the incident or, if you prefer, real-time contact information. If the organizer finds disrespectful behavior, the staff will take the necessary action depending on the circumstances. The team will do its best to deal with conflicts and misconduct courteously and with the principle of maintaining a strong and growing community. In extreme cases, we may notify the police or ask people to leave the venue without prior warning. **This situation has never happened at COSCUP in the past. Please don’t be the first.** ## Thanks / License This document was adopted from the [CoC of IndieWeb](https://indieweb.org/code-of-conduct). CC0.