![DAOalliance Logo](https://i.imgur.com/u4ZRIR4.png) # DAO Alliance Community Calls > The most recent call agenda/notes are at the top of the list. - [Cross-chain DAOs](https://hackmd.io/PkOFJ3JMQUKNJVJkVcorUA) - Interblockchain communities, tokens, and governance. - [Cool DAO ideas for DAO Hack Month](https://hackmd.io/MozKrxchR3ePNANoxv4t_g) - xDAI and carbon credit DAOs. - [DAO Interoperability](https://hackmd.io/r746XXFbRh27AjIm69kagw) - Composing DAO mechanisms to create new DAO systems. - [Governance Minimization](https://hackmd.io/WLhr9sFnQ06GMRHv4DNvfg) - The best governance systems are the ones that maximize the representation of our interests while minimizing effort. - [Better DAOs for a better world](https://hackmd.io/UPpu7XI8Smuq8ur9dGojZg?view) - Because most big problems are coordination problems. - [Blockchain Games & DAOs](https://hackmd.io/wLgWlCZYQkGXKLthFjDsDQ?view) - Socioeconomic coordination for fun and profit! - [Sustainable DAOs](https://hackmd.io/1VXlkwVAQai647e_XHdJEA?view) - Moving beyond grants. <br>