+++ title = "Staff meeting minutes" +++ # CodeRefinery staff meeting [![hackmd-github-sync-badge](https://hackmd.io/saJtV2axTSKgXHrD7X6JfA/badge)](https://hackmd.io/saJtV2axTSKgXHrD7X6JfA) :::info - **Date:** 2021-07-19 - **Chair:** NT - **Minutes taker:** NT - **Present:** RB, SN, NT - **When:** 12:00 CEST / 13:00 EEST - **Where:** https://uit.zoom.us/j/65070953679 - **This document**: https://hackmd.io/@coderefinery/staff-meeting ::: ## Next meeting - 2021-08-02, (RB) ## About this document - Visibility: - We write so that it can become public. - Everybody who has the link during the meeting can edit. Otherwise logged-on users can edit. - The minutes need to be reviewed and approved by the end of the meeting. - All paid staff is invited to this meeting and expected to attend (unless vacation, sick leave, scheduling conflict). - We use one document (this document) for all meetings instead of creating a new one. - Newest items on top in each category. - Most urgent tasks on top. - 2-3 assigned chairs instead of entire-team-rotation. - Chair assigns the task to document conclusions for each item before moving on to next. - Syncing with GitHub: - One commit per meeting with "20YY-MM-DD" as version/commit message. - 3 dots top right -> "Versions and GitHub Sync" - This document is linked to [this file](https://github.com/coderefinery/coderefinery.org/blob/main/content/about/staff-meetings.md). See also [this overview page](https://coderefinery.org/about/meeting-minutes/). - Meeting chair commits after a meeting. ## Tasks (in progress or unassigned) - [ ] [DI] Workshop, 2021 May - retrospective, document prepared and link shared - [x] Richard's notes from the coordination HackMD and Zulip in [this HackMD](https://hackmd.io/@dianai/lessons-learned-May-2021) - [ ] DI fixes categories and polishes the document more. Pls. add any comments/suggestions at the top of the document. - document tasks what other persons can contribute so that we can move it futher - [ ] [JH, RB] organize meeting/open house to finalize the workflow for getting citable lessons in August. * Half-day event to be organized * Everyone who contributed (github) will be added as contributor. * Then we ask each contributor if they want to be an author. * Release “idea”: get both source + rendered in zenodo with one DOI for each release. * https://docs.readthedocs.io/en/stable/versions.html * Also installation guides and manuals should be released and citable (they are very useful also and were a lot of work and are being reused in places) - [ ] [RB] Draft governance board and onboarding procedure - [ ] [~~NT~~ ,RB] De-Google Drive work * work started and data move in progress * plan is to move public data to GitHub and to remove outdated text * RB will ask input regarding decisions on what to keep and where - [ ] [RB (for inititiation)] Draft "lessons learned" document from project * produce a lesson's document learned from the project * after a draft is produced other memembers should contribute - [ ] [RB] Secure some follow-up for GitLab service - [ ] [all] Prepare for autumn workshop * think of the date, October ? - [ ] [NT, RB] Processing pre-/post-workshop survey to prepare for the 1) talk at RDA Nordic (Aug 30) and 2) final report (may involve others as well later) (2021-03) * RB is working on making (editing) scripts to process survey responses and will send PR - [ ] [RB] Schedule 1-1 calls with everybody about tasks to get better balance - [ ] [RB] Finalizing the payment for 1 paid workshop * RB is waiting for an input from the payer side - The meeting with exercise leaders, helpers and expert helpers on the 9th August (including information about certificate). - [ ] [RB] Start/locate a chat thread on this topic and collect what documents we already have - [ ] [RB] Agreeing on the agenda of the meeting - [ ] [SN] Website and Twitter (re-tweet it) - [ ] [RB] Email to ELs - [ ] [NT] Schedule a prep meeting? with some ideas of concrete questions -> 2nd Aug. 13:00 CEST: - [ ] make sure SW has time for this - [ ] [RB] Ask other PMs how they manage support/request emails ## Decisions Decisions made in the meeting should be listed with the item-number. >Ex. >- 2021-MM-DD: An example decision in one-two sentences >and possibly link to more context, (related item->number). - 2021-07-05: Pre-/post-workshop survey will be processed for the talk on the 30th Aug at RDA Nordic and for the final report (see the task as well) (2021-03) - 2021-07-05: RB to schedule 1-1 talks with everybody about task assignment and optimal task tracking since everybody prefers different ways to track items and we don't seem to agree on 1 solution that works for everybody. (2021-02) - 2021-07-05: Meeting minutes for each meeting saved as commit history of a single file in github.com/coderefinery/coderefinery.org (2021-01) ## Discussion items Each new discussion item gets a number. It is OK that the same item may be discussed in several meetings. Please add items that you would like that we discuss. ### 2021-07-19 - [x] 2021-05: De-googling process: next step is to save feedback from "workshops" folder. One thing that will help RB is to help decide which data we keep and how we store and separate them. You can help by answering questions about this which are or will come to chat. ### 2021-07-05 - [x] 2021-04: Future of freshdesk and post-processing of feedback - Will we continue using FreshDesk? - The issue is that it is not really GDPR-compliant, but we do not have a better option right now. Any sugestions for a replacement? - We keep FreshDesk until the end of current period (unless somebody knows of a good replacement) - **How do other projects deal with support emails?** - Postprocessing of feedback received during FreshDesk emails: - RB has collected and annonymized them and they are in CodeRefinery HackMD (one document). Feedback from all previous workshops is on Google Drive. - [x] 2021-03: Pre- and post-workshop survey: status and next steps. This data will be central to our reporting and also help RB preparing the talk at RDA Nordic (August 30; see "Information"). - it would need what FAIR means, we have data on technique and tools and data how they changed their work after attending a workshop - usage statitistics can be a starting point for a Nordic survey/overview - help is needed so data can be made presentable on the coderefienry website - [x] 2021-02: Task clarification for the rest of the current project period. (ref. [minutes from 2021-06-21](https://docs.google.com/document/d/19KfHyGEH9_ZDbcmwq6EhQHJfKmV0taJgadjCam3KKP0/edit#heading=h.8diefinqvirx)"Administrative challenges for remaining months"). Should we revive the issue board? Or use the website? Or can we just use this document in future (top section) for tracking tasks? - due dates may help - 1-1 talks about task assignment and optimal task tracking - [x] 2021-01: How to keep the meeting minutes for each meeting; 1) as commit history of a single file, or 2) by pushing to a new md file at each meeting. ### Freshdesk Support RB watching support line until we organise next event. ## Information - Webinar "RDA Nordic - FAIR research software" on August 30: https://rda-software-webinar.readthedocs.io/en/latest/. RB will give a 10 minutes talk about our lessons learned and survey results. ## Done tasks >Ex. >- [x] Example task that is done - [x] [RB] Update meeting invite to be 1 hour instead of 30 mins - [x] [NT, RB] Connect to a md file in the coderefinery.org repository of CR GH account and make a meta file - [x] [RB] Draft document showing different options we could organize a celebration event - when is the best time to have it? * what is the format online or in person ? * celebrating the end of the whole project or May workshop ? * 1-page document summarizing options and let people vote/comment