# Choi Kang-hee, Visited the K-League Stadium After a Long Time Said, "It was Nice to Meet you, But I only care About the Game" Hopes for ACL round of 16 with 2-0 away win in Incheon… “A game that will give great confidence to the team.” Coach Choi Kang-hee, who led China's Shandong Taishan to Korea for the Asian Football Confederation (AFC) Champions League (ACL) match against K-League 1 team Incheon United, did not hide his joy but focused more on winning. Coach Choi said at a press conference after the third away game of the ACL Group G match against Incheon held at Incheon Soccer Stadium on the 25th, "I was happy and impressed to come to the K-League stadium after a long time, but I had to play to win the game. **[카지노사이트킹](https://www.casinositeking.com)** “I only focused on the preparation,” he said. Shandong defeated Incheon 2-0 that day and leapt to the top of Group G. Coach Choi, who advanced to China after leading Jeonbuk Hyundai in the K-League 1 to its heyday, took charge of Shandong, which had been languishing in the bottom half of the Chinese Super League since May of this year, and began to make amends. Shandong is currently in second place in the league, and with this win, they also opened the possibility of advancing to the ACL round of 16. Coach Choi Kang-hee said, "I thought it would be a difficult game today. I thought there would be physical problems for both teams, and the players were a little shaken at the beginning, but they performed well as prepared," and said, "We will maintain overall balance, including fighting in the midfield and pressing." “What we ordered was fulfilled,” he explained. He continued, “[Incheon](https://www.cakeresume.com/portfolios/figure-skater-kim-chae-yeon-wins-bronze-medal) is in a very good mood and was very difficult for us in today’s game, but the key to victory was that we held on without conceding a goal in the first half.” He added, “Today’s game will give the team great confidence” “I think so,” he said. He spoke calmly about standing at the K-League stadium for the first time in about four years, and was expressionless when talking about Kim Min-jae (Bayern Munich), the 'monster defender' who made his professional debut during his time in Jeonbuk, but did not spare praise. When asked about [Kim Min-jae](https://app.simplenote.com/p/RDw1DQ), Coach Choi first joked, saying, "I forgot about that player," and added, "Even when I was at Jeonbuk, I said that Kim Min-jae would be competitive enough in Europe. Being able to go to such a prestigious team is good for Korean soccer. “Work,” he said. Meanwhile, Brazilian striker Crijan, who was selected as Coach Choi's replacement in the second half and scored the first winning goal, also evaluated Incheon as a formidable opponent. Crijan said, "The opponent is a great team. I think they played more and were stronger physically than us. We were a bit stuttering in the beginning, but we were able to overcome the time and create opportunities with passes. We will go away with 3 points. “I’m happy,” he said. He added, "[Director Choi Kang-hee](https://wakelet.com/wake/NgL6hc67iGq6Pjn7ScxNV) has brought a lot of change to our team. This is also revealed in the data," and added, "The coach treats us equally regardless of nationality and we maintain a good relationship. It is an honor to work together."