# Asian Games, Moon Dong-ju 3 Innings Without Allowing a Run… Collaboration with National Team Selection ‘10 Scoreless Innings’ # Kwak Bin, who appeared as a starter for the national team, pitched 3 innings without giving up a 'good-natured starting competition' National team right-handed pitcher Moon Dong-ju (19, Hanwha Eagles), who wore the Taegeuk symbol for the first time since his professional debut, pitched well in his national team debut. The starting pitchers of the Hangzhou Asian Games baseball team, including Dong-ju Moon, shut down the batting lineup without allowing any runs in the practice game. **[카지노사이트위키](https://www.casinositewiki.com)** In the practice game held at Gocheok Sky Dome in Seoul on the 26th, Moon Dong-ju temporarily moved to his position as a member of the Armed Forces Athletic Corps (Sangmu) and took the mound as a starter, pitching well in 3 innings, allowing 2 hits, no walks, 5 strikeouts, and no runs. For the Hangzhou Asian Games baseball team, which leaves for Hangzhou, China on the 28th, the practice game against Sangmu on the 26th is the only actual stage. In order for all national team players to participate equally in the game, some of the national team pitchers and batters were included in the Sangmu team lineup. Thanks to his appearance as Sangmu's starting pitcher, Moon Dong-ju faced off against senior national team hitters and threw his pitch without any intimidation. After striking out Kim Hye-seong (Kiwoom Heroes) and [Choi Ji-hoon](https://www.buymeacoffee.com/casinositewiki/asian-games-north-korea-without-gold-medal) (SSG Landers) in the first inning, he faced team senior Noh Si-hwan. Even against Noh Si-hwan, who currently ranks first in home runs in the KBO League, Moon Dong-ju threw a breaking ball and struck out, engraving 'KKK (strikeout)' on the pitch record in the first inning. Moon Dong-ju’s good pitching continued in the second inning. He caught the first batter, Kang Baek-ho (kt wiz), with a fly ball to center field, and gave up a left-field hit to Moon Bo-kyung (LG Twins), but threw a fastball to Kim Hyeong-jun (NC Dinos) and struck out again. And Park Seong-han (SSG) ended the inning with a ground ball. Moon Dong-ju, who also appeared on the mound in the third inning, tested his crisis management skills by hitting a double to left-center field from the first batter, Choi Won-jun (KIA Tigers). He struck out [Kim Seong-yoon](https://livepositively.com/korean-shooting-golden-victory-for-two-days/) (Samsung Lions), who attempted a bunt, for the fifth time in the game, and struck out Kim Hye-seong and Choi Ji-hoon in succession, completing the planned 3 innings. Moon Dong-ju pitched 118⅔ innings, short of the 120 innings set by the club as the 'innings ceiling' this season, and was expunged from the first team on the 5th to join the Asian Games national team. His league performance this season is 8 wins, 8 losses, 95 strikeouts, and an ERA of 3.72 in 23 games. Moon Dong-ju, who had been resting and warming up at Seosan Stadium, Hanwha's 2nd team training ground, joined the national team and threw powerful balls, igniting competition for selection. Meanwhile, Kwak Bin (Doosan Bears), who appeared as the national team's starting pitcher, also pitched well, allowing 3 hits, 1 walk, 1 strikeout, and no runs in 3 innings. Kwak Bin only gave up two hits to national team outfielder Yoon Dong-hee (Lotte Giants), who played as Sangmu's No. 1 hitter, and handled the remaining batters without difficulty. The 'multi-inning' pitchers announced in advance of today's game are the players who will serve as starting pitchers in this tournament. Na Kyun-an (Lotte Giants), who took over the baton from Moon Dong-ju, and Won Tae-in (Samsung Lions), who succeeded [Kwak Bin](https://kr.pinterest.com/pin/872009546584331241/), also took charge of two innings each and did not give up a score. Na Kyun-an gave up 1 hit and 1 walk in 2 innings, but induced one double play and gave up no runs, while Won Tae-in went down the mound after pitching 2 innings with 6 batters. The starting pitchers' '10 scoreless innings' comeback performance is good news for the baseball team, which is aiming for its fourth consecutive Asian Games gold medal.