# Will the Buffed Teppe Become a ‘Reversal Card’ to Save DK? Joohyun Lee’s Login e-Sports The 2024 LCK (League of Legends Champions Korea) spring season will resume on the 14th after a break during the Lunar New Year holiday. At the same time, patch version 14.2 will be applied from the 4th week. As various champions are buffed, it is expected that players will have a wider range of choices. In patch 14.2, five champions including Blitzcrank, Fizz, Jax, Rumble, and Teemo were nerfed, while Ahri, Camille, Darius, Ezreal, Karma, Twisted Fate, Hway, Gragas, Gwen, Garen, Illaoi, Karthus, 14 champions, including Shen and Veigar, were buffed. In particular, the buff of Twisted Fate (hereinafter referred to as TFE) is noteworthy. **[온라인카지노사이트](https://www.casinositetop.com)** This is because as Tpe's skills have improved overall, the likelihood of his appearance has increased. First of all, in the case of TV, the main change was to allow the use of not only magic damage (AP) but also physical damage (AD). The basic attack speed has been increased, and an effect based on the critical hit probability has been added to the passive. The Q skill 'Wild Card' has a new damage increase based on additional attack power. In addition, the W skill 'Card Draw' has a critical hit coefficient added and has the effect of increasing damage depending on the critical hit probability. In addition, the W skill was applied to suppressors and nexuses, making demolition easier. In the case of E skill ‘[Trick Deck](https://casinositetop.blog.ss-blog.jp/SK-is-the-Winner-of-the-Professional-Basketball-Holiday-S-Derby?1707698666)’, the additional attack speed has been increased. The additional attack speed, which was previously 10/17.5/25/32.5/40%, has been increased to 10/22.5/35/47.5/60%. Although buffs related to physical damage were mainly used, the basic attack speed and turret damage increased, so the possibility of using it as an AP-type build seems to have increased. With the possibility of Tpe appearing in the mid lane increasing, the most noteworthy player is [Dplus Kia](https://www.foodntours.com/blog/633746/asian-cup-qatar-the-host-nation-defeated-jordan) (DK)'s mid laner 'Showmaker' Heo Su. Heo Su is a ‘Tempeo expert’ who is well-known in the LCK for handling Teppe well. To date, the team has used the platform 29 times and won 25 times in the competition. The win rate is a whopping 86.2%. The imaginary number is the highest among champions used more than 10 times in competition. The KDA is also respectable at 14.0. This is why fans are raising expectations on whether Imaginary Su's 'Teppe' will be the turning card that will save Diffl Kia from the swamp of three consecutive losses. Meanwhile, in addition to Imaginary Number, veteran mid laners are expected to bring out their tactics after this patch. Representative players are T1's [Lee 'Faker' Sang-hyeok](https://www.nn.ru/user.php?user_id=1446647&page=blog&blog_id=3543267) and KT Rolster's Kwak 'BDD' Bo-seong. To date, Lee Sang-hyeok has used TPE 29 times and has a 69% win rate, while Kwak Bo-seong has used 25 times and has a 64% win rate. It is highly likely that Ezreal and Karma will appear together in the bottom lane. All of Ezreal's skills were upgraded in patch 14.2. First of all, the amount of damage due to additional attack power has increased for both Q skill Mystic Arrow and W skill Essence Flow. In addition, the ultimate skill, Aiming Strike, with the R skill, has increased damage at levels 2 and 3, and the damage ratio based on additional attack power has also been increased. As Karma's basic health and skill damage have also been buffed, synergy is expected to increase when the two champions are combined together.