# Doosan coach Lee Seung-yeop stands on the border between success and failure... PS that ended in one game Lost in the battle for 3rd place in the regular season and finished in 5th place... Lost in the wild card match. In the first year of Doosan Bears coach Lee Seung-yeop's debut, the postseason ended with just one game. Coach Lee Seung-yeop finished his first season standing on the borderline between success and failure. Doosan, which finished the regular season in 5th place, lost 9-14 to NC Dinos in the first game of the professional baseball wild card decision held at NC Park in Changwon, Gyeongsangnam-do on the 19th and exited the fall stage. **[카지노사이트](https://www.casinositetop.com)** 74 wins, 68 losses, 2 draws in 144 regular season games (0.521 winning percentage) and 1 loss in 1 postseason game are the report cards received by Doosan and coach Seung-yeop Lee in 2023. The fact that a novice head coach with no coaching experience took charge of a team that was in 9th place last year and raised it to 5th place can be viewed positively. However, many fans are disappointed that they finished the regular season in 5th place and played only one postseason game when they could have aimed for 3rd place. After the Jamsil SSG Landers match on the 16th, which was the last home game of the year, there were fans who expressed their voices in disappointment when coach Lee Seung-yeop took the microphone. Coach Lee Seung-yeop, who was loved as the 'national hitter' during his active years, humbled himself thoroughly after taking the helm. When the team won consecutively, he gave the credit to the players, saying, "They played really well," and when the team suffered consecutive losses, he blamed himself, saying, "We lost because the coach's experience and skills were lacking." He did not show any complacency in wanting to enjoy the 'merit of being a star player' as the head coach. However, inevitably, the person who attracted the most attention at Doosan this season was [Coach Lee Seung-yeop](https://casinositewiki.gitbook.io/basketball-opening-game-of-cheongkwanjang-and-sk). Coach Lee confessed, “Once again, I felt that baseball was difficult.” He said, "As we battled for rankings throughout the season, we were unable to give opportunities to young players often from the middle of the season," and added, "Even though I was a former batsman, I was unable to improve our team's batting index." 'I also did it. In fact, coach Lee Seung-yeop tried to encourage and actively use young fielders such as Yu-chan Lee, Jae-seok Ahn, and Dae-han Kim, but they could not become the team's main players due to injuries and poor performance. In the end, there were no major changes in the fielding lineup, with [Kim Jae-ho](https://casinositetop.notion.site/casinositetop/Kim-Yeon-kyung-23-Points-Yelena-22-Points-5c4ed9cf55274e80bb96b3653aad912c) regaining his starting shortstop position. The firepower of Doosan's batting lineup, led by the best home run king in Korean baseball, was below average, ranking 8th in scoring (620 points). Doosan's starting lineup, consisting of Raul Alcantara, Kwak Bin, and Brandon Waddell, showed off its solidity by ranking first in ERA (3.64), but it frequently exposed backdoor anxiety as no reliable bullpen pitchers other than Jeong Cheol-won and Kim Myung-shin appeared. There was a time when Coach Lee Seung-yeop received ‘absolute support.’ Doosan won 11 consecutive wins in July, the most in the club's history. Coach Lee Seung-yeop surpassed the record for the most wins in a Bears head coach's debut season, 9 consecutive wins under coach [Kim Young-deok](https://blog.libero.it/wp/casinositewiki/2023/12/07/matei-and-jihan-kim-collaborate-37-pieces/) in 1982 and coach Kim Seong-geun in 1984. The record for the most wins in a domestic coach's debut season (LG Twins coach Chun Bo-sung in 1997 and Lee Hee-soo for Hanwha Eagles in 1999). Manager: In 2000, Lee Kwang-eun broke the LG manager's record of 10 consecutive wins. In September, they continued their 7-game winning streak, fostering the dream of advancing directly to the semi-playoffs. However, they finished the regular season in 5th place after losing to the LG Twins on October 15th and SSG Landers on the 16th. Doosan's power as seen from the outside was ranked 3rd to 6th. Doosan ranked 5th, and coach Lee Seung-yeop, who was unable to improve his ranking, made a season comeback that was close to an 'apology'. Coach Lee Seung-yeop said, "I will start thinking about next year's season. I will try to find solutions to the problems revealed this year." In his first season as head coach, coach Lee Seung-yeop did not meet the expectations of Doosan fans. He also often blamed himself. I also felt that the fans were colder toward the coach than the players. Coach Lee Seung-yeop wants to become a better head coach, so he will think and work harder in the off-season. Of course, I am well aware that the motto I used as a player, ‘Effort is never betrayed,’ does not apply in the manager’s position. With the end of [Doosan Bears](https://app.simplenote.com/p/dSx0md) season, Coach Lee begins thinking about the 2024 season.