What Arbitrum is looking for ([Grants AMA](https://twitter.com/i/spaces/1gqxvyQpbBBJB?s=20)): - KPI & Milestones - Why Arbitrum? - 6-mo Roadmap with 1 milestone per 2 mo - initial funding + funding at milestones - Grant size - ballpark $10-75k but no min or cap.. "you should know what you need" ## Draft Response **Grant payments provided through the Foundation Grant Program are tied to the completion of milestones. Given your budget and milestones described above, please outline your ideal allocation of funding across your presented milestones and approval date allocation.** +++ Please detail (in separate paragrap hs) each MILESTONE that your team tracks to define success for your project as it relates to your Grant Request (ie: if your grant request pertains to development over the next six months, include milestones over that period. You can share your longer-term project plan in supporting links or documents upload) Include the following for each milestone: (a) the milestone itself, (b) your current progress towards this milestone, (c) expected date of achievement, (d) which KPIs you track related to this milestone, and (e) how you measure your milestone/KPI progress We expect roughly one milestone for every 2 to 3 months of the project's timeline. --------- | Milestone | Category|Objectives|Progress| |-|-|-|-| |-|-|-|-| |0|dApp| Kali | [website](https://app.kali.gg/) | ||| Playground v0 smart contracts (activities-to-earn) | [repo](https://github.com/arm0ry/playground) | ||| Playground dApp | [website](https://arm0ry.g0v.tw/playground/) | |1 (2 mo)|dApp| fully documented Playground v1 smart contract repository with tests | 40% | ||| operational front end for a Arm0ry-managed impact funding pattern | 80% | ||Outreach| number of activity types added (2/5)| 40% | |--|-- |**Milestone 1 Progress %** | **50%** | |2 (4 mo)|dApp|support no-wallet tx for general public (aka users that don't intend to create their own wallets yet) | 0%| ||| operational front end for a DAO-managed impact funding pattern | 0% | ||| fully documented user documentation | 20% | ||Outreach|number of communities engaged | 0% | |||number of communities onboarded | 0% | ||| | 0% | |--|-- |**Milestone 2 Progress %** | **0%** | **Provide a short summary of your project, with bullet points of key aspects you want to highlight.** Playground is a Dapp that DAOs can host activities and convert them into purchasable impact NFTs with quantifiable metrics. It bridges between on-chain digital records and real-world impact. DAOs can support sustainable funding for their operations through the sale of Impact NFTs. We currently have an MVP of Playground with 2 activities. One is an introductory course into DAOs and NFTs, which was created for a Taiwanese open source community called g0v to onboard new Web3 users, and it produces course usage stats on-chain. The other is a hiking quest located in Southern California, and it produces trail completion stats on-chain, though we hope to surface trail progress via QR code soon. Key aspects: - DAO-managed impact funding - On-chain activities-to-earn dApp ![](https://hackmd.io/_uploads/HkcBHGep3.jpg) 我們希望能夠量化並將有影響力的活動納入區塊鏈! 聚焦於我們可以進行的活動,以帶來正面影響,我們希望嘗試使用 Kali 和 Arm0ry 的 Playground 來實驗一種影響力資金模式。Kali 允許任何人通過 ERC20 投票系統召喚帶有法律實體的 DAO,並共同策劃具有影響力的活動和獎勵。Playground 衡量了策劃活動的影響,並生成可購買的影響力 NFT,以可持續地資助持續的 DAO 運營和更多的有影響力的活動。我們希望使用這種模式來激勵並鼓勵本地和線上社群圍繞對他們有意義的有影響力的活動進行協調。 目前我們在 Playground 上有兩個活動的 MVP。其中一個是關於 DAO 和 NFT 的入門課程,專為一個名為 g0v 的台灣開源社群而創建,用於引導新的 Web3 使用者,並在鏈上生成課程使用統計數據。另一個是位於南加州的遠足探險,旨在收集並有望有一天在遠足徑的起點安裝一個「今日遠足完成次數」的指示牌。目前它只能在鏈上生成遠足完成統計數據,但我們希望很快能通過 QR 碼顯示遠足進度。 關鍵要點: - DAO 管理的影響力資金 - 鏈上的活動賺取 dApp **What are some of the obstacles or challenges that could arise in the development of your project, and how do you plan to mitigate them?