![](https://hackmd.io/_uploads/SkErcEF1p.jpg) # Japan's 'Go Genius' Sumire Hopes to Make a Surprise Trip to Korea... Apply for Guest Article A promising player who became the youngest player to join the Japanese team and also won the youngest title, the guest article was reviewed at the Korea Professional Players Association delegates' meeting on the 13th. Sumire Nakamura (仲邑菫, 14) 3rd dan, Japan's proud go player genius girl, has requested to play as a professional player in Korea, drawing attention. **[온라인카지노](https://www.casinositewiki.com)** According to the Baduk community on the 10th, it was confirmed that Nakamura 3rd Dan recently officially submitted an application for a guest article to the Korea Baduk Association. Accordingly, the Korea Professional Drivers' Association plans to discuss whether Nakamura will serve as a guest engineer at the delegates' meeting held on the 13th. If approved at the delegates' meeting, it will be submitted as a formal agenda item to the Korea National Assembly. The Korean Medical Center decides on final approval through the steering committee and board of directors. Considering that there have been almost no cases where the agenda submitted by the Professional Drivers' Association was rejected by the board of directors, it is expected that Nakamura's participation as a guest engineer will actually be decided at the delegates' meeting. In relation to this, a mid-level professional player said, “There is no reason for us to reject Sumire,” and added, “If a young, but highly talented driver joins the Korean Air Force, it will be a great help in improving the skills of other female players.” . Previously, China's Rui Naiwei (59), 9th dan, who was previously evaluated as the world's strongest female engineer by the Korean Baseball Organization, served as a guest engineer for 13 years from 1999 to 2011, creating an opportunity for female players to make a significant leap forward. [Sumire Nakamura](https://www.newyorktimesnow.com/en/read-blog/30048) 3rd Dan, who is nicknamed 'Sumire' instead of his last name in both Korea and Japan for his youthful appearance and outstanding talent, first learned Baduk at the age of three and came to Korea in 2015 when he was six and studied Baduk for nearly four years. As Nakamura, who was studying abroad in Korea, distinguished himself early on in children's baduk competitions, Nippon Kiwon enrolled him in a special screening for gifted students in April 2019. Nakamura, who joined the team at the age of 10 and became the youngest professional player in Japan's history, won the Women's Championship in February of this year and set the record for the youngest title ever. Nakamura suddenly announced that he was going to Korea, drawing attention. An official from the Baduk world said, “It seems that they decided that playing in Korea, where the professional player base is thicker than in Japan, would help improve their skills. Since Sumire studied in Korea, she has many close friends of the same age.” Currently, Nakamura is playing as a foreign player for the Suncheon Bay National Garden team in the [NH Nonghyup Bank Korean Women's Baduk League](https://casinositewiki.blog.ss-blog.jp/Messi-Winning-Goal-Argentina-Wins-2026-FIFA-World-Cup?1694970440) this season. Nakamura said that even if her Korean origins' guest knight activity is approved, she will reportedly come over to Japan next February after she fights for the established women's title. She is expected to have a fierce rivalry with her two-year older sister, Kim Eun-ji, 16, 6th dan, when Nakamura takes on the role as a guest driver for Korea Origin from next year. Meanwhile, Alexander Dinerstein (Russia), 3rd Dan, and Svetlana Shekshina (Russia), 3rd Dan, are currently registered as guest articles at the Korea Christian Academy.