Professional Basketball Sono Han Ho-bin: “If we do Well, We Will get Good Results” When asked to shoot as many 3-pointers as he wanted, he said, "I increased the shooting distance... but it went in easily, didn't it?" “I’ve already attended the founding ceremony twice, which is a once-in-a-lifetime experience. **[온라인카지노](** Haha! If we just work hard, we can expect good results this year." Professional basketball Goyang Sono guard Ho-bin Han said this after finishing the founding ceremony of the 'Goyang Sono Sky Gunners' held at Sono Camp Goyang in Gyeonggi Province on the 20th. Ho-bin Han debuted at the Goyang Orions in the 2013-2014 season and is a member of the Goyang Carrots (Day) in the 2022-2023 season. Ho-bin Han said, "It's the second founding ceremony, so it's new and confusing at the same time." Ho-bin Han said, "It's a new start, and in addition to the upgraded Jeon Seong-hyun and Lee Jeong-hyun, ( Ham) Junhu’s older brother also joined as a free agent (FA). Ho-bin Han said with a bright smile, “If I exercise well and listen to the coach carefully, I think we can expect good results this year as well.” Han Ho-bin said, “I stayed in Ilsan for 10 years, only the name of the club has changed, but the player composition and environment are almost the same. “There is no difficulty in adapting,” he said. “I am working out hard and only thinking about my role.” Ho-bin Han, who will become a free agent at the end of this season, said, “I am not concerned about personal records. He said, “The body is the most important because you have to be healthy to show good performance and skills on the court.” He said, “I want to take good care of my body and show a good performance.” [Han Ho-bin]( said, “I will be competing with Jeon Sung-hyun at the Summer World University Games (Universiade). ” “We worked together for the first time last season after preparing for,” he said. “He is a player with great skills and strong aggressive tendencies, so I just need to help him from the side and he gets results.” “I will prepare this season according to the basketball style that the coach pursues,” he said. Regarding coach Kim Seung-gi's pledge to 'shoot 3-pointers as much as you want', he predicted improved shooting ability, saying, "This time, I greatly increased the shooting distance, and I started shooting quickly and gained confidence." Last June, when the players' salaries were delayed due to the 'Day One management crisis', Ho-bin Han, along with [Seong-hyun Jeon and Jeong-hyeon Lee](, personally attended a press conference at the National Assembly and called for a solution to the problem. Ho-Bin Han said, "I was struggling with the lack of wages and was desperate, so I took action first. I didn't even think about creating a new club, but I'm glad that it was acquired by a good company in the end." Sono created a training gym at Vivaldi Park in Hongcheon, Gangwon-do. Regarding this, Ho-bin Han said, "I have been to the U.S. for field training, and the environment was very similar and good," and added, "My heart was pounding because the 'Sono Sky Gunners' emblem was engraved on it." He smiled and said, "I have been a player since I was in elementary school, and this is my first time wearing a light blue uniform. I am satisfied with the positive feedback from people around me that it suits me better than I thought."