# 2023-03 CentOS board meeting https://hackmd.io/@centosboard/BJ_FDo93s Zoom link : https://zoom.us/j/99567225678 Passcode will be sent to participants and guests the day the meeting takes place. # 2023-03 CentOS board meeting - Agenda # Attendees ## Board members * Amy * bex * Davide * Jeffro * Josh * Pat * Mike * Shaun ## Directors Absent * Thomas * Johnny * Celeste ## Guests * Diane Meuller * Jack Aboutboul * Lance Albertson * Christian Glombek * Brian Stinson * Neal Gompa # Agenda * Previous minutes * https://hackmd.io/@centosboard/BJiHQmD9s * Christian Glombek - Update on OKD Streams and SCOS (CentOS Stream CoreOS) * Introduction OKD Streams and CentOS Stream CoreOS (SCOS) * [Slides from CentOS Connect @ FOSDEM](https://docs.google.com/presentation/d/1uaihUepXQdP_MObhgUHyZ3TVZBM1dtfkEKNa_JzdDYI) * SCOS effort has joined Cloud SIG * SCOS release process: K8s Tekton Pipelines, currently deployed to operate-first.cloud, to be moved to massopen.cloud infra * OKD/SCOS releases bundle the SCOS base OS image * SCOS is available standalone * Roadmap: * Build OpenShift dependencies on CBS via Cloud SIG * Onboard new massopen.cloud OKD cluster to CentOS build infrastructure * Make SCOS images first-class, official CentOS artifacts * Plan to work with upstream to help facilitate rpms * Current target is x86_64, other arches are not ruled out * Offer from Lance for powerPC and ARM * x86 SiG * Targeted for April discussion * Contribution path is an open question * EL9 has a more consistent package set for data driven analysis vs fedora that may move faster during the evaluation timetable ### On going discussion * Sign testing repositories - agreement on https://git.centos.org/centos/board/issue/92 * Having two different keys can help clarify things are non-production, but creates confusion when it gets promoted. * Preference for using the same tooling/workflow that's used for "release" repositories * Wiki (migration) * Older snapshot for PoC - https://gitlab.com/dcavalca/wiki-archive * Process is being refined * Technology being evaluated, with an eye to make sure translation is workable * Davide is following up ### Issues https://git.centos.org/centos/board/issues **Issues to be closed (ACTION close all of them if no objection)** * None **New issues** * #93 https://git.centos.org/centos/board/issue/93 * EOL/EOB Announcements * https://hackmd.io/OdxLKWquSVStoc52u7v27g **Issues on hold** * None ### Community Architect updates * SCaLE this weekend. If you're coming and can do booth time, let me know. If you want a shirt, also let me know. * Mention my email to board about remote events. * remote events under different branding like "sync" would be useful * Timezones are tricky, but we are possibly too late for APAC in our default timeslots * Having a US West, US East, and Europe targets * Fossy and LinuxFest NW were mentioned during the meeting and will be looked at * A meetup or something at Open Infra Summit might be possible * Vague idea about doing a survey. * Want to track sentiment/awareness regularly for longitudinal data * Interested in what questions people want to ask * Not sure how to deliver and minimize selection bias ### SIG Reports ### AOB * Workflow merge for CentOS Stream 8 and CentOS Stream 9 ###### tags: `agenda`