# Stream9 Blog Post Draft See also: https://hackmd.io/RkOiWNmIQcWSubQ3emY0lg Please see https://hackmd.io/@forbushd/BJC9Q9DSY instead of this draft. That's what we're going to go with. --------------------- *Note: If you want edit rights, please ask Rich.* The CentOS Project is delighted to announce the availability of CentOS Stream 9, the next major version of the CentOS Stream distribution. CentOS Stream 9 is developed in collaboration with the Red Hat Enterprise Linux (RHEL) engineering team, and with you, the CentOS community. * Reminder/Overview of why Stream is awesome * A place to contribute/influence future releases * Get updates faster/sooner than in previous model * Development platform for next RHEL release * *timeline goes here* ... this is a "what we've already done" section, and should communicate that it's not *done*, but that it's *available*, and it is what you make of it. * *Where to download, how to consume* * Are we encouraging people to download ISOs of composes? * *How to participate/contribute* * Is this the right thing to point to?: https://docs.centos.org/en-US/stream-contrib/quickstart/ For more details about the CentOS Stream 9 project, see [centos.org/stream9](https://centos.org/stream9) * That's being drafted here : https://hackmd.io/1K3sbGAyQjSZ1sg4VJBZbw ###### tags: `stream9`