** Data accuracy and user adoption are two major challenges we hope to address. Since we intend to invite different types of positively impactful activities for impact funding, we want to experiment with using QR code and similar tech to validate and measure physical activities. We hope to be mindful about the types of impactful activities we invite, and engage with positively impactful activities that can produce objective and validatable activities. We hope to explore and implement frictionless UX for users to participate and contribute to these impactful activities. For example, for hiking as a activity, it remains a question whether QR codes alone will provide enough accuracy to validate trail completions. We aim to introduce checkpoints, time limits and other parameters to eliminate potential false hiking progress or completions. In addition, QR code is susceptible to sybil attack, which may become problematic in delivering accurate and measurable impact results. An alternative is to use NFC chips for its security, programmability and durability in outdoor conditions, but integration and development do come at a higher cost. 數據準確性和使用者採用是我們希望解決的兩個主要挑戰。由於我們打算邀請不同類型的積極有影響力的活動進行影響力資金,我們希望嘗試使用 QR 碼和類似技術來驗證和測量實際活動。我們希望在邀請有影響力的活動類型時保持謹慎,並參與能夠產生客觀且可驗證活動的積極有影響力的活動。 我們希望探索並實施無摩擦的使用者體驗,讓使用者能夠參與並貢獻這些有影響力的活動。例如,對於登山這種活動,單獨使用 QR 碼是否足夠準確驗證遠足完成仍然是個問題。我們的目標是引入檢查點、時間限制和其他參數,以消除潛在的虛假遠足進度或完成。此外,QR 碼容易受到 Sybil 攻擊的影響,這可能在提供準確且可測量的影響結果時變成問題。 另一個選擇是使用 NFC 晶片,由於其在戶外環境中的安全性、可編程性和耐用性,但整合和開發確實需要較高的成本。 **What problem is your project working to solve?** Lack of incentive Finding incentives to engage in impactful and positive activities can sometimes be a challenge. Communities, online and offline, that organize around impactful activities, can use Playground to collectively engage in impactful activities and recognize community participation with rewards. Lack of measurement Quantifying impact of funded activities is challenging and when it is done, it is often permissioned and costly to retrieve. While using blockchain does not necessarily make it easier to measure impact, we can take advantage of the immutability and permissionless characteristics to share measurements and invite conversations. 缺乏動機 找到參與有影響力和積極活動的激勵因素有時可能是一個挑戰。無論是在線上還是線下,組織圍繞有影響力活動的社群可以使用 Playground 分享可以參與的活動,並通過獎勵來表彰社群參與。 缺乏衡量方式 量化受資金支持活動的影響是具有挑戰性的,而且即使進行了量化,往往需要經過許可且成本高昂才能取得相關數據。儘管使用區塊鏈不一定能讓衡量影響變得更容易,但我們可以利用不可變性和無需許可的特性來分享衡量結果,並邀請討論。 **How will your project add sustainable value to the Arbitrum ecosystem?** Token Utility We hope to surface methodology to quantify impactful results and explore funding types similar to retroactive public goods funding for those that have recorded impactful activities. Data integrity Users have verifiable and immutable records of positive deeds that future grants programs such as retro-PGF may use! Innovative incentive model We hope to incentive positive deeds by focusing on collective action with measurable results. 代幣效用 我們希望能夠提出一種方法來量化有影響力的結果,並探索類似於對那些已經記錄有影響力活動的頒後型公共財資金的資金類型。 數據完整性 使用者擁有可驗證且不可變的積極行為記錄! 創新激勵模式 我們希望通過關注具有可衡量結果的集體行動來激勵積極行為。 **How is your project currently doing? Discuss metrics such as total value locked, daily active users, transaction volume, unique addresses, and/or any other key performance indicator your team is tracking.** We currently host 2 activities on Playground. One produces course usage stats on-chain. The other produces trail completion stats on-chain. **Provide a high-level budget breakdown for your project that supports how you arrived at the requested funding value and where this amount will be spent.** 4 months 2 milestones $50 / hr Smart contract development - 25 hr / week Full stack dApp development - 25 hr / week Local relations, event hosting - 5 hr/week Total hours per week: 55 hr Travel, event hosting subsidies, other expenses - $1,000 **Total funding requested: $45,000**